The 47 Most Useful Things On Amazon You've Never Tried

They say variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to these useful things on Amazon you've never tried, it's definitely true. You know how tempting it to just stick with your favorites when you're ordering things online: Open up that Orders tab, choose Buy Again, and you're happily on your way. But think back with me now, won't you, to the first time you tried something new and loved it. You can't deny that it's a revelatory experience — and these Amazon favorites just might be, too.

One personal favorite of mine — and I assure you it's not because I have the ugly habit of gnawing on the sides of my fingers until they bleed, oh no, not me — is this cuticle oil that smells so delicious, you'd think reviewers were drizzling it over their desserts. Also in this list, you'll find this water bottle that saved me during an epic 17-mile hike last fall — it has a large 50-ounce capacity but isn't too heavy to carry on the trail — but that's also the perfect tool to help with your #hydrationgoals. And there's much, much more.

So press hold on that Dash Button and get out of your re-order rut. These favorites from Amazon are definitely worth a try.


This Acorn-Shaped Humidifier Is Small, Whisper-Quiet, And Even Has A Night Light

Suitable for use in so many situations, this humidifier may be small in size, but it has a super-sized impact on the air in your home or vehicle. Use it to maintain a moist environment that helps stave off allergies and prevent respiratory infections, while also keeping your skin hydrated and glowing. Bonus: because it's USB-powered, it's also suitable for use in the car.


The Delicious-Smelling Cuticle Oil That's A Reviewer Favorite

If you pick at your cuticles like I do, join the hordes of enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon and get a bottle of this oil — if the sheer effectiveness that they rave about doesn't win you over, I know that the delicious scent is sure to do so. It's formulated with a blend of oils and vitamin E to deeply nourish and heal the cuticle.


A Gadget That Makes It Quick And Easy To Add Fresh Herbs To Your Cooking

Mince, chop, and strip fresh herbs and enjoy a whole garden worth of flavor with ease with this device that makes these chef favorites accessible and simple to prep. It has four sharp blades that make short work of both soft and woody herbs, plus two stripping notches to separate leaves from stems. The side grips make the scraper side simple to use as well, and the whole thing separates and is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


A Miniature Food Processor That Requires No Electricity

With a pull cord that's like a miniature — and much easier to operate — version of the one that's on your lawn mower, this food chopper is great for homemade salsa, baby food, chopping herbs, and all kinds of other kitchen chores. Since it operates manually and has a small footprint on your countertop, you can even take this device on the road with you: it's perfect for use camping or in an RV.


A Silicone Bowl That Turns Any Popcorn Into Microwave Popcorn

The popcorn fanatic in your household will love this bowl that turns ordinary kernels into ultra-healthy microwave popcorn. Made from silicone, it collapses for easy storage, and when you bring it out, you simply fill to the indicated line with popcorn kernels. Use oil or butter if you like the taste —you don't need to with this popper. A unique suction lid keeps the popcorn from overflowing the bowl.


The Device That Holds Your Recipes Upright For Easy Reading

Follow along in your favorite recipes with ease using this gadget so they're up and off of the counter — and at an easy angle for you to read along. Available in seven colors, the small, brightly-crafted base is magnetic, enabling you to fasten your sheet for easy display and reading, away from your work surface. It's also great for sheet music or holding up paperwork when you're on the computer.


A Cooker That Gives You Delicious, Fluffy Rice Straight From The Microwave

Designed to hold a little over 2 quarts of rice, this device enables you to wash, cook, and serve rice — taking it straight from the sink to the microwave to the table all in one. The set includes the pot, a measuring cup, a colander that's seated neatly inside it for rinsing your rice (a critical part of sushi preparation), and a multi-purpose rice paddle.


A Ceramic Mill That Makes The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Featuring cone-shaped ceramic burrs that ensure a precise and uniform grind, this manual coffee mill means you control your perfect cup — whether it's espresso or French Press. An ergonomically-designed handle makes cranking easy, and a non-slip rubber base keeps the mill from sliding around on the counter while you work. Since it's not powered, it operates silently and is perfect for use early in the morning — or for a late-night cup while the rest of the house is asleep.


