The 5 Best Booty Bands

by Andrea Hannah
Woman during her fitness workout at home with rubber resistance band

Whether you're new to at-home workouts or you're looking to challenge for your lower body, resistance bands are a must-have. That said, not all bands are created equal. When it comes down to working your glutes and more, only the best booty bands can give you the strengthening results you're after — and fast.

So what's the difference between a regular resistance band and one that's designed specifically for your butt? A lot, actually. Your glutes and thighs are large muscles, which means you'll need strong booty bands that are made from a thick, durable material that won't roll up your thighs.

Which brings me to another point: material. The last thing you want is for your band to snap the second you start squatting, so you want to invest in resistance bands that are both firm and flexible. Fabric bands are always a good option, and are often textured so they stay in place during even the toughest kickbacks. If you decide to go for latex bands (these tend to have a little more give than fabric designs), opt for a natural latex booty bands that is less likely to snap or break. And if you really want to go big, there are even entire resistance systems that you hook around your waist to really target your butt muscles.

Ready to get started? Check out the best booty bands, below.

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This Best Booty Bands, But At A Price

There's a reason these fabric booty bands have such a following. The thick, textured design keeps them from rolling up your legs while you squat or lunge, and this set of three comes with three different levels of resistance, ranging from 14 to 25 pounds for the lightest band to a whopping 40 to 50 pounds of resistance with the heaviest band. That makes this set a great buy if you have a range of exercises in mind, and they can also scale up with you as you advance your level of fitness. Even better, this set comes with an included workout guide (that reviewers swear by!) and a carrying bag, so you can take your bands with you wherever you go.

According to one reviewer: "These Arena band won't roll no matter what exercise you're doing, they will hold where you want them to be. I've been using them to activate my glutes and during my workout. If you think they are expensive, they are not! It's worth the price for what you get."


A More Affordable Dupe

Much like the set above, these fabric workout bands are durable, strong, and won't roll even when you're in your deepest squat. This three-pack has the same levels of resistance as the set above (it ranges from 14 to 50 pounds depending on the band you choose) — at a slightly more affordable price. These come with an included carrying case and the promise of an e-book workout guide, although some reviewers have noted it can be tough to find the exercise guide. That said, for the price, this is a great deal on a set of booty bands that you can use for a fantastic glute workout.

According to one reviewer: "I was hesitant to get these bands because I didn't know the brand, but I am super impressed! They are a thick fabric which is great, come in a convenient carrying bag, and don't slip at all! I don't think i'll be using the smallest size because its REALLY small, but definitely worth the buy! I would recommend."


The Best Latex Booty Bands

Latex bands tend to have a bit more give than fabric bands, and this five-piece natural latex set is no different. With resistance levels ranging from 5 pounds to 40 pounds, these five bands are great for all manner of workouts and can be scaled up or down for a more or less intense leg day. And, because each band is color coded with the resistance level clearly listed, you will never have to question which one is the lightest or heaviest of the bunch. Much like other bands on this list, these come with a handy carrying bag for easy portability.

According to one reviewer: "These bands are excellent. The resistance is true to the label (some bands I've had before have a high resistance label but felt too easy while I was doing the workout, but that isn't the case here). They're also in just the right intervals that allow you to go up or down depending on your workout. I'd definitely recommend this for daily use for a quick at home workout - slides, jump squats, side lunges, fire hydrants, donkey kicks."


The Best Double Loop

This unique double loop is stretchy enough to use for dynamic exercises like squats and deadlifts, but firm enough to make a major impact. It's made from durable elastic to give your hamstrings, thighs, and calves a run for their money. Plus, this resistance loop comes with a detailed exercise booklet to help you get started, and a carrying case you can keep it in. The biggest difference with this band is in the design: Slip two feet into either end and you'll be able to move a bit more freely than with the classic single loop resistance band style. [[Note the strength of resistance?]]

According to one reviewer: "I tried it out for the first time and oh my gosh you can feel the burn right away, I can feel every muscle group I’m working out so I know I’ll see results fast. It comes with a good workout plan and great stretches that anyone can follow so anyone from beginners to avid gym rats can use this with ease and get amazing results."


The Best Booty Band System

This waistband and cable set makes it super easy to add weight and adjust as you get stronger. Here's how it works: Just secure the waistband and attach the cables to it. Then slip your foot through the holder at the bottom. That's it! This set comes with three resistance bands included (10, 15 and 20 pounds respectively), a workout mat, and carrying case. But, best yet, this set comes with a nutrition guide and a lifetime membership to their catalog of workout videos, so you can get the most out of your set.

According to one reviewer: "This band system delivers a great workout and it only take about 15 minute per day. The videos are easy to follow as well as the different moves. I am so happy I bought this."