5 Cheap Coffee Makers On Amazon To Keep You Caffeinated On A Budget

Making your coffee at home can save you some serious money. The best cheap coffee makers can’t make fancy latte art like the barista at your favorite coffee place, but they will certainly satisfy your need for morning caffeine for a very low price — and they can even make a pretty decent cup o’ joe.

How to pick the best cheap coffee maker

A standard drip coffee maker is usually a pretty budget-friendly option. These machines use coffee, water, and a filter to simply and quickly make coffee. If you’re interested in being a little bit more hands-on in your coffee making, I also included two other types of coffee makers in my picks below: a really gorgeous french press pick and a super cheap cold brew maker.

There are lots of coffee makers to pick from — it’s seriously overwhelming — so to help you narrow it down, consider these factors:

  • How much coffee can it make? A single-serve coffee maker makes just one serving of coffee at a time, which means it’s always nice and fresh. A coffee maker that produces a pot of coffee usually makes anywhere from just a few cups to twelve-plus cups of brew. If you live by yourself or don’t drink very much coffee, it might be smart to get a unit that makes a small amount so you don’t end up with a bunch of cold, leftover coffee. If you’re a total coffee lover or regularly brewing for a lot of people, then a unit with a large pot might be a wise investment.
  • What are the controls like? Some coffee makers are really simple and have just your basic necessities to get the job done (i.e "on" and "off"). Others are snazzier and have some additional controls, like the ability to keep the pot nice and warm, or are programmable so you can wake up to fresh coffee every day. Decide which features are worthwhile for you.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a pick for your k-cups (or other coffee pods), just know that it’s tough to find a reliable super-cheap coffee maker that takes them. That said, you might be interested in our list of the smallest keurig and k-cup coffee makers, which happens to include a budget-friendly pick.

Coffee-lovers listen up; these five coffee makers are not only highly rated on Amazon, they all have a low, low price tag of $30 or less.


A Fan-Favorite 5-Cup Coffee Maker

With a 4.6 star rating on Amazon, it’s safe to say that reviewers adore this coffee maker from KRUPS. The simple-to-use machine (literally just press the on/off button to start and stop brewing) makes up to five cups of coffee at a time and even has a permanent coffee filter so you won’t have to constantly buy the one-time-use paper ones (which is good for both your wallet and the environment). It’s a sleek and modern machine that will look great on your counter, but is also small enough to be stashed away in a cabinet.

This pick has a couple of really helpful features, too. The carafe has a no-drip spout (aka minimal messes) and the machine allows you to pour a hot cup of coffee midway through brewing. It even has an automatic function that keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature for up to 30 minutes.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “The KRUPS Simply Brew is a smaller profile 5 cup coffeemaker. [...] Super easy to use! It’s perfect for one or two users. The coffee is the same flavor as the larger coffee makers! I love it! Great price point! Solid 5 stars!”


A Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker

This coffee maker from BLACK+DECKER makes a whopping 12 cups of brew at a time, ensuring that everyone gets their daily dose of caffeine. What’s best is that the machine is totally programmable; the 24-hour auto-brew feature means that you get to wake up to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee every morning. And it really doesn't get any better than that.

Even if you forget to set the auto-brew feature in advance, you can still get your cup of coffee super quickly: temporarily stop the flow of coffee so you can pour your first cup before brewing even ends. The easy-to-read screen displays the clock, brew time, and programming options, while automatic shut off is a nice safety feature. The non-stick plate keeps coffee warm for an hour after brewing is complete.

BLACK+DECKER is a totally reputable brand, so it’s no surprise that this pick is a best seller on Amazon. And if you’re not digging the black and stainless steel combo, this pick comes in a white option and a solid black option, too (both of which are a little bit more expensive).

