5 Hand Warmers That Will Keep You Toasty While You Hit The Slopes

Ski season is here and adventure awaits you up on the mountain — fresh snow, hot cider, and cozy cabin getaways. However, in addition to fun on the slopes, this time of year can also mean cold hands. If you don’t have the best hand warmers for skiing, your time on the mountain can be pretty miserable. When you can’t feel your fingers it’s hard to ride a chairlift, adjust your bindings, or do anything other than curse the sky and wonder why you came.

Thankfully, some brilliant person invented hand warmers. These little packets, which are typically small and disposable, work by a process called exothermic oxidation which is essentially iron being exposed to air (which then rusts and releases heat). The packets also feature activated charcoal to help keep them warm for a longer period of time.

On top of these genius iron-charcoal packets, there are also variations such as reusable gel packs that are triggered by snapping a metal disk and can be recharged in hot water. If your hands get to the point where you’re crying from the cold and swearing you’ll never go skiing again, grab a pair of these, slide them into your ski gloves, and watch how a little bit of hand warmth can change your whole world.


The Best Value-Pack Of Hand Warmers That Last Up To 10 Hours

HotHands are hand warmer classics. This 20-set pack is full of the popular air-activated hot packs which heat up quickly and provide warmth for up to 10 hours. However, if you don't use them for the full 10 hours, you can store them in a sealed bag and shake later to reactivate. The packets are also TSA-approved so if you're planning a vacation in Aspen, they're safe to fly with and won't get you stopped at security the way you might if you are carrying other types. Best of all, they have a three to four-year shelf life so you can buy them in bulk and know they'll still work next season.


The Best Reusable Hand Warmers That Can Be Reactivated By Boiling In Water

As an alternative to the disposable packets, these reusable hand warmers work via a chemical reaction in the gel that generates heat up to 130 degrees. The reaction, which is triggered by snapping a little metal disk inside, will last about 30 to 40 minutes and then begin slowly fading. At 4 inches across, the HotSnapz are palm-sized and will slide into the pockets or outside the liners of most ski gloves. To recharge the packets, boil them in water for 10 to 15 minutes and let them cool.


The Best Variety Pack Of Warmers For Not Only Your Hands But Your Whole Body

This adventure pack not only offers high-quality hand warmers, it has toe warmers and body warmers, too. The set features two pairs of disposable hand warmers, two pairs of adhesive toe warmers, and a set of multi-purpose packets you can place on any part of your body that tends to get cold. The packets are odorless and heat up within minutes. Snag the pack for your next weekend-long adventure and know you'll have a way to stay warm the whole time.


The Best Electronic Hand Warmer To Use Between Runs

Although you can't use this electronic hand warmer while you're actually hitting the slopes, it's great for warming up your hands while you're on the ski lift between runs. It's also ideal for anyone who doesn't want to have packets inside their gloves all day. Plus, not only is it an alternative to disposable options, this rechargeable hand warmer doubles as a battery pack to charge your phone.


Alternatively: The Best Self-Heating Gloves That Let You Skip The Hand Warmers Altogether

If you're one of those people whose fingers are cold before you even get outside, you may want to skip the hand warmers altogether and opt instead for a pair of heated gloves. These self-heating ski gloves from Thiningstars come with rechargeable lithium batteries to keep your hands blazing warm for more than two hours. On the outside, the fabric is waterproof and breathable, blocking out snow, wind, and other elements. The inner lining is a soft, plush material and the fingers offer touchscreen sensitivity so you can send texts or take selfies without getting your hands cold.

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