Stop Struggling With Plastic Ice Trays — This Is Why Silicone Is Better (Plus, 5 Great Picks)

When it comes to ice cube trays, silicone has a host of benefits: It's durable, super flexible, odorless, nonporous (so it won't absorb taste or bacteria), and BPA-free. Although silicone kitchen containers come in a variety of styles and sizes, there's one thing all of the best silicone ice cube trays have in common: They are easy to fill and easy to release.

That durability and pliability of silicone make the material a reliable option for freezing more than just water (think soups, pestos, and pureed foods). Plus, some trays are even safe for use in the oven to make baked goods like muffins or brownies. Another perk? These soft molds are available in a number of shapes other than traditional square cubes. Larger round spheres, for example, make ice that is perfect for whiskey and cocktails because the ice takes longer to melt, so your drink stays cold without becoming watered-down.

If you have limited space in your freezer or are using your trays for storing food, you may want to consider one with a lid. Not only do these covers help keep odors out, but they also prevent freezer burn and allow for easy stacking in small spaces.

I’ve rounded up the best silicone ice cube trays. for every occasion — from chilling out water bottles to freezing sauces — whatever your need, there’s bound to be one for you.


The Overall Best Silicone Ice Cube Tray

If you're looking for a silicone tray that can produce standard-sized cubes (1.3 inches) for chilling drinks in nearly any size cup, this set has rave reviews from more than a thousand Amazon users who report they are as simple as they are effective. These are the "easiest ice tray I've ever owned," wrote one fan. "Literally just barely a push on the bottom [of] each 'cubicle' and out pops a perfectly formed ice cube," added another. Each set comes with two trays, making 21 blocks each. Plus, the included lids help create a leakproof seal, keep out unwanted odors, and allow for stacking in narrow spaces.

Beyond plain old ice, these trays can be used to prep 1-tablespoon (0.5 ounces) portions of food, like pureed fruit for smoothies, leftover coffee for frappes, or tomato paste for chili recipes. There is also a larger version available, which makes 2-inch sized cubes.

One thing to keep in mind is that when they first arrive, the manufacturer recommends hand washing them and then running them through a dishwasher cycle before you use them for the first time. This will help remove any residue or odor still present.

Fan review: “These are simply the BEST ice cube trays on the market. Period. Easiest thing in the world to get out the cubes. Cover is very handy to stack two of them. Makes excellent full-size cubes. Great great great product.”


The Best For Freezing Pureed Or Premixed Food (& They're Oven Safe, Too)

Freezing food— think sauces, baby food, smoothie ingredients, and soups — in silicone trays like this one is a brilliant way to preserve liquids so they can be thrown right into a blender or a sauté pan without the need for a measuring cup. This BPA-free container comes with an extra secure lid that prevents contamination from other foods in your freezer. Each individual cup can hold up to 3 tablespoons (1.5 ounces), though there's a handy 1-ounce marking on the inside that parents, in particular, will appreciate when making appropriately sized meals for their little ones.

The trays are dishwasher-safe for foolproof cleaning, and they come in six colors, so you can even color-coordinate your ingredients. They can also be used in the oven up to 425 degrees, making them great for mini round baked treats, as well.

Fan review: “I am absolutely delighted with the WeeSprout Food Freezer Tray. I am using it to freeze portions of canned pumpkin [...]. One can divides perfectly into the wells in the tray. I can easily pop out a portion to thaw, snap the lid back on the tray and back the rest go into the freezer. I also plan to use the tray for freezing portions of bone broth when I make a batch and want to have a variety of amounts available."


These Large Sphere & Cube Molds That Are Perfect For Cocktails

Dress up your homemade cocktails with these ice molds from Glacio. Each set comes with two different 2-inch shape options — one for cubes and one for spheres. The BPA-free trays are dishwasher-safe, and Amazon users rave about how effortlessly the ice pops out. While only the sphere tray comes with a lid, the walls of both are still extra-thick, which makes them easy to fill without making a mess.

Keep in mind that the larger the mold, the longer it will take for your water to freeze. But the trade-off is that it takes longer for the ice to melt, so your drink won't get watered down as quickly while you sip. Helpful user tip: Use filtered water because hard water can leave a residue on the silicone.

Fan Review: “I really like the shape and size of these cubes. They are easy to fill and the ice is easy to remove from the trays. The trays feel like they are high quality, not flimsy at all and surprisingly sturdy from the sink to the freezer with no spillage.”


4.The Best Mold For Making Waterbottle-Size Ice

This set of three BPA-free ice stick trays for under $10 is a fantastic deal. Each one makes 10 frozen sticks that are perfect for dropping into the narrow opening of most water bottles. And unlike the other picks, they have a plastic frame that keeps them extra stable when you're filling them. (Just note that this pick doesn't come with lids, so you'll want to have a flat surface ready in your freezer to set them on.) When your ice is ready, the silicone portion on the bottom makes it still a cinch to push out your sticks.

Fan review: “This was a gift for my husband who spends much time fishing and drinking bottled water - these are a great purchase - pretty to look at - easy to fill - easy to empty - we love them.”


The Best Mini Cube Trays

When you need a lot of ice for parties or for those extra hot days, this set of two ice cube trays will turn out 36 tiny, 1-inch cubes per tray. Although the BPA-free silicone containers produce a larger number of ice cubes, they won't take a ton of space in your freezer. Plus, they come with lids, making them easy to stack. While they are dishwasher safe, several Amazon reviewers also suggest boiling them for a few minutes before using it for the first time to help remove any leftover residue from the manufacturing process. You can also use these safely in the oven up to 446 degrees.

Fan review: "Space in our freezer can be tough and finding ice that fit into water bottles can be tricky. These are perfect. They are stackable and have lids to help us make the best use of space and make the perfect size cubes! It's such a simple thing, but it really makes us happy. Love them and highly recommend them. We'll be ordering more!"

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