These Harnesses Were Designed For Big Dogs & They're The Key To A More Comfortable Walk


Taking your giant pup on daily walks can cause a lot of strain on their neck and back, particularly if you don't have one of the best harnesses for large dogs to support them. Even if you you don’t have a hard puller, a good harness will offer stability and optimize their ergonomics while they walk.

When shopping for a harness, there are a number of things to consider. First, with larger dogs, the name of the game is padding, support, and size. The harnesses should be durable, with plenty of support since big dogs put more wear and tear on all of their equipment. You'll also want to find one built with materials that won’t rub or chafe, as those are common issues with big dogs and larger harnesses.

Will you only be taking walks with your dog, or do you guys like to do things like run, hike, or backpack together? There are plenty of harnesses designed for hiking and other outdoor activities. If night walks are a regular part of your routine, consider an LED harness that can light up so that you (and drivers on the road) can easily spot your dog at night.

Whatever your dog’s personality and lifestyle, here are the best dog harnesses for large dogs.

The Best For Pullers

Built to be super strong and durable, this tough dog harness is designed for aggressive tuggers. It features robust metal attachment points on the back and chest, along with thick, heavy padding. It has easy-slide adjustable straps and an extra back handle you can use to grab them if they start to dart after something. The popular large dog harness has over 2,800 reviews on Amazon: "This harness has changed the way my dog walks!" said one customer. "He is a strong pit mix who pulled constantly ... Our walks are much more enjoyable when he's not pulling my arm out of the socket!" It's available in sizes extra-small to extra-large, but reviewers recommend the large and extra-large sizes for bigger pups.

The Best Anti-Chafing Harness

If your dog is wiggly and squirmy, or has sensitive skin that has been prone to hot spots in the past, this ultra-soft, ergonomically-designed dog harness will prevent it from rubbing and chafing. The no-pull harness is constructed with smooth material and lined with silky Swiss velvet inside the strap, sliding behind their legs to prevent sores and irritation. The webbing features turned out edges so they don't dig into your pup's skin and its minimalist, bulk-free style keeps them from getting hot and uncomfortable, especially if they're the type of dog that doesn't like wearing harnesses. On top of all of that, it has a patented action loop between the shoulders to keep their spinal cords in alignment. Opt for the large or the extra-large size for the best fit on your bigger dog.

The Best Harness For Hiking

This cleverly-designed dog harness is perfect for hiking, backpacking, or other rugged adventures. Engineered with an anatomical shape that offers comfortable, evenly-balanced lifting, it's perfect for helping your dog climb over logs, scramble up rocks, or assist them over other obstacles. This harness comes in a wide range of sizes, but for bigger pups, the large/extra-large will be the best fit. The harness was also designed for use in avalanche rescue dog programs, for use by service dog handlers, and for amputee dogs, making it a stellar choice for outdoor excursions. In addition to its ergonomic lifting features, the harness has excellent load dispersion and sturdy, bulk-free foam that delivers support while maintaining a full range of motion.

The Best Harness For Night Walks

Constructed with built-in LED lights that change colors on command, this bright dog harness is perfect for dog owners who take a lot of walks with their pups in the evening hours. The ultra-bright LEDs, which are visible from half a mile away, feature flexible fiber optic cables and provide 360 degrees of powerful illumination. Each harness has eight colors — red, yellow, magenta, blue, purple, pink, green, and cyan — you can rotate through by pressing a button. Leave it on a single color if you have a special preference, or shift through them as you walk. You can even set the harness to display fun, multi-color flashing modes.

The Best Harness With Pockets

If you like to go running with your dog, or have a place to stash things like cash, keys, poop bags, treats, or other items, this versatile dog harness features detachable pockets that work like saddlebags on the side to store provisions. Stick the pockets on with Velcro, or take them off when you want to be more lightweight. The one-click harness has easy-adjust straps, and there's a pull handle on top to tame overly aggressive tuggers. "I LOVE this backpack!" said one happy Amazon reviewer. "It fits our 133 pound Bullmastiff perfectly! ... Carrying the backpack with water, wallets, snacks, anything that one may want to carry along with them, gives the dog a job."

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