The Juicer That Actually Makes Squeezing Your Own Citrus Accessible And Easy

With a twisting action that provides increased leverage over the fruit and makes juicing easier, this device enables you to get more juice from your citrus fruits faster (and with less effort than traditional manual juicers). Suitable for both lemons and limes, it's crafted from BPA-free stainless steel and nylon, so it's durable, dishwasher-safe, and completely corrosion-resistant.


A Handy Kitchen Tool You'll Use For Cocktails And Cooking

Zest lemons, limes, made candied orange peel, look like a professional bartender and garnish foods to your Cordon Bleu heart's content with this citrus zester from the brilliant engineers at OXO. The blade is crafted from sharp stainless steel and it's topped with the uber-comfortable ergonomic handle that you expect from the OXO Good Grips line. It's completely non-corrosive and dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.


A Pasta Press That Makes A Wide Variety Of Noodles Manually

There's no need to buy an expensive stand mixer with all the fittings or a specialized pasta maker that you'll only use once in a blue moon when you can get this manual pasta press that's inexpensive and easy to use. Crafted completely from stainless steel, it comes with five plates that enable you to produce five of your favorite types of pasta: capellini, spaghetti, bucatini, fettuccine, and gnocchi.


A Magnetic Holder That Keeps Your Hairpins At Hand

If you use bobby pins, chances are you're constantly scraping around for bobby pins — or trying to figure out what to do with them when you're taking your hair down. Either way, this little gadget is for you. With a powerful magnetic holder inside, it holds your metal styling accessories close at hand until you're ready for them. If you have a bunch of bobby pins out on the counter, just pass the device over them, and the pins will jump right up into its bowl where they'll nestle until you're ready for them again.


This Water Bottle Is Marked With Time Increments To Help You Meet Your Goals

If you finish every drop from this 50-ounce water bottle twice, you'll really be hydrated — and the markings on the bottle are there to help you along the way. Crafted from BPA-free Tritan, it features curved grips for easy handling as well as a spill-proof flip-top lid. The wrist strap makes it easy to carry along when you're on-the-go.


The Vertical Wireless Mouse That's More Ergonomic To Use

With a unique vertical design that puts your hand in what the manufacturer describes as a "neutral 'handshake' position," this optical mouse is perhaps the most ergonomic design available — and will permit extended use without the danger of repetitive stress injuries. It features high, adjustable sensitivity for precise tracking, and a built-in power-saving mode that is triggered when the mouse is idle for eight minutes.


The Wallet-Sized Multi-Card That Has You Covered In A Wide Range Of Situations

Equipped with a set of handy tools and right-sized so that it fits in your wallet, this card is a bit thicker than a credit card but comes just as handy. Featuring scissors, a small blade, a toothpick, a nail file, tweezers, a tiny pen, and a pint-sized screwdriver, it's basically everything you need in a pinch, packed into a plastic sleeve that can also be used as a ruler.


This Monitor Stand Corrects Neck And Shoulder Problems

You know how badly your neck and shoulders hurt when you've spent all day staring into your monitor that's just too low? This stand can fix that, and even better, it adds four USB ports to the front of your monitor while also providing space to charge your electronics. Fitted with aluminum legs — two sets are included so you can choose the height that works for you — the stand's advanced functionality is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.


The Pen That Writes With Waterproof Ink

Ideal for anyone who works outside, this pen writes with waterproof ink and functions not only through water but through grease and mud, too. Part of the secret lies in its engineering: It functions thanks to a pressurized cartridge that will also write at both low and extremely high temperatures and at just about any angle. The tip of the pen is also equipped with tiny pockets that deliver ink without allowing anything to get back inside the cartridge.


These Silicone Tips Keep Your Glasses From Sliding Around On Your Face

If you're tired of your glasses constantly slipping down, keep them where they're supposed to be with these holders that slip right on to the ears of your glasses and hook behind your own ears to ensure that everything stays in its place. Made from silicone that's soft enough to be comfortable but firm to the point that it won't bend out of shape, they'll fit on eyeglasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses.