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “This 12 cup coffee maker has all the bells and whistles of a more expensive coffee maker but at a basic bare bones coffee maker price. [...] This one has settings for timers, a clock and and auto off feature that will turn off the coffee maker after 2 hours. You don't realize how great and how much you rely on the auto-off feature until you don't have it on a coffee maker. On the side of the water reservoir there is a small see through section where you can view how much water is inside for brewing. [...] The carafe pours well and in general it's just an all around great coffee maker. Works very well, has all the handy features you would want and is at a very [budget] friendly price.”


A Single-Serve Coffee Maker That Makes The Perfect Travel-Sized Cup

Take your coffee pick-me-up with you wherever you go thanks to this coffee maker from AdirChef. This pick brews a single cup of coffee that fits perfectly in the included travel-sized mug (and don’t worry, the mug is well-insulated to keep your coffee nice and warm).

The coffee maker itself is small and lightweight, making it the ideal size for tight counter spaces or a tiny cubicle at work. For added convenience, all of the parts are totally dishwasher-safe and the machine even has a built-in permanent filter (no paper filters required). The machine automatically shuts off, so you never have to worry about that either.

Amazon reviewers say that this coffee maker brews a great cup, and give it a 4.3-star rating among 3,300 and counting reviews. And my personal favorite thing about this pick? It’s the fact that it comes in seven super-fun colors that will liven up your space.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “As a college student, I like coffee to get me going, but other coffee makers either make too much coffee (which gets cold before I can drink it), take up too much space, or are too expensive. This one is perfect. It makes a travel mug-sized cup of coffee in just over a minute, it comes in some great colors, and is small enough to fit into a dorm room without taking up a great deal of space from other things. The coffee is hot, and the mug it comes with keeps it hot for a long time. [...] I would absolutely recommend this coffee maker if you don't like the bulky coffee makers and/or if you [only] drink one or two cups.”


The Best Cheap French Press Coffee Maker

Say goodbye to unwanted grounds in your coffee, and hello to a pure brewed cup; the four level filtration system of this french press from Cafe Du Chateau helps to ensure that your coffee is perfect each and every time.

Oh, and if you’ve never used a french press before, don’t be intimidated. While this pick is super lux looking, it’s actually really simple to use: add water and your favorite coffee (as much or as little as you please), and press down to end up with your ideal beverage. The large carafe is made of thick glass that can withstand boiling water and cleanup is a total breeze since all parts are dishwasher safe. It’s BPA-free and comes with a lifetime warranty, just in case. Reviewers on Amazon say that this is one of the best french presses that they have ever used (even in comparison to much more expensive ones), as evidenced by the 4.4-star rating among 5,000 and growing reviews on the site.

A french press is a great pick for those on the go (like campers), since it doesn’t require electricity and it can make a good cup of coffee relatively quickly.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “I've had this for about a week and I am so impressed. It makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I was worried about grounds but if you plunge slowly and pour slowly it's not a problem at all like it can be with some French presses. It comes with extra screens. And best of all they have a lifetime replacement policy of you break it! You cannot beat that! This is an excellent product and I like the look too!"


The Best Cheap Cold Brew Coffee Maker

It’s no surprise that this cold brew coffee maker from Takeya is a best seller on Amazon. With a 4.5-star rating on the site, reviewers say that this pick makes the ultimate cup of smooth, delicious cold brew coffee from the convenience of home. The 1-quart coffee maker produces four servings of brew using any type of coffee grounds that you please, and the process is quite simple overall. Add coffee grounds then water, close it up and give it a shake, and store it in the fridge overnight (up to 36 hours) to cold brew. Oh, and an added bonus? It conveniently fits in most refrigerator doors. Once the coffee is done, it can be kept for up to two weeks (if you don’t enjoy it all by then, of course). The coffee maker features a durable BPA-free pitcher with an airtight lid, a mesh coffee filter that keeps unwanted grounds out, and a non-slip silicone handle.

This pick also comes in a larger 2-quart size that is a bit more expensive.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “This coffee maker is my BEST FRIEND! I use this everyday, it's so easy to use! My coffee comes out perfect every time. [...] I love that it's ready to go for me, especially since I wake up at 4:50 am and I need to make my coffee quickly! It's very easy to clean as well.”

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