The 5 Best Cooling Pillowcases

On the hottest nights, there's nothing like laying down on a refreshingly cool pillowcase. But if you overheat easily, suffer from night sweats, or sleep in a non-air conditioned room, you don't have to let sweaty, sticky sheets disrupt your quality rest. That's why it's important to invest in one of the best cooling pillowcases.

Since synthetic fabrics often trap heat, it's best to opt for a pillowcase made with natural fibers that are already breathable — like bamboo or silk — or with certain technologies that offer ventilation and temperature regulation. If night sweats are an issue, you may choose a micro-vented option that's specifically created to circulate air and absorb moisture (read: sweat).

Whatever you're looking for, I've compiled a list of the five best cooling pillowcases that are sure to give you what you need. They don't overheat; they all have moisture-wicking properties; and they're made with breathable materials, of course. Interested? Keep reading to browse versatile choices that offer a variety of features guaranteed to keep you cool and comfortable so you never have to search for the cool side of the pillow again. For an even better sleep, combine them with the best cooling pillows and sheets that'll keep you cool all night.