For The Perfect Communal Dinner, You Need One Of These Fondue Pots

Whether you're serving cheese, meat, or chocolate, the best fondue pots bring the '70s vibes and make mealtime a fun, communal experience. But finding the perfect fondue pot isn't quite as easy as choosing the one that meets your dinner party aesthetic. In fact, there are many different models to choose from — from ceramic to cast iron to stainless steel — and they all offer something different.

So, to find the perfect pot that won't end up merely collecting dust, it's worth doing a deep dive into the materials. First up, you have your glazed enameled pots, like cast iron or hard-anodized aluminum, that are durable and thick enough to stand up to high heat, and versatile enough to serve cheese, meat, and chocolate. These pots also have the added benefit of also being safe to use over a stovetop.

Next, you have ceramic fondue pots. Because they're able to maintain a constant temperature, they're perfect for chocolate and cheese because the bubbling sauces will neither burn or re-solidify. However, ceramic models can't withstand the high heat needed for hot oil fondue, so it's best not to cook meat in this option.

If fondue bourguignonne is your number one priority, you'll want a stainless steel or copper pot, as they can withstand very high temperatures. While perfect for meat fondues, stainless steel may scorch cheese or chocolate.

Lastly, you have electric fondue pots, which offer full versatility (you can serve cheese, meat, or chocolate) without having to deal with a fuel burner. That being said, they also require that you have the pot close enough to an outlet. Depending on where your table is, you may need an extension cord (i.e. trip hazard!), so that's another thing to consider.

With all that in mind, it's time to find your perfect fondue pot. Below you'll find five fondue pots that are all under $100 and come highly rated on Amazon.


The Best Electric Fondue Pot

If you've decided a hassle-free electric model is the best option for you, then the Cuisinart electric fondue maker is absolutely the way to go. Backed by more than 1,200 customer reviews, this sleek 3-quart unit is suitable for chocolate, cheese, broth, or oil. The removable temperature control has eight different settings to satisfy a wide range of recipes. Included in the set: a non-stick stainless steel bowl (that's dishwasher-safe), a sturdy base, eight color-coded fondue forks, a temperature probe, a fork rack, and even a recipe book. However, it's worth noting that the cord is on the short side.

What fans are saying: "Wow! I am IMPRESSED! I did lots of research on electric fondue sets before deciding to purchase this one. I love this thing! It heats up super quick, the temperature adjusts to the setting you want just as quickly. Easy cleanup. I have put it in the dishwasher several times with no issues."


The Best Cheese Fondue Pot

This traditional-style Swissmar cast iron 9-piece cheese fondue set is perfect for making a delicious, gooey cheese fondue, thanks to the enameled inside for even heat distribution. Plus, its high heat tolerance makes it suitable for chocolate and meat, too. The set includes one cast iron pot, a black wrought iron réchaud, six cheese fondue forks, and a fondue burner. The large two-quart pot is ideal for serving a decent-sized dinner party. Best of all: the pot can be used on the stovetop, too.

What fans are saying: "It is made of heavyweight enameled cast iron and the stand is sturdy so I had no worry either of scorching from the heat source or tipping from a flimsy set up, both of which I've experienced with other pots. It is also a good, generous size, plenty enough capacity for the recipe I followed. Another nice thing is you can use the gel burner packs or you can fill the burner with liquid fuel, both will work."


The Best Chocolate Fondue Set

For exquisite chocolate fondue, you can't go wrong with the four-tier Nostalgia chocolate fondue fountain. The Auger-style fountain comes with four easy-to-assemble, heat-resistant, cascading tiers and the stainless steel heated bowl keeps chocolate flowing. Pre-heating takes under five minutes, and once you add chocolate, your guests can dip strawberries, bananas, pretzels, marshmallows, cookies and more. The 2-pound capacity set is also great for cheese and even barbecue sauces. One caveat: Several reviewers did mention that the motor is a bit on the noisy side.

What fans are saying: "The chocolate fountain was a complete hit at the baby shower I threw for my cousin! Everyone commented on how fun it was to use. Our family has pulled it out for birthday parties and one family game night. I used 1.5 cups of canola oil mixed with 2 12-ounce packages of chocolate chips. It works like a charm, and is a delight to use!"


The Best Fondue Pot For Meat

Whether you want to serve an elegant bœuf bourguignon or a Mongolian hot pot, the Swissmar 11-piece Biel meat fondue set is a solid choice. The stylish 2-quart pot is made of 0.8-millimeter thick copper-plated stainless steel with a tapered opening to avoid spattering. The high-quality set includes the elegant fondue pot, a splatter guard, six color-coded forks, a réchaud, a fondue burner, and a recipe card.

However, the brand recommends using a deep fry thermometer (which is not included) to ensure that the oil is at optimal cooking temperature.

What fans are saying: "It's perfect. I had a 10-person fondue party. I bought two of these plus I had another thicker pot for cheese. The hammering makes it look awesome."


The Best On A Budget: A Small Fondue Pot Perfect For Two

Whether you're looking to serve some romantic fondue for two or you want a smaller vessel for a tapas-style dinner, the Boska Holland Tealight fondue set makes a great addition to your kitchen. The microwave-safe ceramic pot works for both cheese and chocolate and you can keep it heated with a candle — there's no fuel burner or lighter fluid. The set includes one 200-milliliter pot, an elegant wood base, two fondue forks, and one tea light candle. The best part: It's super easy to store, no matter how small your kitchen is.

What fans are saying: "I first saw this fondue set at a restaurant and appreciated the small size of it for making cheese fondue as an appetizer. The set is perfect for one or two people and is aesthetically pleasing."

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