The 5 Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair

Whether you have thick, thin, long, or short hair, creating the curls you want is easy with the help of the latest styling tools and technology. When searching for the best curling irons for fine hair, there are a few things you should to keep in mind so that you can create the styles you want without damaging your hair in the process.

If you have fine hair (which is particularly prone to breakage because the individual strands are thinner), the first and most important thing to look for is a curling iron that won't cause damage. A curling iron with barrels made of ceramic, or a combination of ceramic and another high-quality material, like tourmaline, will be your best bet. Pick a tool with either a digital temperature display or temperature controls that you can easily adjust, so that you can lower the heat while you style. You should never expose fine hair to high temperatures and risk damage just because you think it makes it easier to curl. Further, to prevent hair breakage, you should always prep fine hair with some type of heat-protecting spray before applying an iron or using a blow dryer. Finally, keep barrel size in mind: Unfortunately, big, loose waves, which are created with larger barrels, fall out easily in fine hair. Using an iron with a small or tapered barrel, however, will create styles that last.

Now that you know what to look for, check out these five curling irons that will make styling fine hair a breeze.