The 5 Best Hair Wavers For Short Hair

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To those who don’t have it, curling or adding waves to short hair probably seems like it would be quick and easy. The truth is, it’s not! Short hair has its own set of challenges that make waves and styling difficult. With the best hair wavers for short hair, however, the process can be as easy and low-maintenance as it should be.

If you have short hair you know that with a traditional iron, wand, or automatic curler it can be difficult to create enough bends to make short hair look full and textured. Also, curling iron curls often come out in tight spirals which can make your hair look shorter than it is. With a hair waver (which is essentially an improved version of the crimpers everyone had in the nineties) your hair will bend up to three times each time you clamp down without taking away any of your length in the process. Also, as a bonus, since larger sections of your hair are clamped between two plates instead of wrapped around one, hair wavers work quicker than a traditional iron and create less frizz and flyaways. They can even be used on curly hair to achieve looser waves without you having to straighten first.

No matter what length your hair is, waves can be a fun way to change up when it comes to day to day styling. To enhance your volume even further, use a salt spray at your roots while your hair is still wet and prep your hair with thermal protection cream so that it doesn't get damaged by the heat. Finish with a workable hairspray for hold and dry shampoo to enhance texture, grit, and volume.