If You Own A Dog, These Products Will Change Your Life


When you get a dog and take your first trip to the pet store to stock up on essentials, you probably feel pretty confident as you're leaving with a big bag of goodies. You got the food, the treats, the toys, the leash, the collar, the crate — you can't imagine there being anything else you might need. But the truth is, you don't realize what products you need if you have a dog really until your pup is a bit older, and you have a better sense of what your lifestyle is like with your dog. For instance, you can't yet know if your dog likes going in the car with you regularly, or if your dog likes to walk on intense hikes, or if your dog likes to travel, or if your dog has an affinity for rolling in mud, or if your dog likes eating things it shouldn't? These are all fun little facts that you simply can't know early on; these are the things you learn along the way.

My dog just turned 10 this year, and for the first time in his life, I feel confident that I have all the products that he needs and that I need for our life together. Your dog will grow and change over time — hating the car, loving the car, for instance — but having the right products to make your dog feel comfortable and safe can make all the difference. After 10 years of trying products and a lot of trial and error with my pup, these are the ones that I can truly recommend — especially if you have the kind of pup that would rather be with you all the time.

A Sturdy Car Seat

A Wearable Carrier

A Portable Bowl

A Pet Cam

Bone Broth

Water-Resistant Boots

Gentle Shampoo

Indoor Potty Device

Disposable Wipes

Oral Care

Electric Nail Cutter