The Best Makeup-Setting Sprays You Can Buy For Less Than $15 — & They're All On Amazon


Many things in life are completely out of our control; mitigating that anxiety is best accomplished by focusing on what we can. Here are a few things within your jurisdiction: How good your makeup looks, how long it stays on your face, and how much money you spend on your products. To an innocent bystander, those may seem like very small beans. But I feel like a better, more energized version of myself when I wear makeup, and if you're reading this, I’m assuming that you do, too. The best drugstore setting sprays can help you achieve those good feelings.

At the very core of their beings, setting sprays lock your makeup in place for hours and prevent fading or creasing. A spritz won’t compromise, dull, or shift your makeup upon application, like a setting powder might do if applied a little too heavy handedly. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using both a setting powder and a setting spray. I like using powder to set liquid foundation and concealer and to mattify oil on my T-zone; Then, I apply setting spray everywhere to keep it all on lock, especially if I’m gearing up for a long day or night ahead.

Setting sprays often help curb shine, too, but a few can impart a dewy or radiant finish to your makeup instead — it all depends on the formula. And another option: Dampen your makeup sponge or beauty blender with setting spray rather than water. It feels fancy, and it’ll keep every layer of your makeup locked in place for hours.

However you use them, you won’t need to pay more than $13 for any of these five drugstore setting sprays (and most are well under $10). They’ll all keep your makeup looking and feeling good for hours, so you can focus on not stressing about other things.

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The Overall Best Drugstore Setting Spray

With over 4,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon and a devoted following among makeup artists and beauty editors alike, this NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray is among the best-loved setting sprays out there, drugstore or otherwise. The consensus here is that this setting spray, very usefully, does exactly what it says it’ll do: It locks your makeup into place and provides a lightly mattifying effect, without toning down the color or finish of your makeup. Reviewers confirm that a spritz of this keeps your makeup in place for hours with zero transfer, no running, minimal creasing, and no overwhelming scent. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free!


The Best Setting Spray For A Dewy Finish

The majority of setting sprays are formulated just as much to subdue shine as they are to keep your makeup on. Great if you have oily skin, but maybe not so much if you have dry or combination skin. If you fall into the latter camp, or if you just prefer a radiant finish, go for this Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray. The mist deposits a feather-light, glowy sheen, and the hydrating formula feels fresh and comfortable on dry skin all day long.


The Best Multitasking Setting Spray

There are lots of uses for this priming water from wet n’ wild: Spray it on before your makeup (hence the “primer” in its name), after your makeup to keep it set, or anytime throughout the day to refresh your skin, courtesy of its soothing, cucumber-and-chamomile-spiked formula. It comes in coconut, cucumber, and rose scents, but at under $4 per bottle, I wouldn’t judge you if you ordered all three.


The Best Drugstore Setting Spray For Oily Skin

Another multitasker for your consideration: This Rimmel setting spray. Use it in lieu of (or before) your mattifying primer to absorb excess oil on your skin, then after your makeup to set it and to keep shine at bay. Reviewers say the mattifying powers are pretty potent here, so steer clear if you have dry or even combination skin. But for people with very oily skin, this setting spray is almost too good to be true. As one reviewer commented, “I want to have a dozen of this so I never run out. I love it so much. Keeps my makeup matte all day...I couldn't believe it was possible.” But it’s possible!


The Best Setting Spray With Added Skin-Care Benefits

This Neutrogena setting spray is infused with antioxidants, peptides, and biotin to protect your skin and enhance its elasticity at a cellular level. And on a surface level, this makeup/skin care hybrid sets makeup with a glowy finish, and reviewers like its weightless, refreshing feel. It's also the rare setting spray that imparts hydration, so this should be your go-to choice if you're prone to dryness. This would also be lovely as a midday pick-me-up if your skin is feeling tired or dull.