PSA: This Misting Fan Is Just $20 On Amazon & You Should Snag It Before Summer Gets Hot AF

Don’t let sweltering heat prevent you from enjoying the outdoors this summer. All you need is one of the best outdoor misting fans to stay cool and comfortable while relaxing on your deck, poolside, or even during a picnic. These handy outdoor fans cool by spraying layers of water lightly into the air. As the water evaporates, it pulls the heat with it, lowering the temperature. Misting fans can cool up to 1,000 square feet by as much as 30 degrees.

Outdoor misting fans come in a variety of styles. There are floor standing fans with adjustable heights that are easy to move where you want it and even kits that can turn you existing waterproof fan into a mister. Most of them feature either a pump for water you can use with something like a bucket or a water hose attachment for its water supply. There’s also personal portable battery-operated misting fans you can take anywhere to cool yourself off.

When you’re shopping for an outdoor misting fan, you’ll want to make sure it’s weatherproof, and that the power cord is protected to prevent rusting and short circuits, too. Also, pay attention to the fan’s size and speed options. Fans with larger blades and higher fan speeds can typically cool more space more quickly.

Whether you want a personal fan or to cool down the patio, these are the best outdoor misting fans on Amazon to help keep you breezy all year round.


The Best Outdoor Misting Fan, All Things Considered

The Lasko Misto outdoor misting fan is perfect for most patios, decks, and more. It’s one of the best-rated outdoor misting fans on Amazon with a 4.5 rating after more than 3,000 reviews, and reviewers are impressed with this fan’s airflow and ability to cool. One reviewer wrote, “This fan puts out three times the regular airflow of a fan twice its size. It’s a great fan, and it isn’t noisy either.”

It features three speed modes with the ability to reduce the air temperature up to 25 degrees. The wide 90-degree pivot feature of this fan directs mist across your space to effectively cool. The fan’s compact design and carrying handle also make it ideal to use on picnics or other outdoor events. It’s weather-resistant and rust-resistant, too. Just attach to your standard garden hose, and you're good to go. While it doesn't specify how many square feet it can cover, a reviewer noted: "Air movement is noticeable at 20 feet away from the fan."


The Best Outdoor Oscillating Fan

Oscillating fans, in general, provide better airflow, and the NewAir outdoor misting fan is a great choice for patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces. With this 18-inch pedestal-style fan, the rotating blades create both a cool breeze and an even mist to make a patio or deck up to 500 square feet comfortable. There is also a 600 square feet version for even larger spaces. It also features an adjustable height and tilt option to get the right angle plus three different speed settings. With its slim design, this versatile fan can be used as an outdoor misting fan or regular fan. It also has built-in features like leak protection that will automatically shut-off when detected to keep you safe. It's compatible with 0.75-inch garden hoses.


The Best Portable Misting Fan

For personal outdoor cooling, the O2Cool misting fan is an inexpensive option. This colorful portable handheld fan emits a fine mist to cool you off during an outdoor event. You can easily fit in your purse or bag, making it great to take on trips. This handheld fan features a safe but powerful fan blade to circulate air. It can also be filled with water and ice for an even more cooling breeze. You only need two AA batteries (not included) for it to work, and it’s available in seven vivid shades ranging from raspberry to lime green.


A Kit That Turns Your Home Fan Into A Misting Fan

If you already have a powerful fan that's waterproof, you can also turn it into a misting fan with a kit such as this top-of-the-line set from iLiving. Compatible with a variety of fans including iLiving's own 14- and 18-inch units, one reviewer wrote: "In the southern Nevada desert it cools the air on my patio ten or twelve degrees as long as it's not too breezy. It assembled easily and mounted on an 18" fan. It will empty a 5 gal bucket surprisingly quick." However, reviewers noted that you have to buy a separate garden hose adapter if you'd like to use it with that.


The Best Budget-Friendly Outdoor Misting Fan

The Misty Mist fan misting kit is a budget-friendly set that allows you to turn your current waterproof fan into a misting one for about $20. Simply attach to the front grill of your fan and connect to your garden hose. It’s a great money-saver, especially if you already have an outdoor fan at home. This kit can lower temperatures up to 20 degrees. It includes a nine-foot hose with a three-foot ring, four brass nozzles, hose connector, and 10 tie-knots to help you connect the ring to the fan. However, while it's a great price, some reviewers noted that the hose connection could get a little leaky.

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