Get A Great Workout Without Leaving Your House With These Core Sliders

If you travel a lot or you simply want to cut out the cost of a gym membership, exercising with core sliders is an amazing way to stay in shape — all without ever having to leave your house. Whether it's sliding push-ups, burpees, knee tucks, squats, or mountain climbers, there are hundreds of exercises with gliders that strengthen your core muscles and provide a great workout. The best core sliders are versatile, sturdy, and suitable to your lifestyle and travel needs. Look for these three features when shopping:

Versatility: Quality core sliders should be compatible with different types of surfaces. This usually means they're dual-sided so you can use one side for soft surfaces like carpet and the other for hard floors like wood or tile. Sometimes they also have removable covers that assist with this function.

Durability: A top-notch core slider is durable and can withstand your most challenging slider exercises. You don't want cheap discs that will crack the first time you stand on them. Since this quality is often dependent on design (more than material), the best way to determine durability is to read reviews.

Portability: You'll want core sliders that are lightweight and portable. Even if you only use them at home, it's nice to be able to grab your sliders easily and store them without taking up a great deal of space. And since so many people use them for traveling, it's an extra bonus if they don't add much extra weight to your suitcase.

Given these considerations, take a look at the best core sliders below to find the best fit.

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These Popular Workout Discs That Boast More Than 4,000 Reviews

What's great about them: With a whopping 4,000-plus reviews on Amazon, these popular workout discs are among the best exercise sliders on the market. The dual-sided design features plastic on one side that you can use on soft surfaces, like carpet or astroturf, and smooth foam on the other for wood, tile, and other hard floors. They're super lightweight and reviewers noted that they don't stick to surfaces.

One reviewer wrote: "I would hands down buy these again! They work great on both carpet (even my longer-ish carpet) and my hardwood floors. They're exactly as described, the perfect size [...] Nothing negative to say (except that my abs are killing me!)"


A Versatile Set That Comes With Resistance Bands

What's great about them: In addition to high-quality core sliders, this versatile exercise set — which comes in a compact travel bag — also includes five durable resistance bands. The sliders showcase a round, two-sided design for use on both carpet and hard floors. The foam side is fully snag-proof so the sliders won't catch as they move, and the tough material isn't prone to cracking or breaking, according to reviewers. The loop-style exercise bands are tough and snap-resistant, too. As a bonus, this set even comes with a jump-rope, too.

One reviewer wrote: "A clever concept that leaves no excuse for not working out. You can literally take this thing anywhere its so compact. Christmas morning we all gave it try, the bands provide a good amount of resistance and the sliders work on multiple surfaces, carpet seemed to work best. The quality exceed my expectations."


These Discs That Have Removable Covers To Use Them On Different Surfaces

What's great about them: These clever core sliders are designed with removable, machine-washable covers that expand the range of floor-types they can be used on. Keep the soft cotton covers on to slide on tile or other hard surfaces, and take them off when you're working out on carpet or astroturf. The sliders are extra durable so you don't have to worry about cracking or dimpling, and they're lightweight enough to take on the go.

One reviewer wrote: "This product is very well made and thoughtfully designed. I won't damage my floor using these sliders and I can wash the covers as needed. The discs are not flat. That takes the conditioning potential up a notch. The sliders are comfortable to use. I am very happy with this purchase.


A Pair Of Core Exercisers That Include An Adjustable Hip Band

What's great about them: Not only do these core exercise sliders offer a fantastic workout on their own, but they also come with a hip resistance band that works your thighs, quads, and glutes, too. The sliders have a smooth side for soft or textured surfaces and a fabric side for hardwood or tile. The adjustable belt is made with strong cotton material and sturdy rubber grips. The whole set comes in a lightweight travel bag with an instruction manual.

One reviewer wrote: "They are small and light, so easy to bring along with you if you are big travelers like us and want to squeeze in a workout while you are away. I’ve used other sliders and bands before and even [a] band purchased from my physical therapist were not nearly as durable or high quality. I highly recommend these!"


These Fancy Sliders That Use Patented Ball-Transfer Technology

What's great about them: If you're really serious about your workouts, these top-grade exercise discs are like the Cadillac of core sliders. They rely on aeronautics-inspired patented ball-transfer technology that helps you shift your weight to create omni-directional movement. The lightweight, ultra-compact discs — which are perfect for travel — can be used on tons of different surfaces. What's more, you can use them for lunges and other non-gliding exercises, too. They're much pricier than the other options on this list but worth it if you're a hardcore athlete — or want to train like one.

One reviewer wrote: "I'm impressed! Light, easy to use, glides easily on wood floors or on a 2" mat. I highly recommend."