The 5 Best Grout Pens To Buy


To keep tile looking pristine in the bathroom or kitchen whether it needs a good cleaning or a total redo, a good grout pen makes housework easier and requires little-to-no scrubbing, and the best grout pens allow you to color or remove mold, mildew, and other stains from grout with precision.

Because grout is porous, it absorbs dirt and stains and can be notoriously hard to keep clean. When water and mild household cleaners aren’t enough to remove stains, chlorine bleach is a powerful stain remover that also tackles germs, and it can be used occasionally on grout — just don't mix it with vinegar. However, for targeted application and to avoid getting the cleaner getting on your skin, clothes, or other unwanted areas, opt for a bleach pen like the set I’ve included below. To remove stubborn mold and mildew from grout, though, consider a powerful gel cleaner that sets for a few hours and then allows you to wipe away buildup without the hassle of scrubbing.

In addition to grout cleaner pens, there are also handy options to whiten grout or change the color entirely without having to re-grout all your tile. If you want to switch from light grout that shows stains easily to a darker color that conceals better, you’ll find an easy-to-use water-based ink pen below in several shades. Many of these grout color pens come in multiple sizes so you can find the best fit for the grout lines on your walls or floors, too.

When it’s time to clean or give your tile a makeover, these are the best grout pens that will make your tile look like new.

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The Most Versatile For Cleaning

To remove stubborn stains, the dual-tip Clorox bleach pen features a fine point brush that’s great for getting into grout lines and a broad scrubber brush to cover larger areas. The pen makes it easy to apply bleach to targeted areas without splashing. To use, just apply to grout, let it sit, then wipe or rinse off to remove stains. Plus, the pen can also be used to remove stains from white laundry.

According to a fan: “This was great, I live in SoFl and everything gets mildew. I used this in the my shower and pool to clean the mildew from the grout lines - this [is] the perfect size to get in those tight 90 degree corners and did the job that no "specialized" grout cleaners could do.”


The Best For Whitening

The Rainbow white grout pen is a best-selling grout pen on Amazon, and it makes it super easy to whiten all types of wall and floor grout. This method works best for light-colored grout that needs a refresh, not for changing a dark grout to white. After thoroughly cleaning the grout, apply the water-based ink to brighten grout lines and cover stains caused by mold and mildew.

The fast-drying formula is water-resistant and should withstand regular cleaning, but you may want to avoid harsh tile cleaners to make it last longer. The formula is also low-odor and nontoxic so it’s safe to use in enclosed areas, and it’s antibacterial to protect against future mold and mildew. Choose from two sizes: the 5-millimeter pen is for narrow grout and covers about 60 meters, while the 15-millimeter pen covers about 40 meters. You'll also find cream and terracotta colors at this link.

According to a fan: “It restored the tile to a beautiful white color, making the shower look clean and crisp.”


The Best For Darker Colors

This easy-to-use Rainbow grout pen allows you to change or restore the color of grout lines. The water-based, nontoxic ink covers grout stains and features an antibacterial formula to prevent future mold and mildew from building up. It’s quick-drying, has low odor, and can be used on all types of wall and floor grout.

The ink is water-resistant, but as with the whitening pen mentioned above, you may want to avoid using harsh tile cleaners. The pen comes in 5 or 15 millimeter, and there are four colors available: black, beige, brown, or ivory. You may want to purchase multiple pens if you’re planning to cover a lot of grout — one 15-millimeter pen offers about 40 meters of coverage.

According to a fan: “I really wanted to change the light color of my kitchen grout to a darker color to camouflage dirt and stains that constantly show up. The color of these pens is perfect.”


A Best-Selling Gel For Removing Mold & Mildew

The concentrated Skylarlife mold and mildew remover gel is great alternative to pens for removing pesky mold and mildew buildup on the grout in the bathroom and kitchen without scrubbing. In a well-ventilated area, use the handy applicator tip to apply the gel to dry grout. Wait six to eight hours, then wipe away all the yuck.

According to a fan: “Works great on mold in the grout!”


The Best For Grout Touch-Ups

For minor grout touch-ups and repairs, the Red Devil grout repair is super helpful. The pre-mixed white grout is acrylic-based, and it can be used on ceramic and mosaic tile. Once dry, it’s resistant to water and mildew. Keep in mind: When applying grout, you should protect your skin and wear gloves. For larger projects, the grout is available in pint, half-pint, and quart sizes.

According to a fan: “This is a very handy product for repairing small portions of grout.”