The 5 Best Egg Separators

Removing the yolk from an egg white isn't always easy, but the best egg separators make simple work of a messy task. To find the best fit for your kitchen prep needs, you'll want to first consider the material and design.

Most egg separators are made from stainless steel, silicone, or plastic. All three are fairly easy to clean and often even dishwasher-safe. Stainless steel is the toughest of the three and most likely to last; it won't corrode or rust like other metals, either. Silicone is fairly durable, too, despite being much softer. Meanwhile, plastic can absorb odors and stains, and it may leach chemicals. The plus side is that it's usually more affordable.

After you narrow down your preferred material, you'll want to think about the design. Most egg separators work like a strainer, catching the yolk and letting the egg whites run through. With this style, you'll need your hands free to be able to crack the egg, so look for options that clip onto the rim of a mixing bowl or rest across it. Another less common type of separator is those that use suction. With these, you crack the egg into a bowl or dish first, and then squeeze the device to suck up the yolk, leaving the egg white behind. Though more unique, this approach is a little more time-consuming. When prepping a large number of eggs or just in a hurry, a strainer-style separator works best. (And if you're truly in a rush, one of my picks below can separate three eggs over a bowl at once).

From separators for jumbo sized eggs to a chicken-shaped option, here's a list to help you separate eggs efficiently and easily. Read on to find the best separator for you.