These iPhone Cases Are Waterproof & Ready For Summer Fun

If you're anything like me, iPhone users, your phone is always with you. But once you get near water, your device can quickly become an albatross, forcing you to choose between staying on land or risking a disaster. In order to be free to dive in, you need the best waterproof iPhone case you can find.

There are lots of options out there. The biggest things you want look for are quality materials, effective closure systems, and good touchscreen functionality (what's the point if you can't even snap photos or text from the pool, amirite?). Cheap plastic devices won't reliably protect your phone and even if they do, they won't last long. You need something that's built well. You also have to make sure the case seals properly. It doesn't matter how waterproof the material is if water can seep in through the closure.

To help you out, I've already found the best waterproof phone cases that check all these proverbial boxes for you. Keep reading to find the one that's right for you and your lifestyle, then do yourself a favor and add some of the best adult pool toys to your cart. They'll make you actually want to bring your phone to the pool, to be honest.


The Overall Best Waterproof iPhone Case

This phone case has a staggering 23,705 reviews on Amazon, making it the most popular universal waterproof option by far — and at an affordable $8 price point. It features a waterproof rating of IPX8 that protects it for full submersion in up to 1 meter of water. The snap-and-lock closure is easy to use and won't peel open like other flimsier systems. Plus, you still have full access to your touchscreen and none of the interface needs to be adapted. Bonus: It comes in eight colors and can fit credit cards and cash, too.

Works for: iPhone 6 and all newer models


A Great Hands-Free Option: A Durable iPhone Case That Floats

Like the option above, this waterproof phone case has an IPX8 rating and features an effective snap-and-lock closure system to keep your iPhone dry. The key difference is that this lightweight one floats, thanks air circle padding. However, the only drawback to its buoyancy is that it's slightly bulkier to use. It has clear paneling so you can easily access all your phone's features and even comes with a wearable lanyard. The best part? It comes in a set of two so you can get one for a friend.

Works for: iPhone 6 and all newer models


Another Great Hands-Free Option: A Waterproof Armband Case

If you're planning to do water activities that require your hands to be free, this cool iPhone case with an armband lets you achieve just that. Just strap it to your arm, and that's it. Used just like iPhone armbands made for jogging, it boasts an IPX8 rating, ensuring you can swim (in up to a meter) of water without worrying about ruining your device. Don't worry, it has a cord attachment that makes it easy to grab and use your phone if you want to.

Works for: iPhone 6 and all newer models


A Waterproof DryBox That Holds Way More Than A Phone

Sometimes you want to keep much more than just your phone dry, and this waterproof drybox from Otterbox has that kind of room. Whether you want to store keys or a small wallet beside your iPhone, its rugged, virtually indestructible polycarbonate design ensures your belongings stay safely nestled inside a foam interior. One Amazon reviewer noted that it keeps their iPhone 7, wallet, and keys damage-free. "I highly recommend it," they raved.

Works for: All iPhone models

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