The 4 Most Absorbent Coasters

It's easy to find cute coasters to decorate a room, but what about ones that actually absorb moisture rather than letting it pool and drip onto your furniture? To help you find options that offer both style and function, I scoured Amazon for the best and most absorbent coasters out there. This is the criteria I used:

  • Absorbent materials: While coasters come in a wide variety of materials, from cotton to cork, some of the most absorbent choices are felt and porous stones like ceramic and sandstone. If you go with one of these materials, your coasters will be able to properly manage any condensation that runs off your glass. (I made sure all of the options below fit the bill).
  • Wide surface area: When coasters are too small, larger glasses tend to hang over the edges, allowing moisture to drip onto your unprotected table. Most of the choices on this list are at least 4 inches wide to make sure you can comfortably fit coffee mugs and wider glasses.

In addition to absorbency, I looked for options that feature a naturally soft material or no-scratch bottom that won't mar your tables, like cork, cloth, or silicone. I also made sure that, whenever possible, the undersides feature anti-skid material or reinforcements to prevent sliding.

One downside to purchasing drink coasters is that they're often hand-wash-only items. There are exceptions (I managed to find one set that can go in the dishwasher), but they are fairly rare. Be sure to treat your coasters with care to get the most longevity out of them.

Now that you have a better idea of what to consider, take a scroll through my list of the most absorbent coasters below. My options include a variety of materials and styles so you can find the perfect option for your home.


These Swanky Faux Marble Coasters Made Of Ceramic

Diameter: 4 inches

What's great about them: You wouldn't think stone would be an especially absorbent material, but these faux marble coasters are made from a porous ceramic that soaks up moisture well. At 4 inches wide, they're large enough to hold coffee cups and wider glasses like whiskey tumblers or stout beer mugs. Available as a set of four, the backs feature cork reinforcements to keep them from scratching your furniture.

What fans say: "The coasters look and feel like real marble but they actually absorb moisture! They are exactly what I was looking for."


These Natural Sandstone Coasters That All Have Unique Patterns

Diameter: 4 inches

What's great about them: These all-natural coasters are made from ultra-absorbent sandstone and come in a set of four. Quarried from the deserts of Utah, each one features a completely unique pattern with various swirls and designs. They're wide enough to hold coffee cups and cocktail glasses, and they have cork backings to deter scratching and sliding. If you want to crank the style up a notch, you can purchase them with a custom caddy, too.

What fans say: "They are all beautiful works of art and become even more so when they get wet. They absorb a considerable amount of water and they dry incredibly quickly. They are my absolute favorite kind of coasters, none other compare. And who gets passionate about coasters anyway?


These Soft & Simple Felt-Covered Coasters With Slip-Proof Bottoms

Diameter: 3.5 inches (inner-width)

What's great about them: Available in seven different colors, these popular silicone coasters feature a sleek, simple aesthetic that goes with just about any room. The top-grade silicone is covered in ultra-absorbent felt that can be removed to wash, and reviewers say it does an excellent job preventing condensation from dripping onto your furniture. The smooth, scratch-free bottoms of the coasters stay put and don't slide around. This six-pack of coasters is dishwasher-friendly, too.

What fans say: "I have used soapstone, cork, crystal, wooden, etc. coasters over the years, but nothing has worked harder or more completely at absorbing and holding the 'melt' from any of my glasses as does this coaster. If that wasn't enough to justify the purchase, the fact that the pads can be removed to be washed and dried is just such a bonus.""


These Vintage-Looking Coasters Covered In Cool Antique Maps

Diameter: 4 inches

What's great about them: Decorated with unique antique-looking maps, these vintage-style coasters are perfect for accenting a dining room, den, library, or other sophisticated space. With four coasters in a set, they're made with high-quality sandstone that's exceptionally absorbent, and they're outfitted with handy no-skid bottoms that won't scuff your tables either. The 4-inch-wide design ensures you can fit wider glasses or mugs, and the cork backings add extra absorbency, too.

What fans say: "These are beautiful coasters. Not only do they look great but they actually soak up liquid so when I place an icy drink on them, the condensation does not just run off the coaster and onto my wood table. A friend of mine saw them and purchased the same set."

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