These Insane Fiber Mascaras Will Give You Fuller, Longer Lashes

There are a lot of different types of mascara out there. But perhaps the most sought-after are the ones that create buildable volume to result in sky-high lashes. I take finding the best fiber mascaras for longer, fuller lashes quite seriously, so if you're ready to stop traffic and turn heads everywhere you go, you've come to the right place.

While drugstore mascaras can give you some length for a good price, they probably won't create the kind of transformation you're after — and with those products, it can be tough to avoid the pesky black dust that accumulates under your eyes. No thank you — you'll find none of that here. The effective mascaras featured below all utilize a unique fiber technology — that usually comes in two steps, gel and fibers — which is the closest way to get to lash extensions or apply falsies without actually doing it. And hey, we've got no beef with fake lashes, but they can be a little time-consuming and tricky to apply on the go. The uniquely formulated fibers in these top-rated mascaras cling onto your natural lashes and then build upon themselves for show-stopping, lash-lengthening, magic.

So have a scroll through the list below —because there's something for every lash lover — and save from doing the research yourself. You'll need the extra time to convince your besties that no, your lashes are not fake.


An Affordable, Easy-To-Use Fiber Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

With this super-affordable, two-step mascara, it's all about safe ingredients — ones that won't one cause irritation and yield excellent results. This formula is fragrance-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist approved. It uses a three-step process to effectively boost, extend, and enhance lashes. After applying the regular mascara, you apply a coat of the "extensions," which work to build up visible volume and length. Voila!


A Thickening Mascara Set That Promises Up To A 300 Percent Volume Increase Using Gel And Dry Fibers

It's hard to beat a 300 percent volume increase — and if you don't see those results from this three-step fiber mascara set, the company will reimburse you in full. With an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, this mascara features a unique gel formula that's followed with dry fibers that cling to the wet lashes, which are then sealed with a second coating of gel. The result is thick, defined lashes that last all day without reapplication.


A Mascara That Uses Natural Green Tea Fibers To Create Non-Clumping Volume

Long-lasting and extended lashes are the results of the two-step process that is this mascara formula, which won't leave you with pesky clumps. The gel goes on smooth to lashes, and the fibers that follow in the second step are derived from natural green tea, which reduces clumping or flakiness, and the plant-based ingredient is totally safe for sensitive eyes and skin.


A Jet Black Fiber Mascara That Has Only Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

It's hard to find a product that has 100 percent five-star reviews, but this two-step fiber mascara takes the cake in that department. The first step includes brushing a jet-black paste over your lashes, followed by a dry fiber — both of which use safe ingredients to create long-lasting, gorgeous, and voluminous lashes that won't flake, rub off, or cause raccoon eyes over time. "Perfect" is the term most-used to describe the formula from all the happy reviewers, who laud the product for how easy to use and effective it is.


A High-End Fiber Mascara That Uses Innovative Cellulo Beads To Maximize Volume

This designer formula uses unique black cellulo beads in conjunction with velvety, flexible fibers to thicken lashes while adding volume, length, and a dark, defining pigment that will make your eyes pop. The unique curved brush allows for precise application, ensuring that all lashes are covered — and it reduces the risk of clumping.

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