The 43 Absolute Best Versions Of Everyday Products On Amazon According To Tons Of Reviewers

It isn't easy to get excited about everyday products that you may need, but may not always want to spent money on. Life is too short to settle for mediocre — especially when you can own the absolute best versions of everyday products on Amazon, according to tons of reviewers.

These products are the best in their category, whether that category is beauty, household items, or tech gadgets. If you're searching for a hair straightener or curling irons, why wouldn't you choose one that has hundreds of amazing reviews and boasts features like tourmaline technology and a variety of heat settings that makes it ideal for all hair types? Or maybe you're looking for the best bed sheets on Amazon. Can you think of a better set to own than one that's soft, durable, resistant to wrinkles, and has more than 36,000 reviews?

Each of the items on this list has hundreds — if not tens of thousands — of mostly amazing reviews. Each product is highly effective, affordable, and some even have cute quirks that are actually genius — like a reversible umbrella with a C-shaped handle for easier storage or a slim leather wallet made with RFID blocking to keep your ID and bank card information safe and secure.

All of these products share one thing in common: they're the best you can get. And they might just make you excited about dish rags (really).

1. A Water-Resistant Flashlight That Is Ten Times Brighter Than Most Lights

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight, $11, Amazon

Illuminate the darkest room with this flashlight, which is ten times brighter than incandescent lights and can hone in on objects that are as far as 600 feet away. This flashlight features three modes — high, low, and strobe lighting — which makes it versatile and great for hiking, camping, or plain old home emergencies when your power goes out. It's even water-resistant (perfect for rainy or snowy nights) and sturdy enough to survive a 9-foot drop, because accidents happen when you're stressed out. Power it using a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery — your choice.


2. The Hypoallergenic Bed Sheets That Will Never Shrink, Fade, Or Wrinkle

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set, $25, Amazon

With so many bed sheets on the market, it takes a lot to stand out. These brushed microfiber sheets have a cult-following on Amazon because they are durable, resistant to wrinkles and stains, come in more than 35 colors, and are offered in seven sheet sizes, including California king and split king. Each four-piece set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. They're hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites (perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies), simple to wash and dry, and won't shrink or fade.


3. The Aluminum Clips That Can Hold Up To 50 Pounds

Qlipter by Lulabop Carabiner Hanger, $17, Amazon

Whether you're going camping or just spend a lot of time outdoors, these sturdy carabiner hanger clips are considered the "Swiss Army knives of carabiners" for a reason: they can hold up to 50 pounds each. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, these clips attach to trees, backpacks, luggage, and bicycles and can hold onto heavier items like lanterns and travel gear. Hundreds of happy reviewers say these clips are well designed, practical, and can hold up anything.


4. A Wall Charger That Can Power Up To Four Devices At Once

Anker 40W Wall Charger, $20, Amazon

The PowerPort 4 wall charger is a travel-friendly charger that provides the fastest charge possible up to eight amps or a little over two amps per port. It has space to charge up to four devices at the same time and is certified safe so you never have to worry about an outage problem. If you're traveling internationally, this charger has you covered, thanks to its 100 to 240 volt input. And reviewers say recent improvements made to the charger — which include a built-in surge protector, temperature control, and indicator lights that let you know when your device is fully charged — make it an even safer and more effective choice.


5. A Frying Pan That's Safe For Your Oven And Shows You When It's Preheated And Ready For Cooking

T-fal Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry Pan, $27, Amazon

You'll never again have to guess whether your pan is ready for cooking — this thermo-spot heat indicator fry pan shows when the pan is preheated and at its ideal temperature for whipping up omelettes, pancakes, and other yummy meals. The nonstick interior is resistant to scratches, even when you use metal utensils with it, and the stainless steel disc provides even heat distribution for more thorough cooking. Best of all: this pan is heat resistant up to 400 degrees and can shift from your stovetop to your oven — and it's dishwasher friendly, to boot.


