The 5 Best Hair Dryer Attachments For Every Hair Type & Style

While you may think that the ultimate goal behind blow-drying is to, well, dry your hair, there’s actually a lot more that goes into the styling process since we all have different textures and goals. And when your naked blow dryer alone won’t do, the best hair dryer attachments can you help you create the style you're going for.

It’s important to realize that a powerful hair dryer (even a salon-quality model) isn’t enough to give you the right kind of control to get your ideal curls, waves, or straight hair. While the hair dryer takes away the water, it’s the attachment that assists with the styling process and leaves your hair feeling healthy, instead of dried out.

Of course, there are several different hair dryer attachments to meet the needs of specific hair types — extensions, wigs, and weaves included. And if you want to cut down on drying time or infuse your hair with hydrating argan oil, there are those options, too. No matter which attachment you choose, it’s never a bad idea to spritz on a heat protectant — especially on the ends. Some formulas offer additional features such as protecting hair color from UV rays or locking in a style.

Best of all, these universal hair dryer attachments will fit any tool you’ve got laying around in your bathroom cabinet.


This Finger-Like Diffuser For Curly Hair

DevaCurl Devafuser, $29, Amazon

It can be tricky to keep curls full of shine and bounce after applying heat, but it’s definitely not impossible. This bizarre-looking yet effective diffuser features a patented ergonomic design that dries your hair evenly. Not only does this ensure that hair doesn’t become overheated which leads to damage, but it also helps define natural curls while adding volume and lift at the same time. Use fingers in lieu of a brush when blow-drying curly hair for even more definition and shine.


A Treatment Nozzle That Hydrates Hair With Argan Oil

Jose Eber Infusion Hair Dryer Treatment Nozzle, $30, Amazon

Why go to the salon for a fancy schmancy hair treatment when you can do it at home with this super cool treatment nozzle? The nozzle comes with an attached atomizer that you fill with the included bottle of heat-activated argan serum. Then, while you’re drying your hair, the heat from the blowdryer helps infuse micro-particles in your hair for one heck of a deep conditioning treatment. Refills designed to be used with this attachment are available, too.


A Flexible Mesh Diffuser That Won't Snag Your Hair

YS Park Large Diffuser, $28, Amazon

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of getting your hair caught in the dryer because you got too close, this soft, flexible diffuser will help you avoid ever doing that again — and then some. The mesh fabric contains silver and titanium particles which heat up and retain the heat from the blow dryer. This helps the diffuser gently and evenly distribute heat throughout your hair, which leads to less damage. It’s also incredibly light and folds completely flat making it perfect for travel.


A Thermo Nozzle That Speeds Up Drying Time On Weaves, Wigs, & Extensions

Weave Dryer Universal & Unbreakable Thermo Hair BlowDryer Nozzle, $25, Amazon

Extensions, weaves, and wigs are as popular as ever, but they do require some extra TLC. This specialized thermo blow dry nozzle distributes heat evenly which not only speeds up the drying process, but it helps prevent bacterial growth that can sometimes occur between bonds. It’s crucial that this type of hair doesn’t become overheated as it’s not receiving oil to the shaft like natural hair does, so it tends to be more on the dry side from the get-go.


This Collapsable Diffuser That's Great For Travel

Segbeauty Portable Folding Collapsible Silicone Hair Blow Dryer Diffuser, $22, Amazon

You don’t need to be on-the-go to reap the benefits from this collapsible diffuser — just think of how it will save space in your bathroom, alone! Regardless, one of the coolest features about this attachment is that you can add a small essential oil-soaked sponge or cotton ball into the detachable filter net to infuse both nourishment and natural fragrance into the hair. The heat-resistant diffuser — suitable for all hair types — promotes volume and shine at a heat level of up to 450 degrees.

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