The 48 Most Useful Things On Amazon You've Never Tried

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They say variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to these useful things on Amazon you've never tried, it's definitely true. You know how tempting it to just stick with your favorites when you're ordering things online: Open up that Orders tab, choose Buy Again, and you're happily on your way. But think back with me now, won't you, to the first time you tried something new and loved it. You can't deny that it's a revelatory experience — and these Amazon favorites just might be, too.

One personal favorite of mine — and I assure you it's not because I have the ugly habit of gnawing on the sides of my fingers until they bleed, oh no, not me — is this cuticle oil that smells so delicious, you'd think reviewers were drizzling it over their desserts. Also in this list, you'll find this water bottle that saved me during an epic 17-mile hike last fall — it has a large 50-ounce capacity but isn't too heavy to carry on the trail — but that's also the perfect tool to help with your #hydrationgoals. And there's much, much more.

So press hold on that Dash Button and get out of your re-order rut. These favorites from Amazon are definitely worth a try.

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