Keep Your Pup Safe & Cozy Outside With These 5 Dog Houses


Whether your dog lives outside or just hangs out there during your nine-to-five, they need a safe zone. The best dog outdoor houses offer a comfy space your pup can retreat to where they can rest and feel secure. To choose the right one for you, make sure your pick is sized appropriately for your dog (this is particularly important for bigger pups), and made of appropriate materials to suit the weather and your needs.

When it comes to finding the right size dog house, make sure you measure so that your pup will have enough space to stretch out and turn around without crashing onto the walls in their new digs. It's especially important to be accurate when it comes to larger breeds. Luckily, many models come in multiple sizes.

Your next consideration should be the construction and materials. Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a dog house made of durable materials that can withstand the elements over time and provide adequate shelter from the sun, wind, and rain. Insulated picks can keep the temperatures inside up to 30 degrees warmer than outside, but for outdoor dog houses in colder climates, it might also be nice to pick up a heater you can easily attach when temperatures drop and then remove when it warms up.

To find the perfect one for you and your animal family members, here's a list of the best outdoor dog houses available on Amazon:

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A Waterproof Dog House With Built-In Ventilation

DEStar’s waterproof dog house is designed with front and rear vents that allow for better air circulation, offering up a cool dog house in the summer that'll still keep the wind away in the winter. This plastic dog house has a sloped waterproof roof that aids in water runoff, the roof detaches easily for cleaning, and a 3.3-inch raised floor adds another layer of protection to keep your pup out off the cold ground and away from any sogginess. The medium dog house that's 28 inches tall that can accommodate pups up to 100 pounds, and a large one is 33 inches and also a big wider and longer. However, it's not insulated, so it might not be the best pick for winter in colder locations.

One happy reviewer wrote: “This dog house has to be the easiest dog house I have ever put together! It's a simple snap together and a few screws and bam a doghouse. It's well made, meaning it will last for years. The best feature is [that] its lightweight so [you] can easily move the dog house around the yard with ease. I have a golden retriever, and the medium size fits my dog perfectly!!”

  • Available sizes: Medium and Large


An Insulated House That'll Keep Your Dog Warm

With foam insulation, this dog house stays warmer in the winter while front and rear ventilation panels keep fresh air circulating during the warmer months. The floor is elevated off the ground, and the slightly sloped design of the floor and a built-in drainage hole allow for easy cleaning. ASL solutions also offers a water-resistant floor heater that can be plugged into a power source by feeding the cord through the outlet hole in the back of the house.

While the manufacturer doesn’t specifically indicate that this house is waterproof, the sloped roof would allow water to roll off. The interior of this dog house measures 24 by 35.5 by 30.5 inches, so it can comfortably fit larger breeds, and of course, the smaller pups would have plenty of room.

One happy reviewer wrote: “This dog house is even better than I had expected. Sturdy, well made, and nice looking. Great quality. My lab is 80 pounds, and this is more than large enough for him. I once owned a 145 lb. Bullmastiff and this would also have accommodated him fine. It took under ten minutes to assemble. [I] highly recommend the youtube video on assembly [...] Very happy with this warm, dry, and attractive palace for our boy!”

  • Available sizes: One size (for medium to large dogs)


A Lightweight Dog House That’s Budget-Friendly

This indoor and outdoor dog house by AmazonBasics makes a great budget-friendly option for light use when it's not too chilly. Plus, it’s portable, which makes it a great choice if you're looking to provide a little shade when you're out on a picnic or at the beach. The elevated design keeps your pup off the ground, and the large front opening allows for easy in and out access as well as a nice breeze.

This dog house is made from durable oxford fabric paired with a metal and plastic frame, and when the need arises, it can be wiped clean. The roof is equipped with a mesh panel that can be rolled back for even better air circulation, and according to the manufacturer, it is waterproof. While this dog house is available in multiple colors like vibrant blue and black, you may want to take climate into consideration when purchasing: Remember that light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it.

The small house measures 26.5 inches high, and reviewers have indicated that it is generously sized, easily accommodating a 50-pound pup. This also comes in a medium and large size.

One happy reviewer wrote: Love! Love! Love! Not only is it super cheap in price, but good quality and the small is pretty big, it fits my 50 [pound] English bulldog without any issues and with plenty of space left[...]Super easy to build, literally assembled it within 5-10 mins, and lightweight in case you need to be moving it around.


An Elegant Wooden Dog House

Made with solid wood (sealed in a protective coating) and stainless steel, this outdoor dog house provides a comfortable and elegant den for your dog. And this house is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to suit your dog. The raised floor keeps dogs off the ground, a slanted asphalt roof keeps the rain off, and adjustable feet allow for placement on almost any surface. What’s more, the offset door offers a cozy retreat from the elements. For extra warmth, there's a machine-washable insulation kit you can add.

One happy reviewer wrote: "I purchased the medium size for my part mini Queensland Heeler. Because he is small for his breed I could have possibly gone for the next size down from the medium because he has plenty of extra room [...] It was easy to put together and is fairly sturdy. We haven’t experienced much rain yet but it seems to stay dry inside."

  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large


An Outdoor Playpen

This outdoor playpen keeps your dogs safe and secure while they enjoy the fresh air. The waterproof cover offers some protection from the sun and rain, though not as much as the other picks on this list, and this playpen is coated to prevent rust. Setup is easy and no tools are required (although additional anchoring is recommended).

The manufacturer recommends this pen for dogs up to 95 pounds, and since this playpen is simply placed on the ground, there is no floor for an added layer of protection or comfort so when placing it, avoid areas that can get wet and soggy and concrete areas that can become uncomfortably hot in the sun.

One happy reviewer wrote: "I love this product so very much!! I have had it for about three months now and have had no issues what so ever. I have a pit-lab 70 [pound] dog, very big and tall, he's a chubby one, and he loves to be outside [...] He loves it so much, and there is so much space for him, his toys, and food and water."

  • Available sizes: One size (for dogs up to 95 pounds)


Also Consider: A Dog House Heater For When It Gets Cold

To add extra warmth to a dog house, this dog house heater might do the trick. The thermostat is adjustable from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and an auto shut-off prevents overheating. An internal heat shield protects the heater components and wires, and a chew-resistant, heavy-duty sheath (made from stainless steel) protects the cord. It can efficiently heat dog houses as large as 75 cubic feet.

This heater is equipped with an 8-foot, three-pronged grounded cord, and the manufacturer recommends using this with insulated houses and to keep combustibles like blankets, mats, and pillows at least 2 feet away.

One happy reviewer wrote: “So far, so good! [...] It is getting down to the mid-30s, and every time I put my hand in the dog house, the house feels probably 15 degrees warmer than outside, so I know it is nice for the dog. Plus, I haven't installed a door on the dog house yet, so I know that it'll stay warmer in there once I get a door on.”