Dog Owners, These Automatic Pet Feeders Are Life-Changing — & Here's Why

I'm sure you love taking care of your dog, but let's be honest: Life can get hectic sometimes. If you're someone with a packed calendar, it can be difficult to maintain a regular feeding schedule for your pup. Fortunately, you can solve this dilemma by investing in one of the best automatic dog feeders.

Not only do these awesome devices allow you to dispense food when you're not there, they also ensure that you keep your dog happy when you're away and — as a major bonus — let you avoid weekend wakeup calls when your pup would normally attempt to nuzzle you awake with their snout, begging for breakfast.

Automatic dog feeders come in all shapes and sizes with tons of different features from basic containers driven by gravity to high-tech smart feeders you can control remotely with your phone. Some have slow feed functions that stop your pup from scarfing down food in two seconds like a fur-covered vacuum, while others have special microphones that record your voice and play it back to your dog while you're away.

Ready to make the investment? Here, find a list of the best products for dog owners to help you keep them fed when you're not home.


An Affordable Dog Feeder For Pups Who Don't Overeat

If your dog is one of those mature types who can consume food without inhaling giant, rapidly-succeeding mouthfuls until its stomach is ready to explode, then this is a fantastic, affordable option. Unlike the feeders with automatic timers that release food on predetermined schedules, this one is purely gravity-controlled. It works by simply funneling food into the bowl, ensuring there's always a fresh supply. Capable of holing up to 12 pounds of food at a time, it features easy-lift handles and anti-skid rubber feet.


A Compact Rotating Carousel That's Perfect For Small Dogs

Rather than using a tall dispenser, this ultra-compact dog feeder is perched on a rotating carousel that sits close to the ground, making it a space-saving pet food solution. The device features a digital timer that creates preset meal times (for up to five meals per day) and dispenses them in one-hour increments. Battery-powered and super versatile, this feeder can hold both wet and dry food and even has a built-in digital clock and LCD display. This particular food dispenser is best for small dogs, as larger pups may be able to tip the tray over and the portions will be too small.


A Healthy Dispenser With A Slow Feed Option For Dogs Who Eat Too Fast

This automatic dog feeder has a special function that allows you to switch it into "slow feed" mode, forcing dogs who eat super quickly to take their time. Ultimately, that feature — which works for meals larger than 1/8 cup and dispenses them over a 15-minute period of time — aids digestion and reduces bloated bellies. Even better, the feeder itself also has an anti-jam conveyor system, a digital timer capable of programming up to 12 meals per day, and an LDC screen with 5-button navigation.


A Comforting Dog Feeder With A Voice Recorder That Lets You 'Call Them' For Mealtime

Your dog misses you when you're gone, and this comforting feeder will make them feel like you're not so far away. It's designed with a built-in voice recorder for recording the sound of you "calling" them for mealtime. You can record up to ten seconds at a time, and the device will play it over the speaker when it's time to eat. What's more, the feeder, operated by D batteries or via USB-charged power, has an infrared detection system that senses when leftover food is still in the dish and will stop dispensing it to prevent spills.


A Hi-Tech Smart Dog Feeder You Can Control Remotely

Designed for dog owners who are frequently on the go, this smart dog feeder lets you control everything from the convenience of your phone. Its remote scheduling and built-in HD camera features allow you to dispense feedings when you're not home and watch your dog enjoy them. The footage, taken from a 130-degree wide-angle lens with one million pixels, streams directly from your phone. It also takes photos and records videos that you can keep! You'll get instant notifications when your pup has been fed and alerts when their food is getting low. And don't worry, the storage container is large enough to use with big dogs and shaped to keep food fresh.

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