Some Humidifiers Work Better At Reducing Nosebleeds — & Here's How To Know Which Ones

Dry air is notorious for triggering nosebleeds, and good humidifiers are a surprisingly easy way to keep them at bay. But when you’re navigating a jungle of terms like “cool mist versus warm mist” and trying to figure out what “ultrasonic” and "evaporative" models do, it can be difficult to understand which unit will be the right choice for your specific needs. As it turns out, the best humidifier for bloody nose struggles and sinus problems is a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier.

Here's why: Cool mist humidifiers are ultimately easier to inhale and are good for year-round use since they don't heat up the air like warm mist options do. Since using a humidifier overnight is a proven way to help prevent nosebleeds, the unit should be both whisper-quiet and cover enough square footage to handle your room. Ultrasonic humidifiers operate nearly silently, which makes them less likely to disturb your sleep. It should be noted that an evaporative cool mist humidifier is the best humidifier for hard water, but they rely on a fan makes them slightly louder than ultrasonic models.

Air that’s too humid can also trigger the growth of mold and dust mites that set off allergy and asthma flare-ups. One nice-to-have feature on humidifiers is a built-in sensor that prevents it from adding too much moisture into the air. If your housemates contend with a couple different types of respiratory issues, it might be worth investing a little more for something that gives you custom control.

Chronic nosebleeds are tough to deal with, but fortunately choosing the right humidifier just got easier. These are the best humidifiers for every type of bedroom that can help soothe bloody noses.

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The Best For Small Rooms

This small cool mist humidifier, with ultrasonic technology, will run for 14 hours and can cover rooms up to 210 square feet with its roughly quarter-gallon tank. Features that are nice for overnight use include automatic shutoff for when the tank runs dry, an ultra-quiet operation, and a built-in night light. "This little humidifier is great," one shopper testified. "On the low setting, it lasts overnight and far into the morning. My husband hasn’t had a nosebleed since we got it and I’ve noticed my throat is less dry." Lastly, the BPA-free plastic is embedded with Silver Clean Protection that inhibits microbial growth for a cleaner mist.


The Best For Medium-Sized Rooms

This cool mist humidifier is a quiet ultrasonic option for medium-sized rooms up to 430 square feet. It has an optional floor-level night light that makes it particularly good for bedrooms, and the six-liter tank can stretch up to 60 hours between refills. Reviewers in severe climates, ranging as far afield as New Mexico to Alaska, found it gave them relief. In Alaska one shopper reported, "Air quality in our bedroom tends to get really dry. This humidifier helped reduced nose bleeding incidents in my house plus it is really quiet." Other shoppers agreed that it was nice and quiet when running overnight, noting that the night light wasn't too harsh. The extra-wide tank opening makes this pick easy to clean, plus there's a water-level window and a refill indicator light, as well as an automatic shutoff for safety. Choose from either a sleek black or minimalist white model.


The Best For Big Spaces

This ultrasonic warm and cool mist humidifier will make bedrooms up to 753 square feet feel more comfortable. It has more options than any other pick on the list: In addition to offering the versatility of having both cool and warm mist settings, there's an essential oil tray for diffusing your favorite fragrances, and a built-in sensor that monitors the ambient humidity to automatically make adjustments based on your presets. You can set timers between 1 to 12 hours and its 1.5 gallon tank will run continuously for up to a day and a half on the lowest setting. It's practically silent and features a sleep mode for the LCD display that's a smart touch for overnight use, and you can operate it all from your bed with the remote control.


The Best For Aromatherapy

While this pick isn't technically a humidifier, it's a decor-friendly ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser that puts out a steady cool mist, creating soothing moisture. It's a stylish swap for a small tabletop humidifier, and its 500 milliliter tank promises to diffuse scent (on the low setting) for up to 11 to 15 hours. You can set a timer for intervals up to eight hours long and, if you prefer to leave yours on, it will automatically switch off within five seconds of running out of water for safety. It's designed to run extra-quietly, and the thin band of LED light is a subtle night light that can be set to seven different colors. One reviewer who initially purchased it for aromatherapy remarked, "I received this diffuser on Saturday. It is now Tuesday and I have not had a nosebleed since Saturday!" If you're not a fan of the espresso color, this pick also comes in light wood and glossy white.


The Best For Hard Water

It's important to note that this cool mist humidifier is evaporative rather than ultrasonic, which is a better type of humidifier for hard water. It covers medium-sized rooms (although no square footage is listed) and runs on a one-gallon tank that runs for up to 24 hours on the lowest setting. This model wins high marks for its unique "germ free" UV technology that kills off over 99% of bacteria and microbes in the water. And, since it's evaporative, it will put out subtle white-noise that you may enjoy for sleeping. "My skin and sinuses get irritatingly dry causing the usual bloody noses and such," explained one shopper who bought it in part for hard water. After a week of use, they reported that "So far I’m pleased with the humidifier. It seems well made and is quiet, even on high."

You can choose from white or black units based on your home decor.