These Tiny Vacuums Will Clean Your Whole Home Without Tiring Out Your Arms

They may not be the most glamorous or exciting home gadgets on the planet, but make no mistake about it: owning one of the best compact vacuums will keep every inch of your home and car in tip-top shape. And that is exciting.

The compact vacuums that clean like a dream are made of handheld-style vacuums that are, ideally, as lightweight and portable as possible. Aside from that commonality, they come in a range of models and price points as different as night and day — this list features a 2.2-pound cordless vacuum for just $20 and a weightier model that goes hard at cleaning up pet hair everywhere, but that reviewers say is worth every penny of its over $100 price tag.

If you prefer bagless vacuums with a filter that can be popped open and emptied, you'll find plenty of those. But it wouldn't be fair to exclude classic bagged vacuums from this list. After all, they save you the inconvenience of cleaning the vacuum itself — simply stock up on extra bags and swap them when the one you're using gets too full.

Whether you're in the market for a cordless and corded model, a vacuum for pet hair or your car seats, you'll find an incredible compact vacuum on this list.

A Cordless Compact Vacuum With Attachments To Help Collect Pet Hair

Pet hair is one of the most notoriously stubborn forms of household and car debris and requires plenty of effort and time to clean from carpet and tight corners. You need a compact vacuum that won't leave fur behind — and the Black & Decker Flex Vacuum is a clear winner. Thanks to its separate pet hair brush attachment and three-stage filtration system, this vac is perfect for cleaning up after your favorite pet-friend. This cordless and portable vacuum only weighs three pounds, making it easily transportable from one floor of your house to the next. With a Flex Hose that can extend up to three feet and lithium technology for powerful suction, this model is well worth the slightly higher price tag. One reviewer praises the vacuum saying, "Totally worth spending the extra $$. I'm getting what I paid for."

The Best Corded Compact Vacuum For Cleaning Stairs and Tight Spaces

Vacuuming stairs can be a major hassle without the proper technology. And, because you walk on them daily, stairs are often home to a lot of dust and dirt. This handheld vacuum is the perfect solution to those dust dilemmas, with a specially-designed Riser Visor system that allows you to easily vacuum both the vertical and horizontal surfaces of your stairs at once. At six pounds, this is one of the heavier models on the market, but you'll get greater power and suction from this model than some of the lighter-weight options on this list. And when it comes to vacuuming small and tricky-to-clean spaces, you won't find a better vacuum. One reviewer remarks, "For the first time in five years ... my stairs look and feel clean!" While this vacuum can't operate cordlessly like the Black & Decker vacuum above, the device has a 20-foot cord that is easily long enough to follow you as you move through tight spaces in your home. One last thing to note? This vacuum uses a bag and filter combination for easier cleanup after you use it.

The Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner With Wet-Dry Functionality

One of the great mysteries of car ownership is why and how so many wrappers, debris, and crumbs always seem to wind up on the floor. Don't question it, just easily solve the problem with this compact car vacuum cleaner, a handheld wet-dry vacuum with a 16.4-foot power cord that plugs into cigarette lighter plugs. This vacuum comes with a long mouth, brush, and soft long tube that can be used to clean every inch of your car, including the trunk. This vacuum's wet-dry functionality can clean up any car mess, from liquid spills to the tiniest crumbs. With a filter that is easy to remove and clean, and serious power suction, you can get every spec up from seats and floors. In fact, prepare to be surprised by how quickly you can clean up a mess. One reviewer says, "I can get my whole SUV clean(ed) up in 15 min(utes)."

An Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner That Won't Break The Bank

Looking to keep your house spotless without breaking the bank? Meet Black & Decker's Compact Hand Vac, which is the lightest and most affordable vacuum on this list. This cordless lithium-powered handheld vacuum has a bagless dirt container that's translucent so you can tell in a second whether the filter needs to be emptied and washed. It weighs just 2.2 pounds and comes with a wall mount charger to help free up precious countertop space. Reviewers praise the vac for how easy it is to transport from room to room and empty and clean. But, as many reviewers note, this vacuum is best used as a device for quick, simple cleanups like crumbs and obvious pet hair in corners. With an easy charging station mounted on a nearby wall, you can clean up quick spills and then dock it overnight while you're fast asleep.

A Hybrid Compact Vacuum With Two-In-One Convertibility

While a compact vacuum can easily clean most messes in your house or car, oftentimes the job calls for a larger piece of machinery. That's where VonHaus' two-in-one handheld vacuum comes into play. This vacuum can be used both as a full stick vacuum, and a compact handheld vac. Easily detachable from the larger handle and base, this compact vacuum has a 20-foot power cord, glides effortlessly over hardwood floors and carpets, and can hold 1.3 liters of dust. Reviewers love the hybrid, two-in-one functionality, going as far as to say this vacuum "changed my life. For real," and that this vac "is the best domestic appliance in my home."

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