5 Backpacks With Room For Your Laptop And All The Rest Of Your Stuff


Whether you ride the train to work, bike across town to study, or walk long distances to get to class, chances are that carrying your laptop with you is a regular part of your routine. Although there are plenty of shoulder bag options, the best laptop backpacks on the market can make carrying your laptop effortless.

While the reasons for choosing a backpack over other laptop bags are plentiful – backpacks helps distribute the weight of your laptop and lessen the stress on your neck and arms – there are a lot of features you'll want to look out for in the right laptop backpack. Anyone living in a rainy climate may need a laptop backpack with waterproof fabric to protect their expensive hardware from the elements. For some, the number of pockets is the name of the game. And still some commuters and laptop owners need a backpack large enough to fit a 17-inch computer. Well rest assured, you'll find plenty of options that fit the bill on this roundup of the best laptop backpacks.

So whether you're looking for a backpack with extra space to store books, or a minimalist design that won't hurt your wallet, feast your eyes on this list of amazing laptop backpacks you can own today.

A Canvas Rucksack With The Most Interior/Exterior Pockets

Finding a way to keep all of your belongings organized is one of the trickiest parts of owning any laptop backpack or bag. That's why this canvas laptop backpack is a great option for anyone looking to get organized. With plenty of pockets on the exterior, you'll have easy access to any items that you need to grab quickly. With equally-functional interior pockets, you will be able to find exactly what you're looking for without having to dig through a big jumble of random objects. This backpack features side pockets for water bottles, sleeves for your 15-inch laptop, phone, keys, wallet, and space to store your books and other items. Whether you're rushing off to class or sitting on the train, this bag makes it easy to keep track of the items you need to find. Two other important things to keep in mind? Because this bag is made of canvas, if you're looking to protect your laptop from the elements you'll want to choose a different option on this list.

A Roomy Waterproof Pack That Will Fit A 17-Inch Laptop

Too often, we purchase a laptop backpack thinking it will be large enough for our technology only to be disappointed by its size. The Vaschy 17-Inch Laptop Backpack is the solution to that problem. Fans of the backpack praise it as durable and well-made, with plenty of room to store extra belongings without becoming bulky. One reviewer says the bag, "holds my 17 inch (docking station) laptop with room to spare." This bag also comes with a few extra goodies including a free waterproof rain cover to protect your every belonging from even torrential rains. With a sleek design and three color options, the Vaschy laptop backpack is a great option for anyone in desperate need of a bag with a lot of space.

An Investment-Worthy (And Ultra Durable) Laptop Backpack Perfect For Traveling

With a TSA lock and a pocket specifically designed to fit a passport or ticket, Korin Design's ClickPack Pro is the perfect bag to take with you on an upcoming trip. This laptop backpack is waterproof, has a USB charging port and has plenty of storage for any items you need to bring along with you. But perhaps the best part about this bag is its durability. With an explosion-proof zipper (yes, I said explosion) and a slash-resistant fabric, I'm confident saying that this bag can stand up to even the most drastic wear and tear. So whether you're living a Jason-Bourne-lifestyle, or simply looking for an option that won't break with repeated use, this is the bag for you. While this laptop backpack is not the cheapest option out there, and is the most expensive option on this list by far, you won't have to spend money on a replacement for a long time. In fact, many reviewers feel confident saying this bag will last for years. One reviewer even claims, "I am going to use it at least 5 years." This laptop backpack can fit a laptop sized up to 15 inches, so buyers with larger laptops beware.

A Commuter-Friendly Laptop Bag With Great Back Support and Anti-Theft Locking

Designed for commuters who have to walk long distances or stand on the subway for extended periods of time, this ergonomically shaped laptop backpack features built-in back support. The S-shape padded shoulder straps, adjustable chest buckle, and ring-style hasp work together to let you customize the perfect fit, distributing the weight evenly and reducing the burden on your pack. The strap and back area is also equipped with 3-D-ventilation in the padded lumbar area, utilizing breathable elastic sponge to keep you cool and allow air to flow through during the warm months of the year. The backpack's most unique feature is it's side zipper, which allows you to easily remove your laptop from it's compartment without having to rifle through your other belongings. You can fit a laptop up to 15 inches long in this compartment, which is locked with an anti-theft lock for protection if you're walking through a crowded or busy area. It also has lockable zippers and an detachable USB port with a charging cable to keep your phone juiced up on the way to work.

An Affordable Minimalist Backpack That Comes In Four Colors

Looking for a great backpack that won't break the bank? This stellar laptop backpack from TINYAT offers many of the same benefits you would find in higher-end backpacks for less than 10 dollars. For the price you won't find an option better-equip to take you to work or school. One reviewer praises the backpack, saying, "Love it. It is exactly what I was looking for in work bag." This laptop backpack is specifically designed with a sleeve to fit laptops ten to fourteen inches long, so anyone with a larger laptop will want to choose a different option on this list. You'll find a few awesome pockets in this backpack as well, for storing additional electronics, notebooks, pens, and other accessories. One awesome feature in this option is a discreet pocket in the back of the bag for wallets and valuables. The minimalist bag is built with ripstop nylon and a soft lined interior to keep it flexible, comfortable, and light to carry.

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