6. A Reversible Umbrella That Is Windproof And Provides UV Protection

Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella, $20, Amazon

If you've got about a million umbrellas shoved into a closet because you can't find a better way to store them, this umbrella is about to change your life (or at least your storage situation). It's a double-layer inverted umbrella with a C-shaped handle that can be hung up when it's not in use. Better still, the wet part of the umbrella is folded in such a way that it won't drip on your floors. And when this umbrella is in use, it's fierce: it provides SPF 50+ protection against UV rays on sunny day and is wind-proof and excellent at repelling rain and snow. Choose among 27 fun colors and designs.


7. A More Secure Wallet Made With Tech That Prevents People From Scanning And Stealing Your Personal Info

Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet, $17, Amazon

Strangers with the means to steal your personal info, including ATM and credit card information, can actually do so through your wallet (scary thought). But this secure wallet, made with RFID blocking technology, has been tested in labs and has been found effective at blocking info from credit cards, driver's licenses, debt cards, and ID cards. It's super slim, boasts a minimalist design, and comes in more than 40 colors. It's also made from 100 percent genuine leather and features six card slots and space for paper bills.


8. A Sturdy Freestanding Paper Towel Holder Made From Brushed Stainless Steel

OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder, $25, Amazon

Most people need a paper towel holder in their lives, so why not spring for one of the highest rated and most popular paper towel holders (because, yes, there are differences among them). This stainless steel option has a freestanding design and a weighted base that makes it possible to pull off one sheet — and one sheet only — without dragging the entire roll of paper towels along with it. The spring-activated arm makes it easy to load and pull off towels.


9. A Hair Dryer That's Penetrates Hair For Faster, Smoother Results

Rusk Professional Dryer, $80, Amazon

This hair dryer is infused with ceramic and tourmaline for a faster, smoother, and less damaging blow out. It's 2000 watts, and also emits far-infrared heat waves that penetrate hair to eliminate frizz. It works well with all hair lengths and textures, and has a cold shot button and three heat levels. One reviewer writes: "It's been over a year later and this dryer is still going strong! The drying time is shorter than other hair dryers, and the dryer still works just as well as it did when I first purchased it. I LOVE this blow dryer! "


10. The Palm-Size Brushes That Dispense Just Enough Soap To Wash All Of Your Pots And Pans

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush, $6, Amazon

Anything that can make washing pots, pans, and dishes less of a chore is a gift — including this soap dispensing palm brush that delivers just the right amount of soap at the push of a button. Its sturdy nylon bristles are great for tackling caked-on food and grease on non-stick cookware, and the bristles can easily be replaced after a few weeks of wear. Unscrew the top to fill the brush with soap and experience an easier, quicker washing routine when you realize how comfortable the ergonomic handle is to hold in your hand.


11. A 12-Piece Handmade Makeup Brush Set With Bristles That Won't Shed

EmaxDesign 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set, $10, Amazon

It's not easy to find a quality makeup brush set that doesn't cost a small fortune. This 12-piece handmade makeup brush set is an exception to that rule. Made from synthetic fiber materials with bamboo handles, they won't shed or fall apart after use. You'll get a mini Kabuki brush, two foundation brushes, two blush brushes, an eyelash brush, concealer brush, and several brushes for eye makeup. In other words: you'll be set for life when it comes to makeup brushes.


12. The Basic Cotton Stretch Panties That Are Breathable And Soft

Amazon Essentials Women's Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty (XS-XXL), $12 (6 Pack), Amazon

When you just want to be comfortable and need basic cotton underwear that are breathable and fit well, the perfect pair comes to you courtesy of Amazon's own brand of cotton stretch panties. They come in a range of sizes and are made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane. These bikini panties don't have tags, won't shrink, and won't ride up and cause wedgies, according to reviewers. Each six-pack includes panties in basic colors — so consider these the every day underwear you need in your life.


