Want To Brew Better Tea Or Pour Over Coffee? These Kettles Offer Temperature Control

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The right water temperature can make all the difference in your hot drinks. In fact, the ideal temperature for brewing coffee is right around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the perfect temperature for tea varies from 160 to 212 depending on the type. Whatever your preferred drink, the best tea kettles with thermometers will help you get the perfect brew every time.

But not all kettles are created equal, so it's best to consider a few things first in order to find the right one for your needs.

Electric Versus Stovetop

  • Stovetop: This traditional kettle will naturally require a stove — which means it's not going to be able to work in any room in your house — but it'll have your back when the power is out (if you have a gas stove, that is). The big caveat: Stovetop kettles generally take about eight to nine minutes to boil 4 cups of water, while electric kettles typically can boil that same water in half the time, or less.
  • Electric: This kind of kettle definitely wins on speed, and since it can function anywhere there’s a working outlet, it also offers portability. Some electric tea kettles also have a special setting to keep your water warm for longer, and safety features like "auto shutoff" and "boil dry protection." That said, they take up counter space and won't work if you're in the throes of a power outage.

Do You Need A Gooseneck?

Gooseneck tea kettles tend to be the best choice for pour over coffee, since the narrow spout makes it easy to pour slowly and precisely. However, for all other drinks, there's no real reason to use one, unless you simply prefer the aesthetics. If you decide a gooseneck is right for you, look for a kettle featuring a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle, as well as the right capacity for your coffee drinking consumption.

With that in mind, check out the best tea kettles with thermometers on Amazon. All of them are highly rated, and some even come backed by thousands of glowing reviews.

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The Best Stovetop Gooseneck Tea Kettle

  • Capacity: 34 Ounces (4.25 Cups)

This stainless steel kettle by Coffee Gator boasts a 4.6-star Amazon rating and over 2,000 reviews — and it's earned those high marks for a reason. It's perfect for lovers of pour over coffee, since it offers a gooseneck spout for controlled flow. The stovetop model has a built-in thermometer on top of the lid that features a colored triangle to indicate when you're in the ideal temperature range for a pour over cup. Plus, it features a triple layer base so it works on all stovetops and won’t rust, and has an easy-to-grip, cool-touch handle. This kettle is also available in a 40-ounce size, for those who need a little more coffee to start their day off.

A helpful review: “Absolutely essential to good pour overs, the CG is the best gooseneck kettle I have owned. The thermometer has proved to be quite accurate. The face of the gauge has a “green zone” that makes it easy to get it right. Thus I have a dual benefit: 1) I can “flower” and later agitate the grounds accurately, without making a mess, and 2) I can get the water within the best temperature range to brew the coffee. In addition, the kettle is well-made and easy to keep clean. The welds are perfect so there is no worry about leakage. [...]"


The Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle

  • Capacity: 34 Ounces (4.25 Cups)

If you want a gooseneck kettle but you also want your water ready faster, this electric gooseneck kettle is for you. It features auto shutoff and “dry boil protection” — meaning when the kettle is fully boiling or below the minimum water line, it will shut off — and it also comes with an ergonomic, heat-resistant handle. It's made of stainless steel and the temperature gauge is integrated into the lid for quick and easy viewing. It also comes with a coffee dripper and a scoop, to round out your pour over coffee needs.

A helpful review: “Heats up fast, gooseneck is perfect for pour over coffee and the thermometer is a great feature for brewing the perfect cup of tea - from delicate to robust leaf. The plastic heating piece is cool to the touch, making it easy to use and quickly store away. Great find!"


A Large-Capacity Electric Kettle That Looks Retro Cool

  • Capacity: 58 Ounces (7.25 Cups)

This electric tea kettle is ideal for anyone who wants to boil a lot of water at once, and do so quickly (and in style). The temperature gauge is on the front of the kettle for fairly easy viewing, and while it may look retro, this pick has plenty of handy modern features, including a cool-touch handle and auto shutoff. It also has a drip-free pour spout and a removable, washable filter to keep lime scale from building up. It's made of durable stainless steel and, while it's opaque, it has water level markings to indicate how much liquid is in the kettle.

A helpful review: “A kettle ought to be a simple appliance, but too often, they don't meet your needs. I've had some that were difficult to fill or to clean. I have had some that made it hard to know when the water was boiling. This one takes care of everything. The top opens completely so there is no problem cleaning or filling. There is a thermometer and an auto shut off that makes it simple to know when the water is ready. The kettle comes right off of its power source so there is no need to unplug it in order to pour or fill. All around, it is a great kettle. The retro-red color is an added bonus!”


An Electric Kettle With Preset Temperatures To Take The Guesswork Out Of Brewing

  • Capacity: 58 Ounces (7.25 Cups)

The Miroco electric tea kettle is large, reasonably priced, and offers some unique functions to boot. It comes with six temperature presets for different teas, coffee, and other hot beverages — plus, it has a "keep warm" function that maintains the temperature for half an hour. It's one of the biggest kettles on this list (at just over 7 cups), and is equipped with nice safety features like auto shutoff and boil dry protection. Additionally, this pick is made of stainless steel, with a window for viewing how much water is in the kettle, along with a BPA-free plastic handle. Amazon shoppers gave it an impressive 4.7-star customer rating with nearly 2,000 reviews.

A helpful review: “This kettle warmed up the water a lot faster than the old one. I love the ‘keep warm’ function. I do not have to reheat again after I finished my first pot of tea. Plus, this kettle has different temperature settings. Yes! I love flower tea during the day. I drink oolong tea or green tea when my friends hang out in my house. I do not have to do my calculation to get the right temperature to make my tea any more. Highly recommended if you are a French press or tea lover!”


Worth The Splurge: A Minimalist Electric Tea Kettle With Ultimate Temperature Control

  • Capacity: 34 Ounces (4.25 cups)

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art electric tea kettle that doubles as a minimalist piece of art, this kettle by Fellow is for you. The dial allows you to set your precise temperature from 105 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (though it also can be set to Celsius), and it can even hold that desired temperature for 60 minutes before shutting off, so your water stays warmer longer. The LCD screen indicates both your "goal temp" and “real time temp” to show the heating process in action. It's made entirely of stainless steel, save for a small amount of silicone on the temperature gasket, and it features an ergonomic handle, as well.

A helpful review: “Beautiful kettle! I love that it’s all metal inside with no plastic touching the hot water and it holds the temperature when heated. Handle feels nice and very easy to use the temperature dial. When water is heated you can take the kettle off the base and place on a normal surface.”