One Of These 5 Coffee Mug Warmers Will Make Your WFH Setup Infinitely Better


If you've had one too many cold teas or trips to the microwave to reheat your coffee, a mug warmer with a heating plate could save you time and keep your taste buds happy. When you're looking for one of the best mug warmers, the goal is to find a reliable device that does what it says it will do: keep your beverage toasty for as long as you need.

The first thing to think about is where you'll most likely use a warmer and how important temperature control is to you. If you drink your coffee at your work table, you may want something that's compact, with a cord long enough to keep it within reach. An auto-off function is also a welcome safety feature for anyone who gets distracted and forgets to finish their drink.

If you're someone who has a strong opinion about the exact right temperature for your brew, choose a mug warmer with multiple settings to further customize your drinking ritual. And if you're never sitting down long enough to drink a full cup, there's even a smart, self-warming mug that gives you the ultimate flexibility.

With all that in mind, scroll below to select one of the best mug warmers on Amazon to fit your sipping style.

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The Overall Best

The Vobaga coffee mug warmer has several standout features and more than 1,100 Amazon reviewers giving it a perfect five-star rating. For starters, the hot plate has three simplified high-medium-low temperature settings, a four-hour auto-shutoff function, and it's available in a handful of charming colors, including pink, crisp white, and sky blue (pictured).

The 3.5-inch hot plate is big enough for most cups and is safe to use with stainless steel, ceramic, and glass mugs. The cord is also an ample 5-feet long.

Fans loved: "Gets and stays hot! I’ve had a lot of different beverage warmers and this is the best one! I like the three levels of warmth, lowering it from the highest setting is great when my mug is nearing empty (otherwise it is almost too hot!) It’s quiet (doesn’t beep when turning on/off or when changing the temperature), and the auto shut-off has already saved me several times! Another nice safety feature, the temperature level indicator stays lit until the plate cools off. Such a great mug warmer, I bought two."


The Best For Warming And Cooling

Though it has a higher price tag, this compact pick has capabilities beyond just warming a mug. Choose "hot" or go as cold as "strong cool" and you can chill off your beverage. You'll also get a matching aluminum mug with a silicone lid to pair with the device, or you can use your own ceramic or glass cup (note that the plate measures 3.15 inches in diameter). Also handy is the LED color indicator ring that reminds you of your current setting, so you’re less likely to unintentionally ice your morning coffee.

There's a 4-foot cord, and an auto-shut off feature that starts at three hours (for "strong cool" mode) and goes to up to 10 hours (for "heating mode"), and as an added bonus, the. manufacturer reports that the cooling function will work for cans as well, so you can places sodas or beers directly on top.

Fans loved: "This coffee mug warmer is the best! Incredible value for the cost. I highly recommend buying this as it is a set and the mug works extremely well with the warmer! It doesn't get too hot to touch, but keeps any beverage warm. I have it at work on my desk and have left my desk for two hours at a time and come back to warm fresh tasting tea!"


The Best For Adjusting To An Exact Temperature

The digital temperature display on the high-quality stainless steel COSORI mug warmer can be changed one degree at a time (note: you can also switch the panel to Fahrenheit or Celsius), so you can keep your fresh brew to your exact level of warmth and then adjust once you're closer to needing a refill. It comes with a 5-foot cord and is safe for glass, ceramic, iron, and steel mugs, though the manufacturer mentions it's best suited for flat metal mugs.

Thanks to its adjustable temperature and the rimless 3.5-inch plate, this model can also double a heated cooking surface for melting butter or chocolate — meaning you won't need to dirty up your double-broiler bigger or larger pots when your recipe only calls for softening smaller amounts of an ingredient. Just note that there is no auto-off feature, so be mindful if you're going to step away for longer lengths of time.

Fans loved: "I love the adjustable temperature control on this coffee warmer. I have even set my soup on the it to ensure the soup remained warm enough while I'm eating it."


The Most Affordable

Though the Mr. Coffee mug warmer doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles, it does have more than 5,900 glowing 5-star reviews because it's reliable and affordable. There's one single temperature setting for warms up its plate and it will fit cups with a 3.25-inch diameter. With a cord measuring just over 5.5-feet long, this pick has the longest reach on this list. While there is no auto-off function, a light-indicator lets you know when the unit is on, serving as a reminder to switch off when you're done with your morning Joe.

Fans loved: "Coffee made at 6 am still warm and delightful at 11 am! Heats up great keeps tea and coffee warm. No more microwaving my coffee 2 or so times every day. If you are wanting to heat up your beverage or want it more than warm, you’ll want to get a lid to put on your cup. It also works best with flat bottom cups that don’t have a large space between the heating surface and mug."


A Self-Warming Smart Mug

Once charged, the battery of this 10-ounce Ember smart mug will keep your coffee hot on its own for about an hour. You can also place the mug on the included charging coaster for all-day use. Use the Ember app on your smartphone to set the ideal temperature, customize presets for different beverages, set timers for a perfectly steeped cup of tea, and even receive notifications when your drink has reached the perfect temperature. Get it in black or white.

Fans loved: "This mug has changed the coffee game. I never thought about how lukewarm or cold my coffee used to be as I drank it every morning. It makes all the difference when you can control the temp remotely from your phone. I use my Ember every day at work, it’s had no wear and tear, and has always stayed connected to my phone at a consistent 133 degrees. The Ember mug has made my morning ritual so much more enjoyable..."


Also Great: A Heated Travel Mug For Your Car

Take this heated travel mug on the road to keep your coffee hot to the last drop. Plug in the included 12V adapter plug into your car's outlet to starting warming up your beverage. The 16-ounce mug will fit into most cup holders and has four heat settings, which you can control via a digital panel.

Fans loved: "It is so awesome to drink a nice hot cup of coffee or tea or cider in my car, and not only that but I can set the mug to the temperature that I prefer. I would recommend this to anyone."