Bake Up A Storm With These Highly Rated Rolling Pins That Whip Dough Into Shape

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You could use a wine bottle in a pinch, but having a reliable rolling pin on hand is a worthy investment if you plan to bake regularly. Whether you prefer an American or French style, the best rolling pin for baking will be made of hard wood or marble. To help determine the right type and material for you, let's dive into the details.

First things first, rolling pins fall into two general styles:

  • American rolling pins: This type of pin has handles on each end that feel natural for beginners to hold, though control and rolling surface area is more limited. If you like a decorative rolling pin (including those with imprints for adding to cookies), you’re more likely to find one in this style. Though it's worth noting, American rolling pins are more difficult to clean because they have crevices.
  • French rolling pins: A French rolling pin loses the handles and is available in either a straight dowel shape or a tapered style; a French pin is usually the choice for professional bakers, who prefer the easier maneuverability and precision. A French dowel rolling pin is excellent for rolling out large batches of dough and its hefty size and weight is also useful for other kitchen tasks, like breaking down breadcrumbs or crushing nuts. A tapered rolling pin allows for more precise control when rolling out delicate dough and it's easier to gauge the thickness of dough with this pin type.


Most rolling pins are made from hardwood, in part for their durability and weight, which is substantial enough without being too heavy; hard maple or beech wood are popular. A dusting of flour on a wooden rolling pin works better than so-called non-stick rolling pins made of silicone or similar materials, so I’ve skipped those on this list. A marble rolling pin is likely too heavy for just any baking project, but some bakers like its cool effect for keeping butter cold in pie or laminated doughs. Plus, marble wins points for looking aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen.

Whichever style speaks more to you, know that each of the rolling pins below is highly rated on Amazon. Get ready to roll out your favorite recipes with one of the best rolling pins for baking.

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The Best French Straight: J.K. Adams Plain Maple Rolling Dowel

This French straight rolling pin is is made of solid maple wood that can tackle a variety of baking needs. It measures 19 inches long, weighs 1.3 pounds, and is durable without being heavy. One reviewer commented it "completely changed" how she made cookies and another baker said this pin's quality feels "professional grade." This splinter-resistant pin was awarded a top spot in America's Test Kitchen's search for the best rolling pins and is often at the top of professional bakers' lists of top rolling pins.

A helpful review: “It feels great under my hands when rolling and I get good, even pressure with not a lot of effort. It did take a little practice to get used to not having handles, but not much. The surface of the wood is smooth, but still has enough texture to hold a dusting of flour when needed. This is going to be an important tool in my kitchen, making lots of delicious sweet and savory treats [...]It may even one day be handed down to my kids and/or grandkids, it's that well made!"


The Best French Tapered: Ateco French Rolling Pin

This French tapered rolling pin, also made of maple wood, is a great pick if you'd like more control when rolling out dough or if you're working with more delicate dough. The 20-inch pin is highly rated and, at just 8.8 ounces, also more lightweight than my first pick. One reviewer commented that it's a "dream to use." Ateco is a trusted family-owned company that has been producing baking tools since 1905.

A helpful review: “If you do a lot of fine pastry dough, you may want the tapered style, as you can lean on one end and thin out dough rather more easily. But I think one pin is enough for the kitchen, and I roll out bread dough, pie dough or cookies with this. I also use it to pound out chicken breasts (putting them inside a plastic bag before I pound them out.) Clean up is very easy — no crevices for any dough to get lodged in, just scrape off any stuck-on dough and then wash with a sponge and some kitchen soap. These actually get seasoned over time and work even better. The maple is a dense, heavy wood and makes rolling quite easy.”


The Best American Rolling Pin: J.K. Adams Gourmet Rolling Pin

Nostalgic bakers or those newer to baking may prefer a classic American-style rolling pin, and this wooden rolling pin with handles does not disappoint. Like my first two picks, it's made of solid maple wood, and, at 12-inches long, it's larger and more substantial than many similar pins in this style (most American rolling pins have a 10-inch barrel).

This rolling pin weighs 1.2 pounds and is handcrafted and finished in Vermont. Reviewers say this highly rated pick rolls super smoothly and that coating it with flour before you roll helps prevent dough from sticking to it.

A helpful review: “This rolling pin is very sturdy, easy to roll, and weighted perfectly for making pie crusts. I have used French rolling pins (the kind that are tapered, without handles) and straight pins (un-tapered, without handles) and marble pins (with handles) and this pin beats them all. I would assume this pin is also very good for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel problems because it takes very little effort to move over the crust and make it even."


The Best Marble Rolling Pin: Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

For a rolling pin that's also a showpiece, this 100% marble rolling pin is beautiful and comes with a matching stand for convenient storage and display. On this American-style rolling pin, the barrel is 10 inches long, which is standard for this style.

This pick has an impressive 4.7-star rating with more than 1,800 reviews, including from shoppers who commented they especially love using this pin for pastry and pie dough, which call for keeping the butter as cold as possible. One reviewer noted they love the "sturdiness and durability" of the pin; just keep in mind that, at 4.6 pounds, it's the heaviest pin on this list.

A helpful review: “Probably the heaviest rolling pin I've ever used but I love it. Its very well made and I've used it to roll out pasta and puff pastry and it worked very well with both. I like that it comes with a base because even though I have it in a drawer it is still stable and not rolling around into any of my other appliances [...] Works great and looks great [...]”


The Best Decorative Rolling Pin: Big Role Paisley Embossed Rolling Pin

An embossed rolling pin provides a simple and fun way to decorate sugar cookies. By rolling this pin over your cookie dough, a pattern is set into the cookies. This one comes in a paisley print, and it's also available in a rose or cat pattern. Plus, this pick comes with a basting brush, three cookie cutters, and a few fun recipes.

This American-style rolling pin is made of beech hardwood, weighs 13.3 ounces, and its barrel is 15.5 inches long (handle to handle), which is longer than the average handled rolling pin. A longer pin allows you to cover more surface area without having to roll over dough as often.

A helpful review: “The paisley print on this rolling pin is beautiful. I made cut-out sugar cookies and they were too beautiful to put icing on. It [is] a nice weight and it spins well."


Nice To Have: A Bench Scraper

Rolling pins should be washed by hand, and the OXO bench scraper makes it easy to scrape off any stuck-on dough from your pin and work surface. Its blade is made of stainless steel and the handle has a non-slip grip. There are other bench scrapers, but this cult favorite has a 4.8-star rating with more than 3,000 reviews from shoppers who commend this pick's quality and design.

This tool is also useful for cutting dough, transferring ingredients, and measuring dough, thanks to quarter-inch markings on its blade. It's also dishwasher safe.

A helpful review: “This pastry scraper is very well made. It has become indispensable in my kitchen, especially when baking. I like the feel in my hand and the measuring scale. It is sharp, too, so it is useful for chopping. It is an ideal tool for cleaning the counter after baking. It scrapes the flour and dough off the counter so easily there is little clean up afterward.”