With These Absorbent Headbands Workouts Are No Sweat

Few things can ruin your workout-high as fast as the feeling of sweat dripping down your face and into your eyes. If you’re a heavy sweater like me, you'll be amazed by how much your workout vibe can improve when you have the best sweat-absorbing headbands. But what exactly should you look for? While it may seem like a headband is a headband, there are actually a number of things you should consider when shopping around:

  • Moisture management: If you want a headband that absorbs sweat, you need materials that are moisture-wicking. Look for fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and extremely quick-drying.
  • Comfort-fit: You won’t want to wear your new headband if it's sliding down your face all the time or squeezing your skull so tightly that it gives you a headache. Find a headband that's soft and comfortable with stretchy, flexible material.
  • Style and color: If you don't like the way it looks, you’ll never wear it. Make sure that whatever you buy comes in colors and patterns you like with a design that fits your head and hairstyle.

The best fitness gear should allow you to have an effective, distraction-free workout, and headbands are no exception. To help you in your search, I’ve put together a list of the best headbands for absorbing sweat for all different styles and hair types. Whether your locks are curly or straight, smooth or natural, fine or voluminous, there's sure to be a headband below that’s right for you.


The Overall Best Sweat-Absorbing Headband

Made with an ultra-lightweight fabric, this simple, sweat-absorbing headband provides a single layer of moisture-wicking fabric to keep perspiration at bay. It's specifically designed for the kind of high-intensity workouts where you're really sweating hard. The band is constructed with flexible, stretchy material that's fully seamless to prevent any rubbing or irritation to your skin. It can be worn thin, gathered, or wide and comes in seven colors, making it both versatile and stylish. This headband will stay in place while holding your hair back, and as a bonus, it doubles as an ear warmer for chilly days.

Notable review: "I have thick hair that frizzes easily so wasn’t sure how good it would work. I used it at my spin class and was pleasantly surprised at how much sweat it wicked away!"


The Best No-Frills Headband

If you don't want a complicated headband that you need to figure out how to style, this basic terrycloth workout band is a sweet and simple solution. Modeled after your classic, old-school exercise band, it wicks moisture away and dries quickly. The headband is made from a high-quality blend of cotton, spandex, and nylon, so it's soft, stretchy, and super comfortable. The basic package comes in a three-pack of various colors, but you can also choose from a six-pack or a 12-pack.

Notable review: "They fit comfortably which is great since I have a larger head and they really soak-up the sweat."


The Best Tapered Headband

Rather than one flat strip of material, this DASUTA tapered headband has a tie in the back, so it won't be as bulky under your hair. It's made from a blend of chinlon and Lycra spandex that gives it stretchiness and tons of breathability. With soft material that feels gentle against your skin, this headband does a great job absorbing sweat as you work out. The tapered style, which features an adjustable elastic band in the middle, fits with ponytails, braids, buns and other hairdos, making it super versatile. Fully reversible, this headband comes in a 10-pack with assorted colors.

Notable review: "I have super curly hair, and typically headbands slip and slide around on me. I wear these exclusively when working out, and considering my slippery hair and the amount of perspiration I experience during a workout, these [are] a great solution."


The Most Versatile Headband

Good news if you're someone who likes variety: this Buff UV multi-functional headband comes in five vibrant patterns and can be worn nine different ways (including as a neck cover and a dust mask). On top of providing stellar sweat absorption, it also has built-in sun-blocking properties with 95 percent UV-protection. The seamless construction ensures this headband won't cause chafing, which means it also works great under helmets. Additionally, the material is treated with Polygiene to help keep odor under control.

Notable review: "I use it as a dust mask while horseback riding, it’s easy to pull it up and down quickly, and easy to breathe through. Very convenient and looks nice around my neck when not over my nose and mouth."


The Best Headband For Natural Hair

Made with nylon and spandex, this Savvy Swapz fitness headband is especially designed for natural hair, so it fits perfectly without tangling. The patent-pending dry-wick material absorbs sweat and dries quickly, so you won't feel damp or sticky. The non-slip fabric is designed to stay in place, helping to prevent hair from knotting or frizzing. It features a tapered, anti-tangle cut in the back and is fully machine-washable.

Notable review: "I have long thick wavy hair and this is the only headband I can rely on for my workouts."


The Best Headband For Short Hair

If you have shorter hair, you might find that it's hard to keep headbands in place — especially when you're sweating. This sleek LUCKYGO workout headband features non-slip silicone tabs for extra reinforcement. On top of being highly moisture-wicking, this nylon and polyester headband is also odor-resistant, so you can sweat hard and it won't stink up your bag if you toss it in there after your workout. Best of all, it fits comfortably and won't feel like it's squeezing your head at the sides.

Notable review: "I had trouble finding headbands that stay on my head because my exercise routine is very long and intense and I end up very sweaty afterwards. But the elastic of this headband adheres to my head perfectly."

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