The 5 Best Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

Shopping for anything eco-friendly can be confusing, and searching for the best biodegradable poop bags is no exception. There’s a lot of terminologies involved with plastic bags and it's hard to determine if you’re getting something that’s truly good for the environment. To simplify things, it helps to focus on two key terms: biodegradable and compostable.

The phrase “biodegradable” is actually a bit misleading because practically everything will biodegrade, at least to some extent, given enough time. In order to ensure that your dog’s waste isn’t enshrined in plastic for the next 300 years, you need to look at how long it takes to biodegrade.

For the purpose of consumer labeling, the United States Environmental Protection Agency focuses instead on what is “compostable.” This involves a complicated mix of factors, but essentially you need an ASTH D6400 certification to be considered “compostable.” Typically, dog poop bags with this certification are going to be your most eco-friendly option.

That said, fully compostable dog poop bags are also more expensive and sometimes harder to find. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper that still has some earth-conscious elements, there's another process called “oxo-biodegradable.” That’s basically when a chemical is added to the plastic that helps it break down faster, usually within a two-year timeframe. This is regulated under ASTM D6954 and, while not quite as environmentally-friendly as the other one, nevertheless improves your eco-footprint.

I’ve included both types of bags here to give you a broader range of options and price points for products for your dog. On top of that, I’ve looked at factors like strength, size, thickness, and ease-of-use when compiling this list of the best biodegradable poop bags.