Spice Things Up With These Mind-Blowing Vibrators That Come With A Remote Control

If you're looking to spice up your sex life with your partner, incorporating a toy into your sexual escapades is a great place to start. Vibrators are the easiest toy to bring into the bedroom because they can be used in so many ways. You can stimulate the nipples, the clit, the prostate, the G-spot, and other erogenous zones with ease — plus, they can be used during both foreplay and during sex. If you're looking to experiment with some kinky power play specifically, you'll want one of the best remote control vibrators.

These toy are fun because they allow you to experiment with putting your partner in control of your pleasure. It can be seriously fun if you're two people who enjoy playing with power dynamics. These remote controlled-toys can also be used to practice edging, a technique where your partner gets you right to the edge of orgasm before backing off. The result? A mind-blowing orgasm once you're finally able to come.

But there are other ways to use vibrators that come with a remote control, like on your own, too — and the best way to figure them out is by experimenting. Scroll on to find your new favorite toy.


The Best Dual-Sided Vibrator

A dual-sided vibrator, like the Paloqueth vibrating massager sex toy, is an incredible option if you're someone who enjoys stimulating multiple pleasure points. The toy can be used whether the receiving partner has a penis or a vagina, thanks in large part to the angle. It can also stimulate both nipples, the clit, the G-spot, the prostate, and the testicles, along with many other erogenous zones. The vibe has 10 massage modes for variety and is completely waterproof, so you can pull it into the tub for some wet and wild fun.

With over 1,000 reviews, it's clear users are obsessed with this number-one best-selling toy. "This toy is SUPER comfortable... We've tried 15+ anal toys, and a lot of them 'grab' on the way in, 'sting' a little, and are not fun," shares one reviewer. They continue, "The material on this one makes it feel so awesome... just a little PALOQUETH WATER based lube and in it went like nothing... My husband was really surprised and elated..."


The Best Wearable Vibrator With A Remote Control

A fun way to use a remote control vibrator is out in the world — and I'm not talking about public sex. The Paloqueth waterproof G-spot vibrator can be discreetly worn under your underwear outside of the house. This can lead to some sexy play with your partner on a dinner date, at the movies, or anywhere else you want to have some secret fun. The remote works up to 3 meters away, and the vibrator itself stimulates both your G-spot and your clitoris, which can lead to a blended orgasm. It also comes equipped with nine different vibrating modes for variety.

Not to mention, it has a near-perfect rating on Amazon. One reviewer writes, "It is shaped in a way that hits the perfect spot inside as well as the clitoris. My partner has had trouble attaining an orgasm in the past, and now every time we use this vibrator she climaxes in around a minute."


The Best Finger Vibrator With A Remote Control

A finger vibrator, like this one from Paloqueth, is a great way for one partner to show the other how they enjoy being pleasured. Typically, the remote control is not given to the partner whom the vibrator is being used on, but in this case, the person receiving the vibrations can be in control of the remote. This allows the person wearing the finger vibe to see how their partner likes to receive stimulation — a sexy and informative demonstration. This finger vibe can be used on the nipples, the G-spot, and the clitoris. It has nine different vibration modes, and is made of soft silicone, leading to a seriously pleasurable experience.


The Best Vibrating Egg With A Remote Control

Vibrating eggs, like this waterproof one, are fabulous for folks looking to experience a major G-spot orgasm. Because of their wide, flat shapes, they sit comfortably against the soft, spongy skin of your G-spot. This is another toy that can be used in both the bedroom and outside of it, since it's worn inside of the partner with a vulva. It's quiet, discreet, and packed with 10 different vibration modes. The remote works up to 40 feet away — which is a lot further than most sex toys. It's also easy to use on your own. Just make sure to hang on to the remote as you bring yourself to a toe-curling orgasm.


The Best Anal Vibrator With A Remote Control

An anal vibrator, like this one from Paloqueth, is a toy that you should work your way up to. (It's best to start with manual stimulation before using a larger toy.) But once you're prepared, this rotating vibrator can seriously up your sex game. It vibrates in two of the three balls, and gently rotates to hit your prostate or the backside of your vagina. Seven vibrations and seven rotation modes give you serious variety when it comes to your pleasure, and since the shape mimics anal beads instead of a typical penis, it provides a totally different type of stimulation.

Almost 80 percent of reviewers gave this toy a five-star rating. One raves, "I can truly say I have never felt sensations like this before.... wow." Another writes, "Talk about hitting the spot! This thing knocks it out of the park. It is a perfect fit and an amazing take on a tried and true toy design ... It was the perfect fit in my opinion and I enjoyed the three stages of insertion."

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