The 5 Best Sleep Masks For Side Sleepers

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Side sleepers deserve to be able to doze off into dreamland with an eye mask that stays put all night. That's where the best sleep masks for side sleepers come in— they have an oversized design and wider, adjustable straps. Not only will they fit the curves of your face better (which helps block out more light), but they'll allow your head to rest comfortably on its side without any buckles or uncomfortable material digging into your skin.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a sleep mask is the material. A pure, high-quality silk mask is often the most popular option because it feels luxuriously smooth against skin. Cotton or mesh, however, will offer the most breathability, which will help you stay cool throughout the night. You may also want to think about the material inside of the sleep mask, too. A weighted sleep mask filled with beads provides soothing pressure exactly where you need it, while a contoured memory foam mask adds a layer of cushioning while being less constricting on your eyelids.

For the most secure fit, look for a sleeping mask that uses a Velcro fastening mechanism on the back, so it stays out of your way when you're sleeping on your side (and won't slip up or down or side to side). A mask that you can tie closed, on the other hand, will give you more freedom to adjust the fit to your needs.

There are a lot of worthy boxes to check, but the best sleep masks for side sleepers have all of these features and more. And I've rounded them up, just below.

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The Best Cotton Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

A lightweight, breathable face mask, like this one — which is made of 100% cotton — is great for those looking for a comfortable mask that will lightly wrap around their head when they sleep. It's comfortable, easy to wash, and boasts a wide, adjustable strap, so it fits any head size. This pick also has a nose notch, so you can wear it comfortably without any light slipping in. And while the price may seem steep for a simple nighttime accessory, Amazon customers claim it instantly improved their sleep — and can you really put a price tag on that?

Rave review from a side sleeper: “This is a nice cotton eye mask. It keeps all the light out which is the reason I wear a mask. Very comfortable and helps protect my face [from] side sleeping. The one side has soft cotton where the eyes go and it a little soft and squishy and other side is flat (outside). I don't think the back is too bulky while sleeping. I barely feel it. But over all great mask."


The Best Satin Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

Silk sleep masks are ideal for people who don't want tugging on their skin or hair. Since it's made of 100% mulberry silk, this mask slips on a little easier, causing less friction on your hair and skin. That means, just like a silk pillowcase, you'll experience less static, less creases on your face, and less potential for hair breakage. But that doesn't mean it won't stay put. Thanks to its Velcro closure, you can adjust how tight the mask is.

Rave review from a side sleeper: “This is so soft and comfortable on the side of your head - it does not have the strap and buckle [on the side] that most sleep masks have. I love it - it's really soft and comfortable!"


The Best Contoured Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

Out of all the sleep masks out there, contoured eye masks tend to block out the most light. This one has thinner straps on the side, but the round pads around the eyes help make it more secure — as will the Velcro that holds it together. The cotton mask itself is lightweight and made with memory foam on the inside, so it molds comfortably to your face no matter what position you toss and turn into while you sleep.

Rave review from a side sleeper: “Fits well not too heavy!”


The Most Breathable Sleep Mask For Hot Sleepers

No more overheating while you sleep! This HOMMINI mask is made of breathable mesh and bamboo, so it allows for more airflow than most other masks on the market. It boasts thick, adjustable straps for secure sleeping and comes with its own pouch for easy traveling. It's also thinner than most of the masks on this list, so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.

Rave review from a side sleeper: “This is the best eye mask I've tried to date. Unlike many others, it does exactly what it says & blocks light perfectly... not 75% or 90%, but completely. I'm a side sleeper & while many claim to work for all sleepers, they don't.”


The Best Weighted Sleep Mask

The Nodpod sleep mask and eye pillow doesn't look like a typical eye mask, which is exactly what makes it perfect for side sleepers. Aside from the loose, flared edges, the entire length of the mask is weighted with microbeads, so it really stays put. You can sleep with it open or tie it around your head for a more secure snooze. And since it's filled with beads, you can adjust where you want the weight to be distributed, which makes for a more customized experience. It's also reversible, featuring plush microfiber on one side and lighter jersey cotton on the other.

Bonus: You can safely put the Nodpod in your freezer for extra cooling comfort when you need it.

Rave review from a side sleeper: “I can’t sleep without it. I’m a side sleeper who likes it completely dark, cold and quiet. I have used it wrapped completely around my head and used it simply draped over my eyes/head. Love it. If only it blocked sound!”