5 Luxurious (But Affordable!) Face Oils For Dry, Sensitive Skin

by Deanna McCormack

Even if you know face oils can give your skin an instant, glow-y boost, you might not know which ones will work for your particular skin type. If you've got dry, sensitive skin, however, you've come to the right place. The best face oils for dry, sensitive skin — outlined below — focus on replenishing moisture, treating irritation, and reducing inflammation, while also providing your skin with added benefits like protection from environmental damage.

While most oils can and will relieve dry skin, some do a better job than others — especially if your skin is on the sensitive side. Rosehip oil, for example, not only hydrates, but also contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and beta-carotene, which fights free radical damage, restores elasticity, and fades discoloration and scars. Similarly, pure vitamin E oil, or argan, jojoba, and camelia oil, can effectively treat dehydrated skin while also evening out your complexion, reducing redness, and working to keep your skin firm and bright. Whichever oil you choose to fight dry skin, keep in mind that formulas that don't contain pore-clogging fillers (like silicones) are always going to be the best choice. Carefully read the ingredients before you click "purchase" to avoid anything that may cause acne or irritation. Also, when it comes to oil, less is more. For best results, just massage a few drops into your skin.


Best For Redness And Irritation: A Blend Of Nine Nourishing Plant Oils Plus Ceramides To Heal And Restore Skin's Moisture Barrier

With a blend of nine nourishing and antioxidant-enriched plant oils plus the addition of skin-renewing ceramides, Paula's Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil is the perfect face oil to heal red, irritated skin. The formula is light, gentle, and fragrance-free, and it expertly renews dull skin and reduces flaking and dry spots, resulting in a smooth, glowing complexion. It also contains essential fatty acids, which strengthens the skin's moisture barrier and protects it from future damage and irritation.


Best All-Natural Option: A Cult-Favorite Organic Rosehip Oil That Fades Acne Scars And Treats Discoloration

One of the most effective and pure rosehip oils you can buy is Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, which has a mega-popular following within the beauty community. The formula which consists solely of 100 percent pure organic rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6, which instantly refresh dehydrated skin and start repairing damage right away. Additionally, rosehip oil effectively reduces the appearance of scars and unwanted discoloration. Use this product if you want softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin that is less prone to irritation and dryness.


Best For Luminous, Glowing Skin: A Luxurious Japanese Beauty Oil That Soothes And Hydrates

Oils have been an integral part of Japanese beauty routines for decades, which is part of the reason you'll quickly fall in love with Amaki's Japanese Tsubaki Beauty Face Oil. The formula comprises a powerhouse blend of oils, including camellia, argan, vitamin E, jojoba, sunflower, chamomile, neroli, lavender, and rice bran. (Impressive, right?) All of these ingredients not only make dry skin softer, smoother, and less inflamed, but they also leave your skin looking brighter and more luminous. This face oil which smells like a trip to an expensive spa is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling sticky or clogging your pores.


Best For Stressed-Out Skin: An Antioxidant Oil Blend With Vitamin C That Fights And Prevents Environmental Damage

With an organic, antioxidant-rich blend of apricot, raspberry, and argan oils, plus the addition of vitamin C, Avalon Organics' Intense Defense Antioxidant Oil is the best choice for overworked, stressed-out skin that's dry and irritated. The formula's oils contain vitamins and essential fatty acids that reinforce your skin's natural moisture barrier, strengthen it, and protect it against environmental stressors like free radicals, pollution, and UV rays. This prevents things like hyper-pigmentation, flaking, unwanted freckles, and sunspots. With regular use, this face oil gives your skin the ability to retain moisture and produce collagen naturally, resulting in a firm, glowing complexion.


Best Overnight Oil: A Budget-Friendly, Pure Vitamin E Oil That Hydrates Very Dry Skin And Reduces Inflammation

To alleviate symptoms of dry skin like redness, inflammation, flaking, and dullness, choose this pure Vitamin E Oil By Kate Blanc. It absorbs quickly and easily into your skin and won’t clog pores. Pure vitamin E is perfect as an overnight treatment because it works to reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots, acne, and dry spots so you'll wake up with glowing, hydrated skin that's ready for the day (and makeup application). Gently massage this oil into your skin (or even on your scalp!) for a healthy glow that'll last all day.

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