13. An All-Seasons Reversible Sherpa Blanket That's The Ultimate Cozy Companion

Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket, $43, Amazon

You can stop looking for the coziest and warmest throw blanket you can find — the search ends with this reversible blanket with soft flannel on one side and plush sherpa on the other. This all-season blanket comes in twin, queen, and throw sizes and 15 colors. It's resistant to wrinkles, machine-washable, and versatile enough to be used in bed, while traveling, or while snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. The microfiber fabric is hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, and with more than 2,500 glowing reviews, you can be sure this blanket comes through as both durable and extremely comfy.


14. An LED Digital Alarm Clock Made For Heavy Sleepers

Travelwey LED Digital Alarm Clock, $20, Amazon

Phones are great, but they can't take the place of a quality LED digital alarm clock like this stellar choice. It has an alarm that can be set at high or low volume and goes off for a full five minutes, making it perfect for heavy sleepers. The display screen is large and bright enough to read from a distance, a nine-minute snooze option is great for lazy weekends, and there's a dimmer slider that lets you tone down this clock's brightness so that you can sleep better at night.


15. The Brilliant Kitchen Gadget That's Way More Than A Slow Cooker

Instant Pot, $80, Amazon

Although it can work as a slow cooker that prepares a piping hot pot bowl of chili or stew, this Instant Pot is actually so much more than that — it functions as a sauté pan, a steamer, a food warmer, a rice cooker, and a pressure cooker. It comes with a bunch of accessories, like a rack and a rice paddle, and it can even keep food hot for up to ten hours. The buttons are easy to control, it's made of stainless steel, and it's even resistant to fingerprints.


16. A Colorful 12-Piece Knife Set That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face While You Cook

Cuisinart Colorful Knife Set, $20 (12 Piece), Amazon

What's better than prepping food and cooking with quality, durable stainless steel knives? Cooking with this 12-piece colorful knife set, which cuts like a dream and comes in bright, fun colors. But those gorgeous shades do more than just brighten up your kitchen: color-coding reduces the chances of cross-contamination while you're slicing various meats and veggies. Each knife has an ergonomic handle and comes with a matching blade guard, too.


17. A Reusable Cleaning Towel That Requires Just Water To Work

Life Miracle Nano Towels, $25 (4 Pack), Amazon

Quit wasting money on paper towels or scrubbing your kitchen and bathroom with products laden with chemicals — there's a better, safer, more economical way to get your entire house clean. These nano towels require nothing more than water to activate their cleaning powers. Their Nanolon fibers act like a magnet to capture dust, dirt, and liquid spills. One side can be used to clean with water, and the other side remains dry to finish the job.


18. The Collapsible Microwave Covers For Splatter-Free Cooking

Tovolo Collapsible Microwave Cover, $8, Amazon

Microwave your food without having to immediately clean every inch of your microwave because of spills and splatters — it can be done immediately when you use these collapsible microwave covers. These covers have numerous perforations that allow steam to escape and are even heat-resistant up to 600 degrees. Made from safe BPA-free plastic, they expand to fit most plates and bowls, but then flatten for easy storage. Pop them in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning and reuse them over and over again.


19. This Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant Made With Baking Soda

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant, $10, Amazon

The natural deodorant market has exploded in recent years, and this option from Primal Pit Paste is among the most exciting options you'll find. In place of aluminum, it keeps underarms dry and soft using baking soda, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, and organic arrowroot powder. Non-GMO vitamin E provides yet another skin benefit, and the light scent comes courtesy of lavender essential oil. This formula is cruelty-free and even the applicator is BPA-free and recyclable. Of course, you need to know whether this deodorant keeps you dry and smelling fresh — according to more than 1000 reviewers, it aces both tests.


20. A Trifold LED Makeup Mirror With Three Types Of Magnification Options

Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror, $26, Amazon

Give yourself the best tool imaginable to create flawless makeup look: This trifold LED makeup mirror is the ultimate portable mirror out there. Equipped with 21 adjustable LED lights that can be controlled with touch sensors, this mirror boasts three panels with three different magnification levels and wide-angle viewing. It also has 180-degree free rotation and can be operated with four AAA batteries or via USB cable.


