The 5 Best Silk Comforters

Sure, there was a time when only members of royalty slept on silk bedding, but a) you are royalty and b) you might have a royal case of allergies that like to act up at night. Whether you desire them for luxury or health reasons, the best silk comforters provide an unbelievably comfortable, sneeze-free sleeping experience. And, contrary to what you might think, there's a silk comforter for every type of budget.

Adding an opulent silk comforter to your room will make your bed more comfortable and more stylish, for sure, but there are a slew of other reasons to love this fabric. Comforters filled with high-quality mulberry silk are usually lightweight and breathable enough to withstand most temperatures and seasons. If you happen to live in an unusually warm or cold place and still want a silk blanket, many brands offer different versions with adjusted weights to suit specific seasons. You won't be able to wash most silk comforters in a washing machine (even though they'll likely have a cotton or cotton sateen outershell), but covering it with a duvet will take care of that.

And, if you suffer from allergies, or the mere thought of bugs makes you want to crawl up a wall, you can rest easier when you use a silk comforter. This antibacterial fabric is resistant to allergies, dust mites, and even bed bugs.

So go ahead and get your royal sleep on with one of these five insanely comfortable silk comforters.

1. A Lightweight Silk Comforter That's Perfect For Warmer Temperature

Lightweight and ideal for indoor temperatures between 77 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit, this mulberry silk comforter is described as breathable and warm, but never suffocating. The filling is 100 percent high-quality Mulberry silk, and the 100 percent cotton sateen casing provides a smooth, comfortable feel with a fabric that won't trap heat. Several reviewers recommend covering this comforter with a duvet to protect it — since it's not advisable to toss the silk comforter itself in a washing machine, using a duvet will take care of unnecessary dry cleaning costs.

2. An All-Season Silk Comforter That Comes In Different Weights To Suit All Temperatures

One comforter may not be enough to carry you from the warmth of summer to freezing cold December nights. This 100 percent long strand Mulberry silk comforter takes care of that problem by offering four versions of the quality comforter (spring, summer, fall, and winter), all of which feature different filled weights to keep you insulated, no matter the temperature. The eight corner and side clasps allow you to tie this comforter in place, so it won't slip and slide all over the place. It also comes in a range of sizes, including California king.

3. A Budget-Friendly Heavy Silk Comforter For Winter That Keeps Allergies At Bay

If there's one thing you can be sure of when it comes to silk, it's the price tag — usually a really high one. But this budget-friendly silk comforter, which comes in queen and king — combines affordability with quality. Unlike many other silk comforters, this one can properly be described as "heavy" and perfect for winter, though you won't lose the breathability you'd expect from silk. The inside is filled with Mulberry silk floss, and it comes in four colors featuring an elegant damask design.

4. An All-Season Silk Comforter That Won't Shift

This highly-rated silk comforter, which comes in sizes twin, full, queen, king, and California king, was made to get you through all four seasons. It's made with anti-allergenic silk floss filling, and, since it doesn't have box stitching, the filling won't shift and leave you feeling cold. Reviewers rave about how well it works for those prone to allergies, and it's also antibacterial and super soft. You shouldn't try to wash this comforter — and it shouldn't really need it. Be sure to cover and protect it with a separate duvet, if washing is a concern.

5. A Silk-Filled Comforter With A Washable Cotton Cover

One of the biggest complaints about silk comforters is that maintaining them requires an expensive trip to the dry cleaners. But this three-layer silk comforter is different (and simple to care for): it’s filled with 100 percent mulberry silk, which is paradise for anyone who suffers from allergies, but it also has a 100 percent cotton fabric outer shell that you can remove and wash in your washing machine. This comfortable, silky comforter comes in five sizes: baby, twin, full, queen, and king.

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