Cue The Relaxation. These Yoga Bolsters Will Support You So You Can Deepen Your Practice

If you're looking to optimize your home practice, the best yoga bolsters are firm enough to provide support in difficult poses and comfort in restorative ones. First and foremost, while soft, fluffy pillows might seem comfortable at first, they won't provide the alignment and support that's imperative for a safe yoga practice. You'll want something that's denser.

Next, consider the shape. The best bolster shape for your practice will largely depend on how you intend to use it:

  • Rectangular bolsters: Since they're flat and wide, these bolsters are intended for full back support. This is especially useful during restorative poses in which the bolster is doing most (if not all) of the work.
  • Round bolsters: When positioned vertically along your back, round bolsters are great for deep, intense spine stretches. They can also be placed under the legs to lift them during savasana (or corpse pose), which could help you relax more easily.
  • Pranayama bolsters: These pillows are long and squat, providing only a few inches of height. As a result, they're intended to help with breathing exercises rather than actual poses, but they can offer a subtle spine stretch or opening of the chest.

While almost all bolsters fit into one of these three categories, some of them do have a bit of overlap (like the hybrid option listed below). No matter which shape you're looking for, these four yoga props are dense, supportive, well-made, and highly reviewed.

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The Best Rectangular Bolster

The Ajna yoga bolster has hundreds of reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating. Reviewers have called it "beautifully made," "comfortable," and "extra supportive." On the outside, you'll find recycled, vegan, nontoxic suede, and on the inside, there's dual-layer foam technology that allows you to ease into your poses while still offering ample support. The cover is removable and machine-washable, while the sturdy handle allows for portability. Get it in light blue or sapphire.

  • Size: 25.6 by 10.2 by 5.9 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I purchased this to modify yoga poses that give me difficulty because of low back and hip issues. After using it for several days, I am in love with this bolster. It provides excellent support, and the suede is amazingly soft. The Celestite Blue is pretty, and as other reviewers have noted, this bolster does not have an odor."


The Best Hybrid Bolster

Because it's smaller and has an oblong shape, the Lotuscrafts small yoga bolster is one of the more versatile options. It's flat on top for chest-openers, spine stretches, and back bends, but thanks to its rounded edges, it can also be used for raised legs and lumbar support, too. The interior features dense kapok wool, while the exterior is made out of cotton that's been colored with eco-friendly dyes. Finally, it comes in six different color options.

  • Size: 28 by 8 by 6 inches

One reviewer wrote: "Perfect shape, size and density of kapok stuffing. Love the handle and the washable cotton cover."


The Best Round Bolster

Unlike the Lotuscrafts bolster, this one from Hugger Mugger is fully cylindrical, so in addition to raising your legs, it'll also facilitate a deep stretch during spine and abdominal poses. It has a solid foam core that's extremely supportive, plus cotton batting and removable cover for comfort and cleaning purposes. There's also a convenient handle built into the side. Get it in black, red, or plum.

  • Size: 25 by 9 by 9 inches

One reviewer wrote: "I love my Hugger Mugger and so do many other family members in my house [...] It stretches my back which is always tight from stress and it stretches my chest muscles as a bonus. There are several other things I do with it, but this is my favorite one."


The Best Pranayama Bolster

A Pranayama bolster is long, thin, and provides just enough height to support deep breathing. This bolster from YogaAccessories is available in six different colors and allows you to personalize the cotton batting interior to suit your preferences. The removable cotton cover can also be washed in the machine.

  • Size: 25 by 6 by 3 inches

One reviewer wrote: "Exceptional bolster [... It] is really great for opening up my chest when I lay my spine on it. Definitely helps me to breath better and to practice my pranayama techniques. It is solid and durable, I've had it for a few months now and it has not worn down one bit, still feels brand new."