21. An Iron That Straightens, Curls, And Flips

Chi Original Straightening Ceramic Iron, $90, Amazon

This highly-rated straightening iron has over 3,500 reviews and instantly adds shine to any hair type. It has far infrared heat which helps to reduce static and frizz, and quickly heats up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. It will help to create a variety of looks, including flips, waves, and stick-straight hair.


22. An Essential Oil Diffuser And Cool Mist Humidifier With Changing Night Lights

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, $18, Amazon

Add a little tap water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to this diffuser and you'll experience the most soothing way to add moisture and natural aromas to the air. This little gadget is both a cool mist humidifier and oil diffuser — one that just so happens to feature seven color-changing lamps that can be used as night light. It has two mist settings, is super quiet while operating, and keeps ticking for six hours. There's are auto shut-off options for peace of mind, and the diffuser turns off the second it detects water has run out.


23. An LED Desk Lamp With So Many Brightness And Color Options You'll Never Strain Your Eyes Again

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, $30, Amazon

When is a desk lamp so much more than an ordinary desk lamp? When it's an LED desk lamp that boasts five color options, seven brightness levels, and can reduce your electricity bill by up to 75 percent. Aside from its amazing customizable illumination that prevents you from straining your eyes while reading or working, this lamp has an adjustable head that can rotate 90 degrees left or right and 135 degrees up or down.


24. A Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow That Stays Cool And Adjusts To Your Sleeping Needs

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, $50, Amazon

It's not easy to find a pillow you love, but once you do you never let it go — and that's what reviewers are finding when they try out this bamboo shredded memory foam pillow. Made with Kool-Flow fabric, this hypoallergenic pillow stays cool all night long and is resistant to dust mites and other allergens. It comes in three sizes — standard, queen, and king — and includes a zipper removable outer cover. It also adjusts to any sleep position and any loft preference. Like your pillow a bit flatter? No problem: remove some of the fill. Prefer more solid support under your neck? Add that fill back in.


25. A Magical Brush For Curly Or Coarse Hair

Denman Cushion Brush, $11, Amazon

With seven rows of quality smooth nylon bristles, the Denman cushion brush is legendary because it detangles, smoothes, and makes hair look healthier and more shiny. Reviewers use words like "magic" to describe what appears to be a simple brush for this excellent reason: no matter how coarse, thick, or curly your hair, this brush untangles and defines your natural hair without pulling or tugging on it. It's easy to clean and even make curls bouncier.


26. A Toilet Plunger That's So Easy To Use You Won't Waste Any Time Moaning And Groaning About The Backed-Up Toilet

Samshow Toilet Plunger, $17, Amazon

Backed-up toilets are the worst — not least of all because they require so much attention from tools that rarely get the job done in less than 10 minutes. But your plumbing nightmares are about to disappear because this toilet plunger is simple to use: it's easy to push and pull, and has a long stainless steel handle to give you a better grip. It also manages to clean the toilet wall while you're plunging. When you're not using it, give it a good clean and suspend it in storage to keep it out of the way.


27. The Stackable Canisters That Save Space And Keep Food Fresh

OXO Good Grips Pop Container, $10, Amazon

Say good-bye to all of those bags and boxes in your pantry — these Good Grips Pop Containers offer a more convenient and effective way to keep food fresh and save on space. These stackable canisters come in a variety of sizes and feature a button at the top that can be pushed for an airtight seal — and it even pops up to double as a handle. They come in both square and rectangular shapes, and can be positioned in a variety of ways to make your cabinets more organized.


28. A Soothing, Healing Moisturizer Made With Manuka Honey And Aloe

Era Organics Natural Face Moisturizer Skin Cream, $24, Amazon

Moisturize your face and body with one amazing skin cream that's packed with some seriously nourishing ingredients. This organic moisturizer is great for all skin types and is especially effective at nourishing dry skin with manuka honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, hemp seed oils, and vitamins. Try it on your feet, hands, and your face before bed. You'll wake up with glowing, radiant skin and moisture that lasts eight to 12 hours.


