The 9 Best Dog Beds


Your dog is way more than a just a dog — they’re your best friend. You guys take walks, hang out at the park, and cuddle up together on movie night. Your loyal four-legged friend will do anything for you. The loyal pooch deserves the best dog bed you can possibly find.

There are lots of styles to choose from, so the selection you make depends on the type of dog you have. Are they big or small? Hyper or mellow? Old or young? Is your dog a perfect, well-behaved prince, or do you often find piles of unidentified white fuzz strewn around the hallway when you get home? (Incidentally, you may want to give dog-shaming a try.)

Whatever type of pup you have, there is a good option for dog beds out there. The best beds for older dogs, for example, can soothe their aches and arthritis on plush memory foam while younger pups can recline on waterproof (read: “pee-proof”) covers that make accidents easy to clean. Dogs that get hot easily can sit on elevated cots while anxious pups that scare frequently can hide out in little dog bed domes.

While other people may claim your dog is just a pet, you know your special pooch is actually your precious child. Finding the best dog bed possible is a great way to show them your love.