If You Just Started Knitting, Check Out These Easy-To-Use Needles On Amazon

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If you're thinking about taking up knitting as a new hobby, the best knitting needles for beginners will help you cultivate your skills and are the simplest to use as you learn. But to figure out which is the right style for you, here are some things you should look out for as you shop:

Knitting Needle Material

There are various types of needle materials that you can choose from, such as wood, bamboo, metal, and plastic. Many knitting experts suggest that beginners start out with bamboo or wooden needles because they provide more grip and allow you to have better control of the yarn because they're usually less slippery than plastic or metal.

However, some metal options — such as these aluminum ones — are coated for extra sticking power, which makes them also worth considering. And while plastic can be slippery, it is also lightweight and affordable. Not to mention, they often provide more grip than metal without being too heavy.

Knitting Needle Size

Knitting needles are often sold in American sizes (0-50), but a simple conversion chart can show you those sizes in metric millimeters. The smaller the size, the thinner the width. And while your needle size should depend on the project, medium-size needles with widths between 4 and 5.5 millimeters (sizes 6 to 9) are typically easiest for newbies to handle, especially while dealing with medium-weighted yarn. When it comes to length, needles on the shorter side, between 7 and 10 inches, are simpler to maneuver.

While shopping, you'll also notice that there are different needle types available, such as single-pointed, double-pointed, circular, cable, and more. Different shapes and sizes are used for different products and yarns — but the single-pointed needles are typically best for those starting off, especially the ones with built-in caps to prevent the yarn from sliding off the opposite side.

With all of that being said, check out the best knitting needles for beginners.

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The Overall Best For Beginners

These size 8, single-pointed bamboo knitting needles are optimal for beginners in many ways. The 5-millimeter width and 9-inch length offer a great amount of maneuverability as you learn. Meanwhile, the high-quality bamboo material allows for a solid grip and less yarn slippage during the process. Plus, they also come with blunt ends to help keep the project in place while you go (and when you take a break).

One reviewer wrote, "If you are a beginner looking for needles with a little bit of grip so the yarn doesn’t slide off then these are a great option."


Another Easy-To-Use Pair Made With Smooth Rosewood

Similar to the first set of bamboo knitting needles, these single-pointed needles are great for beginners. They're made with rosewood, which means they're not too slippery while in use. Plus, the thickened end pieces, which keep the yarn from falling off, are accented with gorgeous mother of pearl. This pair is also a size 8, which means the needles are 5-millimeters thick. However, they're a bit lengthier than the bamboo selections, coming in at 10 inches long so they might not be quite as easy to maneuver.

According to one knitter, "These are lovely! Nice tips! Nice on the hands to hold! Can't go wrong [with] these! You'll love them if you get them as I did!"


The Best Aluminum Knitting Needles For Beginners

With a 8-inch length and a 4-millimeter width, these size 6 aluminum knitting needles are another great option for beginners. Despite being made of a typically slippery metal, these single-pointed needles are coated for easier handling. Plus, each needle in the set features a colorful heart-shape end cap to prevent stitches from slipping off as you work.

One Amazon customer wrote, "These are sturdy aluminum coated with what I've been told is a resin coating that just makes it so much easier and nicer to knit with them. The white color of the coating makes it easier to see individual stitches and see what you're doing."


This Color-Coded Plastic Set You Can Grow With

This versatile set includes color-coded plastic knitting needles that come in various sizes from 6 to 15, including both 4- and 5-millimeter options. However, it also offers both thinner and thicker needles that you can learn and grow with. All of them are single-pointed and 10-inches long, and they have caps on the ends that show each size and also keep your work from slipping off. Since they're made of plastic, they're also lighter than metal and easier to hold for long periods of time. Not to mention, they're durable and smooth. However, the drawback is that these will be on the slipperier side but with seven pairs for $15, they're a great deal.

A teacher who tried the pack out wrote, "Attractive colors. Common sizes that you’d need. I teach a beginners class and these were a hit. I particularly like that the mm size is etched into the top..."


These Knitting Needles For Beginners Trying New Circular Projects

These connected knitting needles were specifically designed for novice knitters who want to try circular knitting projects. The 4-millimeter needles are made of durable nickel, and they're connected by a cord that makes the entire set 24 inches long. Designed with shorter tips, these needles provide easy maneuverability and come with two coating colors, making it easy to figure out left and right as they go along. However, these aren't coated — so they might be ideal for advanced beginners rather than those just starting the craft.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "Was not sure how I would get on with circular needles but I am so glad I gave them a go, very surprisingly easy to knit with and more smother than normal needles. Don't be put of[f] by the shape, give them a try and you will be pleased you did!"