5 Awesome Mud Masks That'll Help You Combat Acne

There's something really luxurious and magical about incorporating masks into your routine. And it doesn't have to be a sheet mask — it can be one of the best mud masks for acne, because let's face it, adult acne is a reality that many of us face on a daily basis.

Mud masks might even be more fun than sheet masks (and maybe a little easier to apply), because who doesn't like to play in the mud? Slathering your face in a thick, smooth lather, letting those natural acne-fighting ingredients work their wonders — it's a great way to unwind and really treat yourself. Turning to the earth's most natural resource for remedial purposes is a tried and true skin treatment that civilizations from across the globe have been practicing for centuries. Usually, mud masks are meant to be left on for around 15 to 30 minutes, which gives you the perfect excuse to kick back and watch an episode on Netflix, maybe practice meditation, paint your nails, or rejoice in the simple bliss of doing absolutely nothing. Those 15 to 30 minutes aren't just for your skin — they're for you, too.

Below, we've compiled a list of five of the best acne-fighting masks out there. The common denominator? Mud. Yep. We slosh through it in the rain, it covers our car tires in the wet season, it leave shoe tracks around our kitchens. But despite all of that, it's one of the best treatments for oily and blemish-prone skin, thanks to the way it pulls toxins from the pores, providing a deep cleanse and resulting in soft, supple, glowing skin. Here are a few of the best mud masks out there that will leave you feeling refreshed and blemish-free.


A Mask Made For Acne-Prone Skin That Uses Refreshing Mint To Absorb Excess Oil

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, $7, Amazon

Since 1930, Queen Helene has prided itself on creating safe, natural beauty products that help repair and revitalize skin, resulting in a cult-following amongst beauty junkies who really know their stuff. This hardening, mint-infused mud mask doesn't only smell totally refreshing, but it uses rich mud that leaves skin hydrated while drawing out toxins and battling blemishes, as well as soaking up excess oil (which can often be the cause of breakouts). This particular formula nearly has a perfect five-star rating and thousands of glowing reviews to back it up.


A Mud-Based Sheet Mask That's Detoxifying And Mess-Free

Patchology Smartmud No Mess Mud Masque, $29, Amazon

Okay — we had to include one sheet mask, because not only are they all the rage, but they're basically a pre-packaged spa-treatment. And the great thing about this mud mask? No mess, no cleanup — just soft skin. I've used Patchology sheet masks for a couple years now, and without fail, they always yield really impressive results. This Smartmud detox mask utilizes mineral-rich volcanic ash that dives deep into pores to remove environmental toxins and debris, leaving skin with a youthful glow and a silky-smooth feel. Pop it on, wait a few minutes, and enjoy your soft, blemish-free skin (and no sink cleanup!).


A Mask That Uses Pure Dead Sea Mud To Provide Mineral-Rich Skin Purification

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask, $10, Amazon

For centuries, flawless skin-seekers have turned to the Dead Sea when in search of skin care remedies — especially for acne. Because the Dead Sea's mud is so packed with minerals that cleanse pores and absorb excess oil, this mask helps to battle blemishes and prevent further breakouts. It also has soothing aloe vera and revitalizing Vitamin C to hydrate and smooth skin, so that it doesn't feel dry after the mud minerals work their acne-fighting magic.


A Blemish-Blasting Mud Mask That Uses Plant Extracts, Salicylic Acid, And Charcoal To Prevent Breakouts

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask, $16, Amazon

This clarifying mud mask uses a unique blend of detoxifying charcoal, salicylic acid, and plant extracts (tomato, watermelon, chamomile, aloe — even pumpkin!) to richly condition and cleanse skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes and experience the soothing creaminess of this mask while the ingredients work hard to unclog pores, absorb excess oil, and give your skin an antioxidant boost (thanks, tomatoes!). And don't worry — that aloe vera and chamomile will soothe skin and lock in moisture to prevent any dryness.


A Luxurious Mud Treatment That Celebrities Absolutely Love

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment, $43, Amazon

Because of this mask's fast-acting abilities, it's developed quite the following amongst celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty editors. It uses a combination of pore-clearing mud with several vital acids: salicylic, which battles and prevents breakouts and excess oil; glycolic, which repairs and enhances skin texture; and lactic, which helps to hydrate and restore collagen.

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