These Hydrating Conditioners Will Breathe New Life Into Dry, Thin Hair


Taking care of dry, fine hair can be a real challenge. Because, while dry hair needs moisture, many products designed to promote hydration will also weigh down thin hair. That's precisely why the best conditioners for thin, dry hair are so hard to come by. But don't lose hope – they exist, and adding one to your everyday hygiene regimen will help restore and rejuvenate your locks.

What makes a conditioner great for dry, thin hair? You'll want to opt for a sulfate-free conditioner, as conditioners with sulfates can prevent natural hair growth and strip your hair of natural oils – which is already a concern for fine hair that is dehydrated. Instead, look for formulas with ingredients like antioxidant-rich argan oil, or jojoba oil, which add much-needed moisture to thirsty hair.

If thickness is what you're after, choose a biotin conditioner to boost growth and volume for thin hair, and strengthen hair simultaneously. And, if you've been burnt in the past by formulas that leave your hair feeling heavy, consider a lightweight foam conditioner that'll weigh your hair down less than traditional cream conditioners.

But, whether your number one priority is hydration, thickening, or volume (or all three, why should you have to choose?), you'll find what you're looking for in this roundup of the best conditioners for thin, dry hair.


The Overall Best Conditioner For Thin, Dry Hair

For the price, this natural conditioner by Maple Holistics is the best overall conditioner for dry, fine hair. Made with silk amino acids, this formula will strengthen thin hair without adding any additional weight. Packed with jojoba and argan oils to hydrate your hair, it even features botanical keratin to stave off damage, dryness, and further fortify your hair follicles. While this conditioner is technically safe for all hair types, its sulfate-free formula has fewer chemicals than your typical cream conditioner, making it a great addition to your hair care routine if you check both dry hair and thin hair boxes.


The Best Thickening Conditioner

For extra thickening power, this biotin-rich conditioner is just the ticket. This formula is packed with vitamins A, E, and C, to strengthen damaged and thin hair follicles. Simply massage this into your hair and scalp for one to five minutes, and rinse your hair clean. This sulfate-free conditioner even features aloe vera and cucumber to add soothing moisture to your dry hair from root to tip. One fan says, "I have thin hair.. I have always been looking for a product that helps my hair grow and thickens it.. and this one does..for real!"


The Best Salon-Quality Conditioner

Specifically designed to address dryness, this hydrating conditioner by Nexxus is packed with salon-quality ingredients that will replenish the moisture levels in your hair. Made with 100 percent elastin protein and caviar complex, its formula performs a dual function of hydrating your hair and restoring the protective coating on your hair follicles to prevent future damage. And, because this conditioner uses targeted micro silicons that distribute active ingredients to where your hair needs it most, it won't add extra weight or residue to your thin hair.


The Best Lightweight Foam Conditioner

Foam conditioners, like this one from Pantene, are fantastic purchases for anyone with thin hair. Because they are lighter than cream conditioners, they hydrate the driest, thinnest hair, without weighing it down. This conditioner is a particularly great buy because, for just $6, it can breathe new life into dry, brittle hair. In fact, its number one ingredient is just that – water. Fans say this is "amazing conditioner if you have super dry hair," and even remark that they can see results after just one use. Something to note? Like many other conditioners on this list, this was designed as a second step after their moisture renewal shampoo, and many reviewers remarked that fantastic results came from using the two together.


The Best Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't include at least one deep conditioning mask on this roundup. Because, while this conditioning mask from H.Y. Vitamins is not technically a traditional conditioner, it provides even more targeted moisture to dry hair and is designed specifically for your hair type. This deep conditioner features argan oil, linseed oil, rosemary leaf oil, and wheat germ oil (to name a few), to restore and hydrate your hair. While fans of this product profess to be skeptics at first, many report that their hair felt softer in as few as four uses. One reviewer goes as far as to say, "I have fine, thin hair and was looking for a deep conditioner to bring my hair back to life. Well look no further...this is it!"

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