This Cup That Makes Slushies For You

Your imagination is the only limit to the variations possible when it comes to this slush and shake maker that doesn't require any power — just pour in the ingredients and watch as it freezes to a thick consistency in as little as seven minutes. Simply store the inner core in the freezer and it will be ready to go whenever you're ready for a tasty frozen treat: Just slip it into the protective outer cup and stir with the special included spoon to break up the crystals.


A Lid That's A Great Eco-Friendly Food Storage Solution

Made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, this reusable lid helps cut down on food waste while also reducing the amount of non-Earth-friendly plastic wrap and aluminum foil you're using in your kitchen. Applied to the top of any plastic, ceramic, steel, or glass bowl or container, it instantly creates an airtight seal to keep foods fresh in the same bowl in which they've been prepared or served. It's safe for both the dishwasher and the microwave, too.


The Soft Tablet Stand That's Multi-Functional And Can Be Used At So Many Angles

Ideal for use in bed as well as out in the living room or even propped on a tabletop, this lap stand is designed to accommodate your tablet, but is also perfect for holding a book or magazine, paperwork to review, or even a cookbook. Made of lightweight foam, it's not heavy on your lap, and it has an ultra-suede cover that unzips so that you can throw it in the wash if it gets soiled.


A Handle To Help You Get Those Tough-To-Shave Spots

This razor extension handle helps you get to those hard-to-shave places without having to bend over. Shave your calves quickly and easily without all the contortions thanks to the additional 15 to 20 inches this telescoping handle adds to your razor, and the two included attachments accommodate most razors on the market today. A pivoting head helps keep the razor's blades right on the skin to ensure a smooth shave.


The Pint-Sized Hair Styler That Both Curls And Straightens

Compact-sized so it's ideal for travel, this device can both curl your hair and straighten it with its high-quality ceramic plates that will leave your hair frizz-free, shiny, and healthy-looking. Suitable for all types and lengths of hair, this cordless device charges via USB and can be used for 30 minutes when it's at full capacity. Throw it in your handbag or carry-on and go.


This Cute Facial Brush Is The Tool You Need For A Deep, Satisfying Clean

How adorable is this facial brush? Crafted from silicone and designed to look like an octopus (although I think it looks like a bear), it has tiny nubs on the top of its head to work up a rich lather with your favorite cleanser. The larger nodules on the other end provide a revitalizing massage to stimulate blood flow. Naturally antibacterial and the perfect size for travel, one reviewer writes: "Ok these are the cutest and most effective brushes! You use their little feetsies for the surface clean and the head for the deep clean after. Allllll of my makeup comes off and my face feels super clean!"


The Phone Grip That Doubles As A Stand, Too

With a leather band that's both multi-functional and stylish, this grip is everything you're looking for in a smartphone accessory. Use the leather grip to ensure the phone stays put in your hand while you're on the move: it's available in four colors to suit your style and is fitted to an elastic band so it suits any hand size. Meanwhile, you can also configure it to serve as a stand for easy hands-free viewing or conference calls.


A Hanger That Gets Your Ironing Supplies Up And Out Of The Way

Make room in your closet and tidy up your laundry room with this hanging organizer that holds your ironing board and iron to keep the neatly out of the way. This wire caddy is durable and coated with epoxy so that it will resist corrosion: it's always good to have options, so although it's designed to be mounted over a door, it can also be wall-mounted. And speaking of options, it can be configured to store either T-leg or four-legged style ironing boards.


The Hangers That Will Give You So Much Closet Space Back

Made from non-corrosive stainless steel, these hangers feature S-shapes that will each accommodate five pairs of pants and give you back immeasurable space in your closet. Ideal for keeping your clothes crease-free, they don't bend out of shape no matter how heavy the styles you choose to hang on their rods or how roughly you treat them, and the attractive finish looks great as you choose your outfits in the morning.


