Your Dog Will Raise A Paw For These Durable Outdoor Toys

It's no secret that dogs love playing outside where they can run around and attempt to eat every (often disgusting) thing their nose touches. That's exactly why they need the best outdoor dog toys in their collection, because, no, not all toys will stand up to the natural elements.

But what sorts of products make good outdoor toys, you ask? This may be easier to explain by pointing to ones that aren’t good options. For example, you don’t want to bring anything outside that will soak up dirt or attract bugs. That said, things like stuffed animals, ropes, and other cloth-based toys are generally bad ideas. Also keep in mind that you want these toys to last, so they shouldn't be prone to disintegrating if left out for too long.

Fortunately, there are lots of dog toys that are great for playing outside. These include products that are durable enough to tolerate rugged adventures, water, and extra wear and tear.

Ready to shop for your furry baby? Here, find a list of options that will make outdoor playtime even more interactive and fun for everyone. Nothing is over $50, so go ahead, treat your pup to a cart full of fun!


A Unique Sprinkler Toy That Dogs Can Operate Themselves

Dogs that love splashing around in water will obsess over this unique outdoor sprinkler toy they can operate with the touch of a paw. Featuring a leak-proof copper valve and slip-proof rubber friction pads, it's durable and made to withstand longterm puppy pounces, requiring just 2 pounds of force to activate. And just like any sprinkler toy for humans, it's super easy to install into any hose and comes with a variety of splitters and adapters for the perfect fit and water pressure. The best part? Dogs will always have access to fresh water outside. One Amazon reviewer dubbed it "a must-have item for anyone owning a dog," writing: "Our dog just loves it ... For us it's great too, as we don't need to frequently replace the water in his bowl anymore."


A Wool Ball That You Can Leave Outside

Made of 100 percent wool, these durable ball toys are perfect for outdoor use because they won't fall apart in the elements. They're handmade, eco-friendly, and woven with blue, gray, and yellow-orange wools — the three colors that dogs can see clearly. As a bonus, they even provide some dental benefits, naturally cleaning dogs' teeth with each chew. "Dogs loved them," wrote a happy Amazon customer. "They lasted about 3 months, but what pet toy doesn't eventually wear out? Peace of mind knowing these were made of harmless wool." Cats can even enjoy them, too!


A Lightweight Frisbee Toy That Can Withstand Water And Wind

Playing frisbee is even more fun with a lightweight, interactive dog toy like this 9-inch flying disc. It's made with a soft, flexible rubber edge and robust nylon across the middle, making it easier on dogs' teeth and giving it extra outdoor strength. Because it barely weighs anything and floats in water, you can throw it anywhere. Though it does get slightly heavier when wet, moisture and wind won't stop the flying disc from, well, flying. A reviewer wrote, "We have tried several different frisbee for our pup. Some are hard to throw. Most were easily and quickly destroyed ... It has lasted 2 weeks and is still going strong!"


A Durable Chew Toy That Looks Like A Stuffed Animal

Finding stuffed animals and plush toys that can be used outside is extremely difficult, because they get destroyed so quickly. This extra strong and flexible squeaky toy made with all-natural Ruff-Tex rubber, however, is made just for the job. Available in 11 different animal shapes — including the pictured moose — it's water-, tear-, and chew-resistant. As an Amazon reviewer put it, "This is easily the best dog toy I have ever purchased ... [My dog] is very rough with her little moose, but he has managed to hold up."


A Tug-O-War Toy That's Virtually Indestructible

Unlike flimsy chew toys that work indoors, an exceptionally tough tug-o-war toy, like this one from TufToys, is made to withstand the outdoors and aggressive chewing — while still being gentle on dogs' teeth, of course. Crafted with the brand's own ThermoPlastic Rubber, the virtually indestructible blue toy can easily weather rain, wind, and full nights outside. It's double-sided for two dogs to play and even floats for water-fetching games. One Amazon customer claims it lives up to its name: "Still in great shape, not even a chunk missing or a tear. Highly recommend for power chewers!"

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