Save Yourself The Money, The Best 4-Cup Coffee Maker Is Just $30

Whether you’re flying solo, you’re the only coffee-drinker in your home, or you simply prefer super-fresh java, the best 4-cup coffee makers are a great way to get your morning jolt. Featured below are models that suit a variety of brewing preferences and budgets. However you take your coffee, there’s a 4-cup coffee maker to match your lifestyle.

First things first: not all 4-cup coffee makers yield the same exact amount of coffee, since the definition of “cup” varies from model to model. Some produce 20 ounces total, which comes out to four 5-ounce cups of coffee, while others make up to 34 ounces, which comes out to just over four 8-ounce cups. Four-cup coffee makers do come in nearly every brewing method imaginable, though.

Whatever brew method you prefer, 4-cup coffee makers of all kinds boast some pretty impressive special features these days. Programmable drip coffee makers allow you to set up your coffee ahead of time and wake up to freshly-brewed coffee, and most come with a convenient “brew pause” feature that lets you sneak a cup of coffee before the whole pot is finished.

Whether you stick with drip coffee or another method, it’s always a good idea to go with BPA-free materials. Glass and stainless-steel materials allow you to avoid BPA, since they’re naturally BPA-free, and there are even BPA-free plastic coffee makers to choose from. If percolators are your preference, a pick with a detachable cord will make clean-up much easier. When it comes to pour-over systems, go with a unit made from durable, heat-resistant glass. For French press fans, know that stainless-steel typically keeps coffee hotter longer than glass, and it’s more durable. If dishwasher-safe options are important to you, you’ll find several materials capable of that in this roundup as well.

With that, dig into the best 4-cup coffee makers available on Amazon.


The Best 4-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

This pick is technically a 5-cup coffee maker, but you can opt to make 4 cups if that's your preference. It's made from BPA-free plastic, with a glass carafe, and its on/off indicator light lets you know when your coffee maker is in use. The “pause and serve” feature lets you sneak a cup of coffee while the pot is still brewing, and the removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy cleaning. This option also features “delay brew,” which lets you wake up to fresh coffee. The one-hour automatic shut-off feature means you'll never burn the pot, and the dual water window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for brewing accuracy.

The only downside to this pick is you’ll need to keep disposable filters on hand, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more convenient brewing method than drip coffee. Also good to know: the power cord is 26 inches, or just over 2 feet long.

What fans are saying: "This was a well-priced replacement for the earlier one I had for eight years. It's great to be able to program it ahead, and I also love the auto shut off, so I don't burn the pot."


A 4-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

The Secura Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker makes up to 34 ounces of hot coffee, which comes out to just over four 8-ounce cups. It's also completely plastic-free and made from naturally BPA-free 100% stainless-steel. It features a “cool-touch” handle and knob for safe pouring, and its double-wall insulation keeps coffee hotter longer. The three-layer-filter structure traps the smallest coffee grounds to create full-bodied flavor, and this French press is completely dishwasher-safe. This pick does require a kettle, so you'll need to purchase one if you don't already have one at home.

French presses produce unique and distinctly flavored coffee, and they’re super-simple to operate. They're also quite portable.

What fans are saying: “I ADORE this French press! It’s beyond durable, you don’t have to be fragile with it like you would with glass, [...] and the coffee is delicious! [...] It’s so straightforward to use, cleanup is easy, and it looks great too. [...] I’ve had it for nearly a year and it works just as exceptionally as it did on day one, and I’m still on the first filter sieves (it comes with additional ones). I highly recommend it!”


The Best 4-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Maker

This pour-over system by Bodum makes up to 34 ounces of hot coffee at once, or just over four 8-ounce cups. It includes a reusable stainless-steel filter that makes coffee more flavorful while also cutting back on waste and cost. All carafe options are made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, with a choice of a cork or silicone band as well as an upgraded option of a double-walled carafe with a glass handle. Coffee finishes brewing in just four minutes with this pick, and it's a dishwasher-safe option. Also good to know: a gooseneck kettle is great to have for proper pour-over technique.

Pour-over systems create robust cups of coffee and they make for easy clean-up. Though there is some technique required, it's not difficult to learn. Plus, they’re super-portable.

What fans are saying: “This coffee pot is great! I got it for my dorm since I love coffee but I already own a kettle, so I didn't want to buy another appliance. It's very pretty and it works really well. I use a #4 cone filter, which makes it ridiculously easy to clean. Highly recommend!”


The Best 4-Cup Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

This stainless-steel stovetop espresso maker is a true 4 measuring cup capacity unit that features an oversized “stay-cool” handle, and it works on gas or electric stovetops. It's also dishwasher-safe.

Stovetop espresso is quick to brew and very portable, though you’ll likely get a smoother, more robust cup of coffee with other methods.

What fans are saying: “I absolutely love this espresso maker! It is stainless-steel, not aluminum. Works very well, makes great espresso!”


A 4-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Also Makes Tea

The Ovalware Cold Brew Maker features a dishwasher-safe glass carafe and a stainless steel filter and cap. The silicone seal is completely BPA-free, and this pick can hold up to 34 ounces of cold brew coffee, which comes out to about four 8-ounce cups. This option's airtight seal locks in freshness for up to two weeks, and it comes with an access handle for easy pouring. It also makes iced and hot tea, and it's the perfect height to sit on your fridge shelf. Additionally, this coffee maker boasts a 4.3-star rating and over 2,200 reviews.

It should be noted that cold brew coffee takes a little more hands-off time and patience, as cold brew is a slow brew that takes about 12-24 hours, but it’s perfect if you like a unique-tasting brew that isn’t bitter. You can also make extra and store it in the fridge, and you’re less likely to suffer from a caffeine crash with this method.

What fans are saying: “Absolutely love this cold brew maker! I've only made coffee with it once so far but the coffee was smooth, full of flavor, and we got three to four servings in one carafe. I love that you can customize how much coffee you use based on taste [...] It's easy to use, easy to clean, makes great cold brew coffee, I couldn't be happier with this product! [...]”

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