This Device Scrapes Every Last Drop Off Of Your Dishes

Here's a dish cleaner that actually reduces the amount of water you need to get your plates and cookware clean: Just like the squeegee you clean your car windows with, the thin, flexible silicone edge provides a close scrape that won't damage your dishes but removes all the food and sauces so you can get down to cleaning. A non-slip grip gives you control and helps you steer — even in slippery situations.


These Claws Make Shredding Meat A Breeze

If you're a barbecue fan, these claws will help you prepare meats fresh off the grill or out of the oven or the pressure cooker quickly and easily — and enjoyably, too. The difference these claws have to offer over their competitors lies in the handles: they keep your hands away from the grease and heat of the food. Plus, the contoured grip makes them easy to manipulate and offers added leverage.


The Carpet Grippers That Keep Your Rugs Flat To Help Prevent Falls

Who wants to risk tripping on their carpet? Make sure your throw rugs aren't going to take you down by securing them with these grippers that adhere to the corners of the rugs and have the added benefit of ensuring that your carpets don't curl up. They're engineered to work both indoors and outdoors, and are suitable for use on any hard floor surface.


A Container That Keeps Your Lunch Fresh On-The-Go

Made from durable, BPA-free silicone, this container features two leak-proof compartments designed to separate wet and dry foods so that you can take a whole lunch with you on-the-go and not worry about foods getting soggy or stale. Four latches on the Tritan lid create an airtight seal that's also leak-proof — so you won't have to worry if it's sitting in your car seat or at the bottom of a bag. Plus, this container is ultra-versatile: It can go in the microwave as well as in the freezer, and cleans up easily in the dishwasher.


The Professional-Quality Fingernail Clippers That Catch Your Nails For Easy Disposal

Don't waste your time crawling around your bathroom floor searching for your nail clippings — get these clippers that collect the trimmed pieces for easy disposal when you're done with your work and save yourself the trouble. They're crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel that's so sharp it can cut through 10 sheets of printer paper at once, and it's finished with an ergonomic design that makes them ultra-comfortable to use.


This Colorful Microfiber Towel Absorbent And Dries Fast

Ideal for lots of uses: a day at the beach, post-workout, camping or hiking, and more, this towel is crafted from breathable, environmentally-friendly microfiber that's both lightweight and incredibly absorbent. You can use the convenient fabric loop on the corner of the towel to attach it to a backpack, deck chair, or tent pole while it dries, and its unique antimicrobial coating will keep it fresh-smelling while all the while. It's available in five colors, too.


The Gadget That Chops Nuts Quickly And Easily Without Power

If you enjoy nuts in your baked goods and other foods — especially if you're into making nut milks and cheeses that call for frequent quantities of them — this nut chopper will really come in handy. With blades engineered to chop quickly and easily, this device is designed to require the minimum amount of force on your part, and actually switches between fine and coarse ground depending on which direction you're cranking the handle.


A Food Chopper That Makes Quick Work Of Slicing And Dicing

Dice, chop, and julienne your vegetables with this chopper that makes kitchen prep work fast, easy, and professional-looking. A lever pushes the food through the blades so you don't have to, cutting down on the amount of effort you're applying and speeding your chores right along. Two interchangeable blades and plates and a knife guide help keep everything precise and professional-looking.


A Deep Tissue Massager With Accessories For Every Ache And Pain

Get full-body relief that you can administer yourself with this deep tissue massager that has five heads — one suitable for every last ache and pain. Engineered with a powerful motor that uses percussion technology to deliver waves of soothing manipulation, this cordless massager is a great post-workout treat and is ideal to take on the road to work out the kinks after travel.


The Reusable Ice Cubes That Are Good For So Many Things

Great to cool down your lunch or use to provide moisture-free relief when you have an ache, pain, or migraine, these ice cubes are filled with 100 percent purified water. Together, they all weigh around 2 pounds and will fill large picnic coolers to the brim — while 15 or so is the perfect amount for a six-can cooler. Now you can enjoy cold drinks and foods without a dripping mess all over the place.


