The 5 Best Cheap Dog Toys

Good news for pet owners: You don't have to pay a small fortune to pamper your pup. Amazon is chock-full of affordable dog toys that come in a variety of styles and sizes. That includes everything from bouncy balls to chew toys to braided ropes for tug-of-war. And the best cheap dog toys don't even feel cheap. You can find high-quality toys out there with durable components, often for less than 10 bucks.

So what kind of toy should you look for? The best way to decide this is to consider your dog's interests. Think about their personality and what they tend to be drawn to naturally. Are they chasers? Dogs who like to run after things will often get excited about balls or flying discs. Or perhaps they're swimmers? In that case, they'll want something that floats on water. Chewers, on the other hand, might be happier with a rope or a squeaky toy.

Whatever type of pooch you have, remember that you should always supervise your dogs when they're playing with toys — especially a new one! To help you out, I've put together a list of the best dog toys of every kind to suit all puppy personalities.

1. The Best Value Pack

Best for: Dogs of all sizes that love to chew and tug.

What's great about it: The budget-friendly dog toy multi-pack offers 11 rope toys for 30 bucks, making each one less than three dollars. They're tougher than most ropes and even help clean your dog's teeth. As a bonus, part of the proceeds go to support a non-profit dog rescue in California.

What fans say: "These dog rope toys are great! They do not fray or come apart. I have a large pit/lab mix 2 month old that wants to chew everything, these chew toys are perfect for her! She is a pretty aggressive chewer and these toys are holding up great."

2. The Best Flying Disc

Best for: Medium to large dogs that love to chase and fetch.

What's great about it: The Hyper Pet nylon flying disc is made with a flexible outer-edge that's both durable and easy on your dog's teeth. It weighs next to nothing and floats on water, so it's perfect for dogs that love to swim.

What fans say: "I have purchased many discs for my shepherd mix, including name brands like Chuck It, Nerf, and Kong--she has ruined them all within minutes, hours, or a few days. This Flippy Flopper has been her primary disc all summer (we've had it for three months now) and it is still in great shape."

3. The Best Ball

Best for: Dogs of all sizes that love to chase and fetch.

What's great about it: This tough, thermoplastic rubber ball is nearly impossible to chew through, yet it's still super bouncy and floats on water, too. The material is infused with a sweet, vanilla scent that's sure to hook your dog's interest. And it's available in three sizes, so you can custom fit it for your dog.

What fans say: "With or without adding treats to this ball my dog LOVES it. We have a white German Shepherd who loves to chew, [a lot]! This ball has stood up to her constant chewing and play with out showing any signs of wear."

4. The Best Squeaky Toy

Best for: Medium and large dogs that love to chase and fetch.

What's great about it: The boomerang-shaped squeaky toy has holes on each end that you can fill with dog treats. As your pup chases it around the room, little kibbles will fly out at the end, keeping them interested and engaged. It's available in medium and large sizes, so you can pick the one that's best for your pup.

What fans say: "This holds up to heavy, heavy use. Lots of chewing and tossing and not only is it still in one piece, the squeaker still works! This is right up there with Kongs as far as durability goes, and the ability to stuff it with treats is a great bonus."

5. The Best Rope Toy

Best for: Dogs of all sizes that love to chew and tug.

What's great about it: The durable tug-of-war dog toy is built with a sturdy rubber grip on one end that helps you hold it firmly while you play. The rope is thick and tough — and the plush part comes in cute monkey or tiger option.

What fans say: "This is a very heavy, well made toy. I bought this for my two 80 lb boxers who are aggressive chewers and it has held up better than any off their other toys. The best part about this toy is the rubber grip at the one end for playing tug of war. It allows you to have a good grip without touching the slobbery toy."

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