5 Strong, Stylish Headbands That Are Perfect For Curly Hair

by Julia O'Donnell
Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

While there’s not necessarily a specific type of headband that’s "best" for any particular hair type, the best headbands for curly hair will be comfortable enough to wear without giving you a headache, but strong enough to hold all your hair back (bonus points if they have slip-resistant features to keep them securely in place). Both soft and hard headbands will work equally well, but if you prefer hard headbands, try to avoid styles with built-in combs or teeth, which can cause breakage. You may find you have better luck with wide headbands, especially if your main goal is to keep your curls completely out of your face.

Because curly hair is often more voluminous than thin or wavy hair, many headbands wind up being too tight to fit comfortably. Do resist the urge to suffer through a bad fit, even if the headband is super cute — wearing a too-tight headband might end up giving you a headache.

Even with these factors in mind, you’ll still have tons of options to choose from as you’re shopping for stylish hair accessories. To help narrow things down, check out these five strong headbands for curly hair, below, all of which are conveniently available on Amazon.

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The Overall Best Headband For Curly Hair

There's a lot to love about this popular multi-style headband. For one thing, it's incredibly versatile — thanks to its foldable design and movable knot, the soft, stretchy headband can be worn at least 14 different ways, including as a cloth face mask. The headband comes with a handy illustrated instruction card explaining the most popular ways to adjust the style, so you'll have no shortage of inspiration when you're ready to switch up the look.

Plus, the headband's slip-proof design and moisture-wicking material make it great for workouts, and its soft fabric construction means it won't break, crease, or otherwise damage delicate curls.


The Best Headband To Boost Volume

Ever noticed that when you're wearing sunglasses on top of your head, your hair looks amazing ? This unique headband produces a similar effect. Sold in two fits and four translucent colors, it gives your curls a major volume boost by pulling everything back so your hair is completely out of your face. It's an especially great choice if other headbands usually give you headaches, and since it tucks into your hair nearly invisibly, you can even wear it with sunglasses.

"Best hair item I have purchased EVER!" gushed one reviewer. "Gives lift and volume to my curly hair and haven't experienced a headache at all wearing this relaxed fit!"


Best Value: Soft Headbands

Amazon reviewers can't get enough of these soft, stretchy headbands — in fact, they have over a thousand perfect five-star reviews (and counting) thus far. Sold in a pack of four in different colors, they're affordable, durable, and easy to clean in the washing machine. While embellishments and decorations on headbands often get hidden by curly hair, these have an oversized tie detail at the crown that's raised enough to show through even the thickest curls.

"They STAY on my head," gushed one reviewer. "I have curly hair and it’s wildly out of control usually, and these are perfect!!"


Best Value: Hard Headbands

Another affordable multi-pack of headbands that are strong enough to handle curly hair, these colorful satin headbands offer a chic (and functional) way to add a pop of color to your outfits. The 1-inch bands are covered in silky ribbon and lined with soft, slip-proof flannelette, which keeps the headband securely in place without the risk of damaging your hair. Each set includes six colors, though you can also choose packs that contain all black or all brown.

"These headbands were exactly what I wanted," one reviewer wrote. "They stay snug on my head without being tight enough to give me a headache. Usually I have a hard time keeping my curly hair in place, but this one stayed exactly where I needed it be."


The Best Spa Headband For Curly Hair

Because curly hair is often prone to baby hairs and flyaways, an extra-wide headband that reaches all the way to your hairline — such as this popular spa headband by Kitsch — is essential for keeping your curls out of the way while you're washing your face or applying a mask. Sold in a cute palm tree print, it has a Velcro closure that allows you to adjust the fit, and a handy slit at the back to slide your ponytail through.