This Device Provides A More Comfortable, More Efficient Way To Floss

Make the most dreaded of oral health chores a little more pleasant with this water flosser that's even portable for convenient use while traveling. The precision nozzle has four modes for comfortable, easy cleaning for both your teeth and gums, and rotates a full 360-degrees so that you can reach even the most difficult-to-access parts of your mouth. The water tank is removable for easy cleaning, and the device is waterproof so you can even use it in the shower.


A Natural Deodorizer For Your Shoes

Ever stepped into your closet and realized your shoes do not smell....ideal? Well, this natural deodorizer will fix that problem right up. Formulated with lemon, mint, and eucalyptus essential oils that naturally eliminate odor-causing bacteria, it even puts an end to the toughest unwanted scents, which also makes it an excellent choice for odor relief all over your house — especially around sensitive pets and kids.


The Famous Moisturizer That Also Repels Mosquitos And Other Bugs

As a resident of the South, I can testify that when it comes to mosquitos — and about a billion other biting insects — the struggle is real, and that this lotion is the bomb when it comes to steering them in the direction of someone else and away from your tasty extremities. I have no idea what makes it work (it's DEET- and PABA-free), but it does, and conveniently, it's water-resistant and SPF-30, too, so no need to carry around and apply a bunch of different unguents.


A Device To Power Up Your Rechargeable Batteries

Designed to power up to four AA or AAA batteries at once, this battery charger is the device you need to recharge all your eco-friendly rechargeable batteries. It features an indicator system that both visibly and audibly provides you with an assessment of your batteries' charge levels, a helpful feature when you wonder why your remote isn't working — again. If the batteries are completely drained, you'll get a full charge in just four hours with this device that plugs into any standard outlet.


These Waterproof LED Lights Are Perfect For The Great Outdoors

With a combined 100 lumens of light for indoor or outdoor use, these lights are water-resistant and durable — making them the perfect choice for use in the garage, by the pool, in the woods near the kids' playset, or at your campsite. Battery-operated, they're pre-fitted with carabiners to hang in your tent, on tree branches, or from the patio umbrella out on the deck. They also have four lighting modes.


A Spot Remover For Your Carpet's Toughest, Stickiest Stains

No rinsing, vacuuming, or soak time is necessary to see that this spot remover does exactly what you need for it to do: Gets rid of just about any kind of spot on your color-fast carpet, and does it instantly. Also suitable for use on upholstery and clothing, it can even remove tough stains like grease, blood, rust, and red wine — and dissolves them right before your eyes.


44.These Silicone Gadgets To Protect You From Hot Oven Racks

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been getting a sheet of cookies or a casserole out of the oven and ended up with a burn on my forearm. These gadgets put an end to that: Made from silicone that's heat-resistant to 446 degrees, you simply put them on the outside of your oven racks (when the oven is cool, of course), and the next time you absentmindedly graze your arm, it won't burn.


A Fire-Proof Bag For Your Most Important Items

Get an added layer of protection for your valuable property and documents inside your home safe or the bank's safety deposit box with this document bag that's fireproof and water-resistant — and stands up to temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees. Crafted from double-layered silicone-coated fiberglass, it's large enough to hold legal-size documents, and a laptop, as well as jewelry, photos, and important personal identity documents like your passport.


This Secret Pouch Can Hold Your Cards, Your Cash, And Your Keys Where No One Will Ever Look

Whether you're traveling internationally or just going across town to a crowded concert, this pouch is a great solution for keeping your must-have valuables hidden. Just the right size for your cards, ID, cash, and a key or two, it's made of breathable fabric that's soft and comfortable laying against your skin — and won't be visible underneath your clothing. Wear it hooked either on the side or the front of your bra and adjust the strap for the ultimate in comfort.


These Innovative And Comfy Slippers Have Microfiber Dusters On Their Soles

Dust your floors and pick up dirt, grime, and pet hairs while you're sipping your coffee or strolling from the kitchen to the sofa with these slippers that have soles made from microfiber chenille. The chenille soles are attached to the slippers with Velcro so you can take them off and throw them in the washing machine when they're dirty — then reattach them for more walking and cleaning.

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