The 5 Best Epilators For Legs

The thought of removing leg hair with a bunch of mini-tweezers may be intimidating for the uninitiated, but you can relax when you know that you have one of the best epilators for legs out there. To navigate my list below, you'll want to think about how comfortable you are with this type of hair removal, as well as your ideal budget.

Have you used an epilator on your legs before? If you're a beginner in need of more guidance, you may want to opt for a user-friendly model that indicates how much pressure to apply. Meanwhile, if you've used an epilator in the past and found your skin was prone to irritation, you might want to go with a model that includes an extra-gentle head attachment.

As far as price goes, epilators can range from $35 to well over $100. For seasoned users, a top-tier model could be a worthy investment. Higher-end models tend to have more precise technology and durability, not to mention plenty of unique attachments. However, if you're testing the process out for the first time, you may be better off playing it safe with a mid-range or budget-friendly model.

Some additional factors to consider are the epilator's operation time (if it's cordless) and whether it can be used both wet and dry (aka in or out of the shower). All of my picks below can operate for at least 30 minutes at a time, which is perfect for tackling a bigger area like your legs.

I've researched dozens of options and read through countless Amazon reviews to help you find the best fit. My picks vary in features and price but all will help keep your skin smooth and soft. Read on to find the best epilator for your legs.


The Overall Best

What's great about it: Efficient and well-designed, this Panasonic multi-functional epilator checks off all the boxes for a top-notch pick. Usable either wet or dry, this epilator comes with four attachments, including a trimmer, a contoured comb, and a gentle cap for short and thin hair. Not only does this epilator's variety make for precise removal, but its blades are also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Easy to travel with, it goes for 30 minutes on a single charge, leaving you plenty of time to conquer your legs. For the best results, it's recommended that you replace the blades every one or two years.

What fans say: "I like this a lot. I have tried all the parts. The epilator is amazing. I have been able to do both legs and my arm pits on one charge. It’s not comfortable, but it’s [not] too bad. Using the epilator is a “closer” longer lasting shave. So nice, and the hair doesn’t need to be as long as needed for waxing. It does leave my skin a little irritated like waxing, so I just use it the day before I want to show [off] the gams and pits to look silky smooth over the next few days."


The Best Epilator For Beginners

What's great about it: If this is your first time purchasing an epilator, this Braun epilator is a great one to start with. While an epilator may be a little difficult to use at first, this one is built with a red light that will let you know if you're using the right amount of pressure. This epilator is also designed with massage rollers to help first-time users get used to the sensation and to gently relieve discomfort, too. With five attachments in total, it works in both wet and dry environments and has a battery life of 30 minutes.

What fans say: "The Braun Silk-epil 7-880 comes with several different attachments for different areas. They are easy to put on and take off. It is also very easy to clean. As a first time user it took a few attempts before I was able to get it right. Now I'm glad I stuck with it. Several weeks hairless and it doesn't grow back thick, it actually seems to grow back thinner. The battery life is excellent."


The Best Epilator For Sensitive Skin

What's great about it: For those with sensitive skin, this Panasonic wet and dry epilator is a great way to go. Designed with hypoallergenic blades, it includes six attachments, two of which are specifically designed for sensitive skin. With two speed modes and an impressive 48-tweezer removal process, this epilator also comes with a built-in LED light to help with accuracy. Like my previous picks, it operates for 30 minutes at a time, and it only takes an hour to charge. As per the manufacturer, you should make sure to change the blades every one or two years.

What fans say: "This is my 5th or 6th epilator over the years. This is the most gentle epilator I have ever used ... I did find that this epilator left my legs much smoother than previous epilators or even waxing. While I normally do not like cordless epilators, this one had plenty of charge for full legs, underarms, chin, and shaving bikini area."


The Most Budget-Friendly

What's great about it: For those on a budget, this Braun women's epilator is both affordable and super effective. It comes with three attachments, including a massage cap for added comfort. At this budget price, the biggest tradeoffs are that this epilator only has 20 tweezers, and it isn't compatible with water. However, it is operated with a cord, for unlimited use.

What fans say: "It hurts but it works :) I haven't shaved my legs in months and used to have to every 3-4 days ... It also hurts less every time you do it, so don't get discouraged by the very painful first session."


The Best Investment

What's great about it: If you've already been using epilators for quite some time and know that you're in it for the long run, this splurge-worthy Braun epilator is a smart investment. Its "MicroGrip Tweezer" technology is designed to give you four times more hair removal than with waxing. With 40 tweezers total and an extra-wide head that pivots for easy gliding, this epilator can be used both wet and dry, and it operates for 40 minutes at a time (longer than any of my other cordless picks). On top of that, it comes with seven attachments and a charging stand.

What fans say: "I'd never epilated. my armpits before and I've been really wanting to. I wouldn't dare go close to that sensitive area with my old epilator. But, this one was so pain-free on my legs, that I thought I'd give it a shot. I took the epilator into the shower so that I could get the pores as open as possible in hot water. It wasn't easy and there was some pain, but it was manageable. I did both sides! ... Two weeks later, my legs and arms are smoother than they've been after years of shaving and using my old epilator. I'm hooked!!!"

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