29. An Adjustable Jump Rope That's Perfect For All Heights

Survival and Cross Jump Rope, $10, Amazon

If you've jumped rope as an adult, you may have discovered the secret about jumping rope that you never knew as a child: all jump ropes are not created equal and a great many will get tangled in your hair. That's why this jump rope, designed for pre-MMA workouts, is special. It can be adjusted to suit different heights and is small enough to store and take with you anywhere. One reviewer writes: "I've had this product for almost a year and have used it daily. Easy to adjust to your liking. Excellent rope."


30. A 10-Piece Manicure/Pedicure Set That You Can Take Anywhere

Fixbody Manicure Pedicure Set, $20, Amazon

Never again will you have an excuse for why you couldn't get out of the house for a spas session, because this manicure and pedicure set gives you everything you need to tend to your hands and feet at home. The portable, travel-friendly 10-piece kit includes a cuticle nipper, curved fingernails clipper, eyebrow tweezer, nail file, and more — all tools are made from quality stainless steel for easy, safe sterilization.


31. An Expandable Drawer Organizer For Utensils And Jewelry

Totally Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Tray & Drawer Organizer, $19, Amazon

This eco-friendly bamboo expandable cutlery tray and drawer organizer fits in most drawers and has eight compartments, two of which can be adjusted to hold whatever needs holding in your kitchen. The organic mosa bamboo is grown without fertilizers and pesticides, and is high-quality and easy to clean (a damp rag should do the trick). Use this drawer to store everything from utensils and cooking supplies to jewelry and makeup.


32. A Steamer That Heats Up Fast And Gets All Of The Wrinkles Out

PurSteam Fabric Steamer, $20, Amazon

There are plenty of times when using an iron is a total pain (like when you're traveling or have no patience for ironing boards). And when that happens but wrinkles are not an option, this fabric steamer steps in to solve all of your problems. Add water, plug it in, and wait 90 seconds for it to heat up. Thanks to an innovative steam channeling design, this tool gets more wrinkles out faster than many other steamers. It's gentler on delicate fabrics than an iron and can be used for clothing, upholstery, and linen.


33. LED Night Lights You Can Place Anywhere

Mr. Beams Motion Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Night Light, $25 (3 Pack), Amazon

There's no need to limit your night light usage to places in your home that have outlets. These stick-anywhere LED night lights are perfect for dark hallways, laundry rooms — any place that could use extra illumination at night. They have a motion sensor that works up to nine feet and an auto shut-off that saves battery power by switching off after 30 seconds of no motion detected. These lights are simple to install (no tools needed) and their bright LED lights last up to 50,000 hours.


34. A Curling Wand That Creates Gorgeous Waves And Big Curls

Remington Curling Wand, $23, Amazon

If you want volume, waves, and big curls, this curling wand delivers with pearl ceramic technology that heats the wand evenly and helps make your hair even shinier. This wand tapers from a smaller barrel to a slightly larger one and heats up (all the way to 410 degrees if your hair is thicker/coarser and requires it) in just 30 seconds. It boasts a variety of heat settings with digital controls, a temperature lock option, and a heat-resistant glove. It's also incredibly easy to control and gives you the option of curling hair in both directions, which looks more like natural curls.


35. A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner That Runs On A Longer-Lasting Ion Battery

Black + Decker Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum, $55, Amazon

This cordless hand vacuum is a powerful machine that picks up debris, pet hair, and dust without the hassle of having to operate a conventional vacuum cleaner. Its bagless dirt bowl is transparent and gives you a full view of how much dirt has been accumulated so that you can simply click a button and empty it out. Its lithium ion battery lasts a long time and it uses up to 50 percent less energy than regular vacuums.


