The 5 Best Laundry Hampers For Small Spaces


For tight bedrooms and narrow closets, the best laundry hampers for small spaces can come in clutch. With narrow frames but deep baskets, these hampers can fit nearly anywhere, with plenty of room for your dirty laundry. But, there's a few things to consider when choosing a basket that will actually fit in your space.

When shopping for a laundry hamper for a small space, you’ll find that there are a myriad of options ⁠— some that can collapse when not in use and others that are meant to be hung up and don’t occupy space on the floor at all. To determine which is the right hamper for you, you’ll want to first measure your space. Then, with your dimensions in hand, you can hone in on the style of hamper you want.

Fabric hampers are a a popular choice for a small-space laundry container, too, perhaps because it is the most forgiving in terms of squeezing it into a narrow spot. If you have the room to accommodate a more rigid hamper, one that’s made of durable plastic might be appealing.

Keep in mind that if you tend to throw wet or sweaty laundry into your hamper, you may want to opt for a breathable material that can be machine-washed, since wet clothes may lead to mildew if left in a hamper for too long.

With that said, take a look below at the best laundry hampers for small spaces you can buy.


The Overall Best Hamper For Small Spaces

At 15.2 inches wide and 8.5 inches deep, this modern Oxford fabric slim laundry hamper is particularly skinny and could be used for a range of purposes ⁠— from storing folded towels in a bathroom to holding blankets in your guest room. It's available in five colors and features sturdy carrying handles to make it easier to tote from place to place.

In addition, this hamper has the advantage of being able to fold flat when you're not using it. However, even though it can be compactly stored, it's not flimsy, thanks to its cardboard bottom insert and rods that keep it standing upright.

One more important note: The hamper is wipe-clean only. Therefore, laundering it in a washing machine might damage the coating on the fabric, so it might not be ideal for wet towels or clothes.

Helpful review: “This laundry basket can collapse flat when not in use. I love the space saving design. It can fit in small areas and it's useful in preventing my sons from throwing their clothes on the floor. The carrying handles make it easy to transport it to the laundry area and then fill with clean clothes to transport them out of the dryer to be folded.”


The Best Space-Saving Wicker Basket

If wicker is more your style, this Whitmor Rattique laundry hamper is both an attractive and functional choice. At 17.3 inches wide and 12.6 inches deep, it's larger and more expensive than the previous pick, but it has several features that may make it worth it if you have the space: a hinged lid, a removable and machine-washable liner bag, and lightweight plastic and metal wire construction that's sturdy but still easy to lift and move closer to your washer.

Since the hamper looks like it's made from real split rattan and contains a lid to keep your laundry tucked away, it's a hamper you won't mind keeping out in plain view.

Helpful review: "I just got this today and absolutely love it! It looks like real wicker; I can't believe it's plastic. I have a small bathroom and my other hamper took up too much space. This one is perfect! The color is like the picture; it's very pretty. I'll never buy a natural material hamper again. I had a real wicker hamper and one too many bugs and spiders set up house in it. This is very well made and stands solidly and straight. I like that I can remove the liner and wash it."


A Larger Capacity Skinny Basket With A Lid

Although it's only 14.75 inches wide and 7.25 inches deep, this Mind Reader slim laundry hamper can actually hold a great deal of laundry because of its tall height. Beyond the ample 40 liter volume, this hamper also boasts a lid, a cutout slot for carrying it, three color options, and a ventilated woven design that lets those inevitable dirty laundry odors air out. Because it's plastic, it's also lightweight — less than 3 pounds — and can be wiped down to clean. The sturdy plastic walls also make it a good container for wet clothes and towels which might otherwise ruin a fabric liner if left unattended for too long.

Helpful review: “I put this in our bathroom and it looks very nice. It holds a nice full load of laundry for our regular size front load washer. It has a bit of a vintage look to it. Lightweight but sturdy. Easy to carry through the house to the laundry room on laundry day.”


The Best Narrow Laundry Hamper On Wheels

Having wheels on a laundry hamper is a big plus since you're able to move it directly to the washing machine with little effort. That's why this slim rolling laundry hamper is a great option. It has both a rolling design and a skinny footprint that's only 15.4 inches wide and 7.3 inches deep. Plus, it's made with a waterproof, wipe-only Oxford fabric and has a safety break so you don't have to worry about the hamper rolling away unexpectedly. The bag is also collapsible, which is a nice touch, and contains removable poles to give it shape when it's in use.

Helpful review: "This is the perfect little hamper for my bathroom. I’m guessing it will easily hold 3 days worth of clothes. Quite easy to assemble. Rolls very well. Is it indestructible and the sturdiest hamper ever? No, but unless you literally throw and drag it around, it should be fine and maintain it’s shape. Definitely a good value for the money!"


A Slim Hamper You Can Hang Anywhere

When you have no floor space whatsoever for a laundry hamper, a hanging hamper like this Household Essentials cotton canvas laundry bag may make the most sense. Although this 16.25-inch wide and 6-inch deep bag is on the smaller side, you can hang it almost anywhere — from the back of a door to a closet rod or even the side of a changing table. In addition, the bag has a metal rim to keep it open and a zippered back to make taking dirty clothes out easier. It is also fully machine-washable.

This handy bag is inexpensive, so you can also consider buying multiples to separate your whites and colors, or designate one for each person in your household. One Amazon reviewer even included images of their hampers hanging on a clever wooden DIY plank in their laundry room.

Helpful review: “This hanging cotton canvas bag is a definite life-saver to my bathroom floor. Instead of having to pick up laundry and collect it before going to the wash, we now can strip down before a shower and basket-ball throw our clothing into the hamper. We have an older top-loading washer and this bag holds one full load of wash, which is great for saving space since we no longer need to keep a basket out for collection. This bag has been completely filled with jeans, and the metal frame and hook have not bent or warped from the weight, so it will hold up to heavy laundry.”

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