These Waterproof Sprays Protect Your Boots Rain Or Shine & They're All Under $20

Your boots shouldn't have to suffer in wet weather — but neither should your outfit. Whether you're looking to protect Uggs, hiking boots, or leather knee-highs, the best waterproof sprays for boots ensure that any pair withstand rain, snow, and whatever other elements come your way. That said, without the proper prepping tactics, you risk ruining your boots, so some initial research helps.

The first thing to do is figure out which material your boots are made of. Most have uppers made from suede, leather, canvas, or synthetic fabrics, all of which are porous to varying extents.

Waterproofing sprays work by filling in tiny holes between fibers, so moisture stays out and stains wipe away instead of settling into the material. Keep in mind that most waterproofing sprays are extremely flammable and need several hours to set after application. Each material reacts differently to various waterproofing substances so be sure to test on non-visible parts of the boot, especially to check that your boot's dye is colorfast, which is the ability for materials to keep their color; but also because, greasy solutions stain suede and canvas, while overly drying formulas zap the sheen from genuine leather.

When shopping for waterproofing sprays, read labels very carefully to ensure the formula is suitable for your boots' material. For your convenience, every option on this list works on virtually any material so you'll be able to waterproof anything in your closet — even clothing.


The Overall Best Waterproof Spray For Boots

Looking for a well-rounded, highly-rated, and reliable waterproof spray? Then Apple Brand Garde Rain & Stain is your go-to for a variety of items, especially boots. This spray creates an invisible, protective layer that blocks water spots, salt stains, and moisture without altering the material's appearance or color. According to reviewers, it works on any kind of material, including leather, suede, and fabric.

How to apply: Ensure your boots are clean, dry, and free of dust; brush suede materials first. Hold the can 6 to 9 inches away and spray in a sweeping motion. Let dry for 30 minutes and repeat as needed.

Reviewers say: "I used this to coat my snow boots and shoes for work (I deliver mail) and it helped my shoes keep me warm and dry."


The Most Cost-Efficient Option

To afford waterproofing your entire boot collection, Star brite waterproofing spray is a great option that breaks down to less than a dollar per ounce.

Reviewers say the lower price doesn't sacrifice anything when it comes to protectiveness. Using an invisible polymer-based formula, Star brite protects against water, mildew, stains, and UV rays without changing the fabric's color or feel. Spray it on canvas, nylon, leather, and, according to reviewers, even suede; the manufacturer does not include suede in its materials list so be sure to test on a non-visible area first.

How to apply: Only use on clean materials. Apply enough spray to thoroughly wet the surface and brush or sponge onto all sections. Let dry for six hours before use.

Reviewers say: "Love the quantity! Use this on everything, [Uggs], boots, sandals, shoes, clothes, seats ... everything!"


The Most Breathable Waterproofing Spray

Keeping water out typically means keeping heat and moisture in so if you're worried about your shoes' breathability, Collonil Carbon Pro waterproofing spray is the pick for you.

Using a revolutionary carbon-fiber technology, this spray manages to entirely waterproof leather, suede, and textiles — but still allows for optimal airflow. As a result, it's great for hiking boots, walking boots, or those whose feet tend to sweat. So far, buyers have given it an astounding 4.8-star rating.

How to apply: Clean the material. Hold the can 12 inches away and spray. Allow formula to dry completely, spray again. Repeat regularly for heavily used items.

Reviewers say: "Used this product in Germany on a pair of Meindl boots I purchased for hiking. [Went hiking in wet mud and afterwards], just sprayed them off with water and let them dry. Amazing how they protected the leather."


The Best Heavy-Duty Waterproof Spray

For the highest protection, there's Kiwi Camp Dry heavy duty water repellent. This spray uses a durable, strong-bond silicone that keeps water out and odors at bay. Made for camping, hiking, and hunting, it's also great for keeping boots safe from excessive rain and abrasive snow. It works on all materials, including fabric, leather, and, according to reviewers, suede; the manufacturer, however, does not include suede in its materials list so be sure to test on a non-visible area first. This spray is especially well-suited for harsh environments.

How to apply: Ensure the surface is clean and dry. Patch-test for color fastness. Shake the can thoroughly, hold it 7 to 10 inches away, and spray in a light, even coat. Apply a second coat after four hours. Let dry for 24 to 48 hours before wearing.

Reviewers say: "Works like a charm!!! Sprayed all our [not-waterproof] boots with this for our trip to Iceland! stomped through snow, waterfalls and rivers and no water came through!"

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