36. Slanted Tweezers That Remove Every Single Hair Without Pulling And Tugging

TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer, $10, Amazon

Tweezing hairs that are hard to grasp can be incredibly frustrating, but with this pair of stainless steel slant tip tweezers, you'll have the perfect grip every time you pluck. These have even racked up more than 7,000 glowing reviews, and they're comfortable to hold and remove eyebrow and facial hair in seconds. Reviewers say they work so well it makes tweezing a much faster part of a grooming routine.


37. A Sturdy Organizer For Cutting Boards And Baking Pans

DecoBros Kitchen Houseware Organizer Pantry Rack, $13, Amazon

Got a million cutting boards and baking sheets just sort of sitting on top of each other (and scratching each other to bits)? This organizer pantry rack will take care of that dilemma — it's made from gauge steel with a bronze coating and cutting boards and cookie sheets fit it like a glove. Position the organizer in a cabinet, and you'll always be able to locate your favorite board or baking tools.


38. An Electric Toothbrush With Sonic Technology That Gets Rid Of Way More Plaque Than An Ordinary Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush, $25, Amazon

Remove double the amount of plaque as you can with a manual toothbrush when you use this sonic electric toothbrush, which delivers a powerful clean in between teeth and along the gum line. This rechargeable brush lasts a solid two weeks before it requires another charge, and it features a two-minute timer to ensure your teeth are getting the attention they need. It even has "reminder bristles" that fade away over time to let you know when you need to replace the brush head.


39. A Hand Salve That Solves Your Dry, Rough, Scaly Skin Problems

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream, $7, Amazon

Dry, rough hands will feel baby-smooth with continuous use of this moisturizing hand cream, which locks in hydration and prevents moisture loss. Thousands of reviewers who say they suffer from cracked, dry skin on their hands consider this cream a game changer (a few reviewers claim it's the only thing that works on their eczema). A little goes a long way, and you can totally feel free to use this ointment on your feet or any other place where you experience roughness and scaly skin.


40. A Dish Washing Cloth That Stays Fresh And Never Smells Like Mildew

The Crown Choice No Odor Dish Cloth, $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

Most sponges can only so much before they start to smell like mildew and need to be thrown out, but this odorless dish cloth washes pots, pans, and dishes like a champ and never, ever smells like mildew. It won't scratch materials like stainless steel, chrome, and copper, and just one rag lasts longer than seven sponges. Place the rag in your dishwasher in between cleanings to keep it fresh and it activates immediately with water.


41. A Quality Silk Sleeping Mask That Is Gentle On Your Eyes

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask, $8, Amazon

Filter out light and sleep better with this incredibly soft, comfortable silk sleep mask. Made from 10 momme natural mulberry silk on both sides, the contoured mask is gentle on your eyes and face, and its adjustable strap won't snag hair or hurt your ears. Not only is the high-quality silk hypoallergenic and safe for allergy sufferers, it's forgiving when it comes to eye creams and won't interfere with their absorbency.


42. A Lip Ointment That Gets Rid Of Rough Skin Pronto

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips, $12, Amazon

The lip balm with the scandalous name is famous among its many happy reviewers for its ability to soften lips in seconds, without feeling greasy. The balm has been medically proven to reduce skin roughness by up to 40 percent in just one hour, and it's completely free of parabens and fragrances. It's packed in a convenient tube, and the ointment even doubles as a miracle cure for rough cuticles or unruly eyebrows.


43. A Hyaluronic Acid Serum That Is Everything It Says It Is — And Doesn't Cost A Fortune

Asterwood Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $19, Amazon

There are times when all you need is a quality facial serum that contains effective ingredients without luxury fillers — and also won't require you to fork over half your paycheck. This hyaluronic acid serum is that serum — it's made with 100 percent pure, vegan hyaluronic acid that brightens your complexion and adds an intense boost of moisture to help improve elasticity. You won't find any other oils, fragrances, or parabens in this incredible serum, and it's not tested on animals.

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