The One Essential Accessory That Every Runner Should Own

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If you’re a runner, you’ve already fallen in love with the endorphin rush that comes with a particularly challenging run. What you probably don’t love? Having to constantly brush away beads of sweat so they don't leak down into your eyes. Based on the fact that you’re reading this, you probably already know that wearing a sweatband while you run is an effective way to solve this problem. But not all sweatbands are created equally, especially for high-impact workouts like running. When shopping for the best sweatbands for running, there are two primary factors to keep in mind: fabric and style. The fabric should be absorbent and moisture-wicking, while the style should be slip-proof and wide so you don't have to readjust your sweatband mid-run. Depending on the environment in which you live, things like UV protection and warmth can help narrow down your search even further.

To help get you started, choose any of the five best sweatbands from this list, so you can be sure your next running sesh has more endorphins, less distractions — and no more salty sweat in your eyes.

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The Overall Best Sweatband For Running, All Things Considered

Thousands of Amazon reviewers have given the best-selling Temple Tape headband a perfect five-star review. What makes this sweatband such a fan favorite? Basically, it does its job exceptionally well: The moisture-wicking material it's made with dries eight times faster than cotton, and because it's super stretchy and slip-resistant, it won't slide around on your head. Plus, its generous 4-inch width means it'll hold your hair back securely, even the tiny baby hairs closest to your forehead.


The Best Patterned Sweatband

True, Halo's popular Bandit headband comes in a ton of stylish colors and prints — but that's far from the only reason to love it. For one thing, it's designed with Halo's patented "Sweat Seal" moisture-wicking technology, which pulls sweat back from your eyes and face, and catches it in the wide, quick-drying band instead. Plus, the band has a contoured design that tapers in the back, which reviewers say ensures a comfortable, slip-proof fit on any size head.


The Sweatband With The Best UV Protection

There are so many reasons to love this extra-wide, multi-functional headband by Buff, it's genuinely hard to narrow down a favorite. Like all the other picks on this list, it has superb moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbing capabilities. Beyond the basics, though, Buff's headband can be worn nine different ways, including as a neck cover or face mask. Better still, and unlike most other sweatbands, this one has built-in sun protection that blocks 95% of UV rays. Many runners don't realize this, but the skin on your scalp can totally get sunburned. So if you're someone who regularly runs outside under the sun, UV protection for your head is a must, especially if your hair is short or on the thin side.


The Best Sweatband For Winter

An excellent option for outdoor runs in chilly weather, this best-selling sweatband is made of soft, moisture-wicking fleece. Reviewers love the thoughtful design — which features a slit in the back to slip your hair through — because it helps prevent the band from slipping off if your ponytail bounces. Plus, it's available in 14 fun colors, making it easy to find one that looks good with your cold-weather running gear.


The Best No-Frills, Budget Buy

There's nothing too fancy about this classic Nike sweatband, but if you're looking for an dependable, no-frills way to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes during your run, this will do the trick without leaving a dent in your wallet. Made of a soft, absorbent blend of cotton, nylon, and rubber, it has a simple design embroidered with Nike's iconic swoosh logo. Choose from nine colors.