The 5 Best Air Fresheners For Pet Odors


We love our pets but cleaning up after them can be a real chore — especially when it comes to unwanted odors. So, for foul smells including urine, poop, and other accidents in the house, you will need to use one of the best air fresheners for pet odors to get the job done. These deodorizers are specifically made to tackle difficult pet odors effectively and safely.

There are a variety of air fresheners for removing pet odors. To choose the best option of you, consider the type of pet you have and the kind of odors you’re trying to eliminate. For a natural, all-around deodorizing option, consider air purifying bags with charcoal. When it comes to cat litter boxes, fresheners you can sprinkle onto the litter add an extra dose of deodorizing power, while air purifiers placed near boxes are also effective in removing odors from the air.

With urine and poop accidents on floors and furniture though, you’ll want to eliminate the odor at its source. For that, sprays with natural enzymes work best (and can often help remove stains, too). According to Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, an integrative wellness veterinarian, pet owners should avoid many aerosol sprays or scented plug-ins because they can contain toxic chemicals and compounds that can cause problems for your animals.

To keep your home smelling fresh and clean all year round, here’s my roundup of the best air fresheners for pet odors. All of these options come highly rated on Amazon and are effective at defeating foul smells.

1. The Overall Best Pet Odor Eliminator

The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is the perfect air freshener to put near your cat’s litter box or any other area where odor is a problem. This organic air freshener uses 100 percent activated bamboo charcoal and is free of chemicals and fragrance so it naturally removes pet odor while still being safe for use near both cats and dogs. The standard bags work for areas up to 90 square feet each, and they're available in multipacks as well. The bags last two years and can be revived by simply setting them out in the sun. As an added bonus, they help absorb excess moisture in the room, making them ideal for the hot months.

What fans say: "What an amazing, hardworking little bag! Our cat is PARTICULARLY messy and gross, and she made our whole office where her litter box is reek to high heaven. After less than a full day with this bag set up between the wall and her box and BAM! The smell is 100% gone! We can actually breathe in here again. I love that it's regenerated by sunlight only, lasts so long, and is super eco-friendly!”

2. The Best Air Freshener For Cat Litter

If you specifically want to tame odor from your cat’s litter box, NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer is a top pick. With more than 1,300 five-star reviews and a 4.4 overall, this litter box odor eliminator is a favorite for freshness and ease of use. It has a unique natural zeolite formula that neutralizes litter odors at the source while also being safe to use around cats. This deodorizer is also fragrance-free so it can be used with any cat litter without overpowering your feline. Applying it is simple; just sprinkle a layer over your cat’s litter, and you’re done. Plus, reviewers also say this powder also works for dog and other animal odors.

What fans say: “This product is an absolute lifesaver. Even though I clean the box twice a day, you can’t avoid odor buildup. NonScents odor control works beautifully. It’s a quick and long lasting solution to a ‘heated’ litter box. My cat doesn’t notice any difference but my nose does. I wish I’d discovered this long ago.”

3. A Mini Air Purifier For All-Around Cat Odor

To get rid of strong smells from your cat’s litter box and beyond, the VentiFresh air purifier is a great tech-forward option that's inspired by technology used at the International Space Station. A tiny motor fan inside the device draws foul odors in and neutralizes it in its photocatalyst core. This mini air purifier can be attached to the side or hood of your cat’s litter box or placed on any surface. It’s powered by DC5V USB power with low 3W per hour energy consumption so it won’t hike up your electricity bill or require battery changes. There are no filters that need to be changed, and its quiet operation means it can remove pet odors 24/7 without disturbing your pet.

What fans say: “Plugged this in in my small laundry room above the cat boxes we have in there for our multiple cats. Noticeable difference right away in eliminating the smell when nothing else has worked before. People actually comment about how little smell we have given having several cats!”

4. The Best Spray For Spot-Treating Pet Odors

For dog and cat owners who need to spot treat smelly areas, Rocco & Roxie's stain and odor eliminator is a one-step treatment that tackles both stains and pet odors on hardwood floors, carpet, tile, upholstery, and even laundry. This is also helpful to have on hand for small spaces including cages and carriers. Just spray, let it soak, and vacuum. It's strong enough that it even works on urine.

This spray features enzymatic bacteria that feeds on ammonia and organic matter eradicating odors. There are no harsh chemicals like chlorine or residue left behind, making it safe to use around your pets. With more than 6,500 five-star reviews, this stain and odor eliminator is a fan favorite.

What fans say: “This stuff works WONDERS!!! Right away, it destroys the odor, then the more you work at it, this will get even OLD urine stains out.”

5. A Pet Odor Eliminator Candle

To add a lovely scent to your home while removing pet odors, the One Fur All Pet House Candle comes in more than 10 different fragrances from lavender to blackberry tea. This 100 percent soy wax and cotton wick candle is free of dyes, paraffins, and allergens, while also being packed with an odor neutralizer to leave your home smelling clean but still safe for pets. It's recommended to light them in rooms where your cat or dog sleeps or frequents the most, but be sure to watch the candle while it burns to avoid it getting knocked over. Each candle lasts up to 60 hours.

What fans say: “These candles are fantastic! They smell great, and do a great job of eliminating any odors in your house, not only those from pets. They do work best if you burn them for 1-2 hours at a time, but will get rid of the smells of wet dog, fecal smells, urine odors, and I’ve even found them useful for cooking odors.”

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